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Mega 90’s at Metro City (Dr. Alban, Technotronic, The Real McCoy & 2 Unlimited) 17 March 2017

First of all the important bit. I finally got to meet one of my first heroes, my favourite producers and musical obsession DR. ALBAN! Has to be one of my most memorable days.

Now for the full story. My bro had gone to a previous Mega 90s event with other 90s starts like Haddaway, Corona, Blackbox etc. I just thought they were tribute acts so wasn’t too interested. Then find out it’s the real artists themselves! Oh well too late for that one and anyway it wasn’t Dr. Alban.

This time round it was and even though Prasheel insisted they weren’t tribute acts it took me a while to register. At first I was just going to book normal tickets until I saw the VIP option where you get to meet the star, 2 items autographed and photo op. OH YEAH! Back in the day I even mailed his studio to tell them I’ll leave everything even to clean their toilets if I get to be around the MD (Microphone Dentist).

Tickets booked an all but Oztix were pretty disorganised. Later on sending me an email saying that they’ll start at 8pm and on the day… LAST MINUTE sending an email staying the meet and greet will be at 6:00pm so be there by 5:30pm after artist finish their sound check. Had to drop everything I was doing to catch the busses and trains. Now where I live is pretty far and closer to farmland so had to wait a while for a bus. Usually the busses are small but since it was when kids finish school it was a bendy bus and packed full of school kids bringing the noise. My nose and throat weren’t doing too well since the day before so all the kids cooties made it worse. Oh well I can’t afford to get sick until after tonight!

I was still feeling bummed and Prasheel had opted for the VIP meet and greet to but he was going to be in meetings and all. Just before I got to Metro I blocked a van that turned into the back parking. Had a feeling it was the artists and IT WAS! Feeling like a groupie. I wanted to run in the back as I saw him come out! Anyway went to the front and looks like I was second there. Derrick in a wheelchair was there first to do a meet and greet with The Real McCoy. Now thats dedication. We chit and chat. More people come. Find out there are only 4 people up to see Dr. Alban which included 2 Russian dudes who just got to Perth that day. Reeking of vodka.

Gates open. I had planned everything I was going to tell Dr. Alban and instead of just pictures I’ll set the video on so it records a video and also whoever takes pics can capture that too. The non-english speaking Russian did a great job. Dr. Alban kept asking me which of his songs are popular in Perth but I was so gone I just saying the same thing. You can see his frustrated smile in the video. I was fanboying so badly! I even had to be reminded to get my 2 autographs so got my Straight Outta Kenya shirt signed. After the video was taken I just started jumping all over the place lol. Dude is still so built for a 59 year old.

Russian guys want to drink but it’s St. Patricks day so both the Irish pubs in Northbridge had queues. Take them to NBC for their drinks while I walk down to Utopia to catch up with the boys. I was still super early so go back to chill with the Russians and talk Ace of Base, Acapella, La Bouche etc. Back to Utopia with Vikas, Hems and Dilan (who by the way gave us the first Dr. Alban album… how perfect is this!?) Eat, drink, good company and chat. I’m still drying my underwear from the excitement.

Walk down to Metro. Meet Prasheel (we both used to chill and listen to these artists). The organiser told me he can get Prasheel to meet Dr. Alban before he performs so there was still hope. Prasheel gives me a tour or the stair maze that is Metro city. Chill and so glad Prasheel got his meet and greet. He requested Dr. Alban to play Let The Beat Go On.

Locals DJ Nick Skitz & MC James Spy get the party started. Did some awesome remixes of the 90s songs. Hard bass and live saxophone. NICE!

Dr. Alban is on first. He didn’t look too pleased with the sound and was pointing at the speaker a couple of times but otherwise best performance of the night and not only because it was Dr. Alban. Technotronic was next and as much as I want to support them for what they’re doing it felt like they were dragging that one main song for too long and then the other few bits not many people knew. The Real McCoy and MC Sar were next and MC still has that rough voice. They even got on the dance floor with the crowd. And finally 2 Unlimited with their dancers. The new lady singer reminds me of a skinny version of my crush LisaRaye McCoy. I thought the rapper Ray had gone to pursue his own rapping career but so glad to see him perform. Still so fast, live and gangsta!

All in all a great night with great company and I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve seen the inside of a club. The fact that I got to see these guys with the people I’ve shared these memories with from Dilan hooking my and my bro up with the music to seeing the artist with Prasheel who shares the same love since way back made all the magic. Oh and I got one of my longest wishes fulfilled, which incase I haven’t emphasised already…. ah you know it.

