Some Useful Info to Understand Introverts

A few people have told me that I’m not an introvert and that I’m some kind of mix. All I want to say is that I appreciate the extroverts who have insisted I join them in social activities. Most of the time I’ve enjoyed myself. As for the ones I insist on not joining … it is because of the energy drain. Things like drinking, talking about others, doing the same thing, not expanding or just tooo many words and not enough peace are the big drains.

Since these articles and pictures hit the nail on the head perfectly I will just summarise the links.

The key to making small talk more useful and less draining is to steer the conversation toward topics that are actually interesting (the sooner the better)—something that will fill our battery, not drain it. So what do introverts like talking about? Ideas, ideas, ideas.
Helgoe writes in Introvert Power,
“Introverts are energized and excited by ideas. Simply talking about people, what they do and who they know, is noise for the introvert. He’ll be looking between the lines for some meaning, and this can be hard work! Before long, he’ll be looking for a way out of the conversation.”
Paras note: And don’t be an askhole. More statements please. Recently I noticed jokes that are not creative have the same effect as too many questions.

My favourite one is the Stages of socialising. Unless I’ve been drinking and the music is good then I’m excellent at socialising … With the speaker … And the DJ

4, 9, 18 are my favourite.
Here’s mine – Want to take a bus route where we’ve never been and a different one back?

Want to put me in the middle of a yappy room, near a telephone, and away from the exit or stage and see what happens? (Includes a great 50 minute talk).

Perfect explanation.

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