EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches (Audiobook) by Dave Ramsey

EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches (Audiobook) by Dave Ramsey

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Most small businesses NEED to read or listen to this!!!! Everything you wanted to know about building and growing a business. This book is like The 4 Hour Work Week only more doable. How to be a leader in the business, how to grow more leaders. He doesn’t call them his employees but his team. It’s like a family and a dream family at that. Discipline is a must, if you are caught gossiping or having extra marital affairs, you gots to go. If you don’t fit the mission statement and goals, you gots to go! Such a wealth of knowledge, practices, ideas, mind frames and suggestions. Recently I was in Perth checking out my bros business and he’s already practicing most of it. How did he know!?

To get a better idea have a look at the first few pages of the pdf link below.

Introduction: And So It Begins
1. EntreLeadership Defined
2. Start with a Dream, End with a Goal – Living your Dreams, Visions, Mission Statements, and Goals.
3. Flavor You Day with Steak Sauce – Making the Most of Time Management and Organization.
4. “Spineless Leader” Is an Oxymoron – The Easier Way to Make Hard Decisions.
5. No Magic, No Mystery – The System, the Recipe, and the Truth About Great Marketing.
6. Don’t Flop Whoppers – A Practical Guide to Launching Your Dream.
7. Business Is Easy … Until People Get Involved – Hiring, Firing, and Personality Styles.
8. Death of a Salesman – The Art of Selling by Serving.
9. Financial Peace for Business – Bulletproof Principles for Money, Debt, and Funding Your Future.
10. The Map to the Party – Grasping the Undeniable Relationship Between Great Comunication and Great Companies.
11. People Matter Most – Building Unity and Loyalty with Your Best Resource.
12. Caught in the Act – Amplifying the Success of Your Business Through Recognition and Inspiration.
13. Three Things Successful People Never Skip – Dealing with Contracts, Vendors, and Collections.
14. Show Me the Money! – Compensation Plans That Fire People Up.
15. Mastering “the Rope” – Delegation: The Best Way to Build a Business Bigger Than You.