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What is Diwali

Really from the Sanskrit word Deepavali. Deepa – Light, Avali – Row. So row of lights. Celebrated over 5 days and each day gots myths, legends, beliefs and more importantly significance.

Day 1 – Called Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi (Dhan means wealth). Houses are cleaned and lights are lit and stuff to welcome the Goddess of Wealth aka Lakshmi. It says the ladies buy gold, silver or one two new utensils… I’m loving it! Puja performed, more lights lit to drive away bad things.
Some farmers worship the cattle coz that’s their source of income while in the South they worship the cattle coz its supposed to be an incarnation of Lakshmi.

Day 2 – Called Nakra-Chaturdashi or Choti Diwal. This day is mainly dedicated to lights and prayers heralding a future full of joy and laughter.
And there’s oil massages and bathing stuff.

Day 3 – Called Lakshimi Puja or Chopada Puja. This is the day the sun enters his second course and passes Libra which is represented by the scale/balance and the day itself is considered most auspicious. Its believed to have suggested balancing of account books and their closing. Food for blessing or blessed food is offered to Lakshimi, feasts are arranged, gifts exchanged and everyone gets suited and booted to link at temples, fairs to meet friend and fam. It says everything is gay, gold and glitter. This is the day gambling is indulged in coz Goddess Parvati played Lord Shiv and basically whoever plays on this day will win. So much happened man.
On this day 1 – Lord Krishna discarded his body, 2 – Mahavir Bhagvan attained
Nirvan, 3 – Swami Ramtirth was born, took Sanyas and took Samadhi too. Say what? 4 – Swami Dayanand Saraswati ‘greed’ his soul from his body and mingled with divinity. I don’t know what this is man, lets just say more lights and celebrations.

Day 4 – Padwa or Varshapratipada. Something to do with King Vikramaditya and VikramSamvat. Deities are given milk baths and dressed in enough bling we’re talking gold, diamonds, pearls… LOTS OF PRECIOUS STONES. After prayers and traditional worship innumerable varieties of sweets are ceremoniously raised in the form of a mountain. (Ok I skipped the mountain story so just figure it out). Lol so this is the day the wife has to do lots of rituals on the hubby and in appreciation of all the tender care he be getting dude gives her a costly gift. Brothers went and ‘fetched’ sisters from the in-laws… because of Day 5 procedures.

Day 5 – Bhayya-Duj or Bhav-Bij or Yama-Dwitiya (Bhai-Tika in Nepal).
Something about sibling love. This day has its own importance in continuing to maintain the love between brothers and sisters for it is the day of food-sharing, gift-giving and reaching out to the inner most depths of the hearts.

Summary – It’s a festival of light, beauty, encourages artistic expressions through home decorations, stage plays, elocution competitions, singing, dancing, gift making, making sweets thereby discovering new talents of younger people. Its been more social than religious connotations (with all them prayers you’d think different). It is a personal, people-oriented festival when enmities are forgotten, families and friends meet, enjoy and establish a world of closeness. Sorry it was 5 pages long.


Dashavatar: The ten avatars of Vishnu Compared to Darwins Theory of Evolution … thanks Sulomi

“The first avatar was the Matsya avatar, it means the fish. That is because life began in the water. Is that not right?” Vasu began to listen with a little more attention.

“Then came the Kurma Avatar, which means the tortoise, because life moved from the water to the land. The amphibian. So the Tortoise denoted the evolution from sea to land.

Third was the Varaha, the wild boar, which meant the wild animals with not much intellect, you call them the Dinosaurs, correct? ” Vasu nodded wide eyed.

“The fourth avatar was the Narasimha avatar, half man and half animal, the evolution from wild animals to intelligent beings.

Fifth the Waman avatar, the midget or dwarf, who could grow really tall. Do you know why that is? Cause there were two kinds of humans, Homo Erectus and the Homo Sapiens and Homo Sapiens won that battle.” Vasu could see that his Mother was in full flow and he was stupefied.

