Anita la Maltesa – Flamenco Dancer @ Bar Gansa – Camden

The place:

Somewhere in Camden there is a cozy restaurant/pub called Bar Gansa. When I got in people were enjoying exotic looking meals and Anita was already ripping the ground with her dance. I felt like I was part of a family and there was one that seemed to be there all the time or friendly with Anita. Their children, a girl who was mesmersied by Anita and a boy, did their own mini performance at the interval. Boy sings and girl dances. The bartenders are really friendly and mentioned something about a Greek night too on Saturday or Saturdays while the flamenco is on Mondays.

The peformers:
Anita – dancing, castanets, singing, bit of guitaring
A lady with the curves in all the right places and boy does she know how to work the flamenco skirt. Apart from being good at what she does, her demeanour is that of a star that has loves doing it. I mean her smile, her interaction with the crowd and what I loved best was her performance was spontaneous. If she felt like singing she’d go into a song, then talk to us, then this and that. I loved it. Be warned … when I first heard her sing or talk in Spanish I thought just that… Spanish roots. Then she spoke in English and threw me off compeletly. Rich British accent, don’t know which one. Oh and when she gets on the castanets it’s like wow… what is she doing? How is she doing it!? Anyway, after the whole thing she chat with people there and sat with us for a while too. Turns out her parents are from Malta and France or something like that.
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Marko/Mark – guitar, singing, bit of dance
Same as Anita when he sung his voice was like the guy from Gipsy kings. And then when he talked it was the whole English accent thing again. Turns out he’s not Anita’s regular guitarist but you’d not think it. Their whole performance was so in sync and goosebump inducing. Mark was a great surprise because first I thought he was just the guitarist and that’s it. Then he started singing and that voice! Then he started dancing with Anita while playing guitar … Mariachi style. Singing, playing and dancing at the same time… wow!

Towards the end Anita had a dance with the little girl too and tried to teach her a few moves but the girl was a shy until the mother joined the two. At some point Anita introduced her mother to us and she looked so young. Cynthia asked the mom what her secret was … something about wine, dance, chocolates and lots of sex. I agree on the last two for sure. I just hope the vids I took captured everything else that I couldn’t describe.