Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Pranayama with Alternate Nostrils/Nadishodhan pranayama

Guruji/Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Pranayama with Alternate Nostrils/Nadishodhan pranayama with video tutorial below
When your right nostril is predominant or more active, then the rate of metabolism is twice! (he asked doctors present there to take this up as a topic for research) So when right nostril is active, food intake is called for! Or Knowledge can be shared.

When left nostril is active, then it is appropriate for singing, dance, music and meditation – no talk is required or less talk is preferred.

Then there are 5 Upa Pranas – these are responsible for burping, sneezing, yawning, hiccups, twitching of eyes etc. (I did not get all the names but last 2 were Devadatta and Dhananjaya)

It is a deep knowledge – how these Pancha Pranas and Upa Pranas enter the body and leave the body. Amazing is the realm of Prana. If you master Prana, you would gain a lot of knowledge on life and environment.

In old days or ancient days, beloved or sweetheart was called as Pancha Prana – You are my heartbeat or sweetheart used to be ‘You are my Pancha Prana’

Prana flows through our body in 186000 different channels or nadis and each of this channel or nadi has a specific purpose or function!

This is just to bring to awareness that knowledge on Prana is so vast, what we think we know on breath is nothing!

  • Mukund Thakraar

    Pran, Apan, Saman,Udan and Vyan Vayus. These are the main pancha (five) pranas. Ayurved divides the air into 10 – 5 of which are the main ones. These work in various places like the throat (good voice bad voice) etc. They perform various functions like Jathar Agni which is used by the body to digest food etc. Will explain more when you come here.

    Thye mudras I teach are also based on these – Pran Mudra, Apan Mudra…. etc. Remember when you were tired after a night out and did not want to go open the Cyber Cafe Sunday morning and I asked you to sit with the tips of your little and ring fingers topuching the tip of your thumb and you felt energised enough to go to work? That was Pran Mudra.