“The Sixth avatar was Parshuram, the man who wielded the axe, the man who was a cave and forest dweller. Angry, and not social.

The seventh avatar was Ram, the first thinking social being, who laid out the laws of society and the basis of all relationships.

The eight avatar was Krishna, the statesman, the politician, the lover who played the game of society and taught how to live and thrive in the social structure.

The Ninth avatar, the Buddha, the man who rose from Narasimha and found man’s true nature. The nature of Buddha, he identified man’s final quest of enlightenment.

And finally, my boy, will come Kalki, the man you are working on. The man who will be genetically supreme.”

Vasu looked at his Mother speechless. “This is amazing Mom, how did you.. This makes sense!”

“Yes it does Vasu! We Indians knew some amazing things just didnt know how to pass it on scientifically. So made them into mythological stories. Mythology makes sense. Its just the way you look at it – Religious or Scientific. Your call.

(Our culture is light years ahead of Western. A Must Read n pass it on for the people who keep harping about western world)


3 Ways Facebook Is Like a Drug By Marghi Merzenich

I recently read a pretty thought-provoking article about how checking Facebook (or other social networks) may be permanently changing the brain, because it offers your brain chemical rewards not unlike those that occur from compulsive drug use. The article is worth a read but pretty long and detailed, so I wanted to summarize a few of the most interesting claims here.

First, we get addicted to Facebook because we enjoy “the thrill of the hunt”:

“Recent observations indicate that the brain is more active when people are anticipating a reward rather than receiving one. This is because we are wired to seek, and to really enjoy the thrill of the hunt. The Internet can ensnare you in a dopamine loop since it makes the process of reward-seeking so quick and easy. Basically, we like dopamine surges – and we get some of the best ones when we are hunting for something new. Actually getting the something new is a downer… so the hunt is where the best dopamine surges are found.”

That would explain why we feel the urge to check our Facebook feeds so often, but it doesn’t necessarily give us that much pleasure once we’ve checked it and seen what others have posted.

Second, Facebook may be worse for your brain than TV – and the more you use Facebook, the more you may be training your brain in a negative way:

“Facebook is worse than television programming for your brain. Far worse… Part of the process of creating a television program is to ensure a certain number of JPMs [“Jolts per Minute: how many times the action changes – by sight or sound] to forcefully hold the viewers attention. These may be images of violence, loud emotional speech, laughter, sexual innuendo or just about any other form of emotional manipulation. Watching Mr. Rogers or Bob Ross paint on PBS has a very low JPM level, say 5-15 JPMs. This allows a consistent stream of thought on the subject at hand – long enough to learn something new by reflecting on it. But [with Facebook] we have gone beyond Jolts Per Minute to Jolts Per Second (JPS).”

The author goes on to cite an ADHD researcher who mentions that our attention is “trained” by the stimulus inputs. In other words, if we get accustomed to more jolts, more often, we will crave more and more jolts, more often, instead of being satisfied with fewer jolts, less often.

And finally, in regards to self-esteem, Facebook is harming it:

“Basically, the architecture of Facebook – and the culture it creates or encourages – leaves many of us feeling less happy with our own lives. This drives a degree of emptiness – which encourages narcissism in an attempt to raise our spirits. We post pictures of something cool we did, or try to get more “likes” or “friends.” But our blood sugar – our self-esteem – keeps crashing, and the longer the Facebook Habit goes, the less attractive it is for us. We develop a dependency, just like a drug or processed junk food.”

If you want to read the full article, you can find it here.

What do you think? Is Facebook like a drug to you?

