Princess BS – Be anything but a Princess

Why I’m against calling girls/women Princess is mostly because I grew up with Queens. Princesses are divas while Queens handle things with bravery and grace. I’ve collected a few pictures and links to make my point.

Don’t Call My Daughter A Princess. Just Don’t.


Why I don’t call my daughter ‘Princess’

Sorry, I’m Not Going To Stop Calling My Daughter A Princess

Moms: For The Love Of God, STOP Calling Your Daughter A “Princess”

Ten Alternatives To Calling Your Daughter A Princess

BONUS: Guess What, Girls? You Don’t Deserve Shit … Thanks John Dutchie

Meet me half way
Classic example of the women who think they’re going to live happily ever after once the ‘Prince’ has gone through hell and back to ‘save her’ from her so called castle.
Disneys toxic love template
When they realise they need to do some work too and can’t blame or credit men for what happens in their life.
No princes, yes queen
Message for my brothers out there – In case you forgot the King in you.
Hotdog over princess

If Cinderella Were A Guy “Cinderfella” : By Stories For Rebel Girls