Bonus: It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies


Things People With Anxiety Want Others to Know and Bonus Articles

36 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

1. “It may seem irrational to you, but what I’m anxious about is very real for me.” — Paige Johnson

anxiety1 copy

2. “I never know when it’s going to hit me. And when it does, I just need you to support me.” — Dani Hazlewood

3. “I’m not just blowing you off. It’s hard to make plans and just as hard to talk on the phone sometimes. It doesn’t mean I don’t desperately want to spend time and talk. I just can’t.” — Marie Abbott Belcher

4. “Don’t give up on me when I isolate myself.” — Jen Jolly

anxiety2 copy

5. “Just having someone you love and trust reminding you to breathe sometimes really helps.” — Tania Lynne Sidiqi

6. “Be patient with me; it doesn’t always look like a full-blown panic attack. It sometimes comes out in the form of anger or what looks like major frustration.” — Tabitha Rainey

7. “Even when things are wonderful, I’m always waiting for something horrible to happen.” — Lindsay Ballard

8. “When I’m being quiet, I’m not sad, bored, tired or whatever else they want to fill in the blank with. There’s just so much going on in my mind, sometimes I can’t keep up with what’s going on around me.” — Amanda Jade Briskar

anxiety3 copy

9. “I can’t just turn it off.” — Katie Keepman

10. “Sometimes when I’m feeling the anxiety, I have no idea why I’m anxious.” — Laura Hernandez

11. “Everything can change in less than 30 seconds. Too many people in one area, no known exits in a certain situation — the list goes on.” — Ashleigh Young

12. “For real — it’s not you, it’s me. Generalized anxiety feels like drowning all the time. Most times life in general intensifies that feeling. If I have a hard time making plans, don’t take it personally.” — Cory Lee Tyler

anxiety4 copy

13. “When you ask, ‘Are you OK?’ you might think I don’t trust you when I say, “Yes, I’m good!” But in my mind, I think you’ll stop seeing me as a kind, funny and calm person if you knew the truth.” — Arianne Gaudet

14. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for every invite I’ve declined, every time I’ve seemed irrational or nasty because I was overwhelmed or scared. I’m sorry for every time I’ve said I’d do something but then backed out. I’m sorry my anxiety hurts you, too.” — Melissa Kapuszcak

15. “Anxiety doesn’t have a ‘look.’ I don’t have to be trembling or hyperventilating to be anxious.” — Vicki Blank

16. “I need you to reach out to me, even when I’m so anxious I’ve stopped leaving the house. I need to know someone still cares and wants to see me.” — Hayley Lyvers

anxiety5 copy

17. “Don’t shut me out. My anxiety may stop me from doing certain things, but just being asked to join in can sometimes make my day.” — Vikki Rose Donaghy

18. “I analyze things constantly because of anxiety. I cannot turn my brain off and it can be exhausting.” — Cailea Hiller

19. “Anxiety is not an attitude.” — Clare Goodwin

20. “It’s not your job to fix me. Please just love me the way I am.” — Carole Detweiler Oranzi

anxiety6 copy

21. “I want to first apologize for the hundreds of times I’ve bailed on you. The hundreds of times I had to leave early and you had no clue. The hundreds of times I had to tell you no.” — Mary Kate Donahue

22. “Most of the time you won’t know I’m having anxiety unless I tell you,” — Kylie Wagner-Grobman

23. “If I’m not comfortable doing something, just let it go. Don’t try to convince me — it makes it worse.” — Jennifer DiTaranto

24. “I’m not a flake. Sometimes anxiety stops me from doing social things. I might cancel at the last minute, but it’s never out of unfriendliness or being lazy. Know that if you need me, I’ll be there for you in any way I can.” — Bridget Hamilton

25. “I don’t know what’s happening in my head a lot of the time either. I understand you don’t get it, but your efforts mean the world to me.” — Avery Roe

anxiety10 copy

26. “Please don’t tell me to just get over it or that I’m being silly.” — Carla Estevez

27. “When I cancel plans with you it’s because I’m afraid to admit I’m a heaping mess. It has nothing to do with you… and everything to do with my panic attack.” — Dorie Cabasag-Smith

28. “Keep inviting me to group things even though I usually decline. Some days I feel stronger than others, so my answer might surprise you. Be patient.” — Kara Edkins

29. “Don’t take it personally when I don’t want to go out. My comfort zone is my home. It’s my safe place.” — Elizabeth Vasquez

anxiety7 copy

30. “When I say I can’t take on even one more thing, I really need you to understand I really just can’t.” — Christine L Hauck

31. “When I can’t do something, no one is more disappointed than me. Please try to understand that.” — Lindsey Hemphill

32. “Sometimes I just need to be alone. It’s not personal. I’m not mad. I don’t have some problem. I don’t just need to shake it off and do something fun. I just need to be alone so I can reset myself and breathe a little.” — Stacey Weber


33. “Every time I talk to you, I go over every word of the conversation many times in my head. If I said something I feel I like I shouldn’t have said, even if it’s as simple as incorrect grammar, I will obsess about it for years.” — Chelsea Noelani Gober

34. “I’m still me. I’m not my anxiety.” — Abi Wylie

35. “I know it can seem ridiculous at time, but please, please, please just love me through it.” — Melissa Renee Wilkerson

36. “Give me some space, but don’t forget me.” — Vickie Boyette


*Some responses have been edited and shortened for brevity

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25 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Traditions & Culture … thanks Bhavna

25 Amazing Scientific Reasons Behind Indian Traditions & Culture … thanks Bhavna

01.Significance of Namaste – Joining both palms together to greet.
02.Why do temples have bells?
03.Why do we visit temples?
04.Why do w worship idols?
05.Why are silk clothes preferred while doing pooja?
06.Why do Indian women wear bangles?
07.Why do Indian married women apply sindoor on their forehead?
08.Why do we apply henna on hands and feet?
09.Why do Indian women wear toering?
10.Why do Indian women apply kukmum on their forehead?
11.Why do Indian women pierce their ears?
12.Om – Pronunciation – Scientific Reasons and uses.
13.Why do we worship the tulsi plant?
14.Why do we worship the peepal tree?
15.Why are some trees considered sacred in India?
16.Why do we sit on the floor and eat?
17.Why do we start with spice and end with sweet?
18.Why do we fast?
19.Why do brahmins grow choti on their head?
20.Why do we touch the feet of elders?
21.Why should we not sleep with our head towards north?
22.Why do we shout in anger?
23.Why do we throw coins into a well?
24.Scientific Reasons behind the most common punishment?
25.Why is turmeric considered holy in India?


Some Useful Info to Understand Introverts

A few people have told me that I’m not an introvert and that I’m some kind of mix. All I want to say is that I appreciate the extroverts who have insisted I join them in social activities. Most of the time I’ve enjoyed myself. As for the ones I insist on not joining … it is because of the energy drain. Things like drinking, talking about others, doing the same thing, not expanding or just tooo many words and not enough peace are the big drains.

Since these articles and pictures hit the nail on the head perfectly I will just summarise the links.

The key to making small talk more useful and less draining is to steer the conversation toward topics that are actually interesting (the sooner the better)—something that will fill our battery, not drain it. So what do introverts like talking about? Ideas, ideas, ideas.
Helgoe writes in Introvert Power,
“Introverts are energized and excited by ideas. Simply talking about people, what they do and who they know, is noise for the introvert. He’ll be looking between the lines for some meaning, and this can be hard work! Before long, he’ll be looking for a way out of the conversation.”
Paras note: And don’t be an askhole. More statements please. Recently I noticed jokes that are not creative have the same effect as too many questions.

My favourite one is the Stages of socialising. Unless I’ve been drinking and the music is good then I’m excellent at socialising … With the speaker … And the DJ

4, 9, 18 are my favourite.
Here’s mine – Want to take a bus route where we’ve never been and a different one back?

Want to put me in the middle of a yappy room, near a telephone, and away from the exit or stage and see what happens? (Includes a great 50 minute talk).

Perfect explanation.

If you can’t see the images below click here
Part 1 –
Part 2 –