Doors: 8pm
Nick Skitz Set: 8pm
Dr Alban: 9pm
Technotronic: 9:30pm
DJ Nick Skitz Set: 10:00pm
Real McCoy: 10:30pm
2 Unlimited: 11:00pm
DJ Nick Skitz Set: following 2 Unlimited til Midnight
DJ TIMBEE – 90s Aftershow party – Midnight til late


Table Top Sale @ Shern Hall Methodist Church June 11th 2011

Table Top Sale @ Shern Hall Methodist Church June 11th 2011

Since I’ve decided to move to Poland I need to ditch a whole lot of stuff FAST! And since I like trying new things all the time… why not a table top sale. Leave home and realise that the bus I need has been diverted so it wont be passing my way. Walk to the station bus stop. And see a while back one of my ‘mentors’ shared a method to help improve eye contact and I’ve been doing that ever since. Basically when you’re walking you look at the person coming towards you and you hold it for longer than they hold it kinda thing. Well that was not the way to go this morning coz I did that to this dude that looked like Xzibit. And ever after passing me we kept looking at each other. I don’t know why I was still looking but I knew he was ‘tryna ack somebody’. So he’s like what you looking at. I’m like I don’t know and I don’t know why. Well I didn’t say that to him… it came out more like… what are you looking at? Lol I don’t know the exact words but he come over to me. Pulls out a bandana and wraps it around his fist. I’m still like I don’t know why I’m not reacting to this. So I’m still standing there. He’s like you’re looking at me like you know me. I’m like you look familiar. And all the time he’s talking in the weirdest way I’ve heard. Kinda like Tyson but not so high pitched and with no eye contact and sucking his teeth after every other word. I couldn’t even debate if I should tango with him coz I work in a prison now and don’t want to take any risks. But at the same time I’m not gonna walk away. He stepped to me, he’s gonna step away too. So I get in a discussion with him and NLP it to a totally different frame. Still sticking with I think I know you. Until he was tired of saying you don’t know me and walked. Phew! I didn’t want no bandana marks on my face.

Get to Walthamstow Station and the floor clearing is doing his thing with his machine. If someone is in the way he just whistles and carries on. But this morning we have a specially dumb crowd. See he circles round outwards so say he started from the seats the next circle he’s make would be a bit more away from the seats and the next round even further away right? But these dumbasses move exactly where he’s gonna be coming in his next round!

Get to the Methodist Church. I was thinking there’d be a lot of usual Jesus or Bible marketing or at least some sort of preaching. NONE AT ALL! Hell after I set up I noticed a proper mix of people. Even a muslim family selling things. Nobody buying yet. Find a Justin Timberlake biography for 30p… thought I’d get it for Viv but he declined. One of the ladies next to me pointed out this dog that looked like it was wearing dentures. It really cracked her up and I still couldn’t see. I gotta admit… it was funny when I saw it. Finally sell my mobile, in Swahili, for 3 quid to a Somali dude. Same lady tells me that Somalian dude wants everything for free so watch out and don’t negotiate too low. Somalian dude comes back and returns the phone coz it’s got a 2 pin charger! Oh well sold it for 5 quid later.

Now this other lady behind me was a proper old mama. Just sitting there selling grandchildren merchandise. At one point she farted and yes I’m sticking with it. She did it and I know it in my heart and soul. I was the first to smell it and then the other lady. Other lady went to the loo and got air freshener. And the old lady is still sitting in her chair… everybody else has moved! Other lady got really pissed at started hinting to older later that people should go do that kinda stuff elsewhere if they feel the urge. And older lady was defending the farter… talking about oh it’s natural and people can’t help it etc. SEE it’s all pointing to her… she’s guilty! I should fart back! Hehehe.

Have a nice curry chicken and rice lunch. All these lovely old people working in this church. It didn’t even look like a church… more like a school hall or something. I wanted to get rid of stuff so bad I gave away some videos and DVDs right from the start till the end. Older and other lady are bitching about all other things. Give things away since everyones closing up. Towards packing a kinda ‘slow’ lady comes to my table, looks at things and asks if she can take stuff for her ‘boyfriend’ and she’s pay me next month. I was like I’m not coming back honey. She just kept talking about her boyfriend and how he loves playing PS etc. One of the frequenters gives me a look like that says I’m the victim this week. I didn’t really mind, poor thing wanted to talk and feel something. I felt useful.

So back to Walthamstow. I discover a new route since my main bus is being diverted anyway so explore it. I’m so glad I did. This muslim uncle was the driver and he was one of those happy noisy people. Before driving off he’s like ‘is everyone ready for the ride’, singing away and at turns he’s be like ‘hold tight!’. Give away most of the rest of the stuff at the British Heart Foundation. The lady was looking at me like why do you have women’s shoes. And then she was like you gave me all apart from that one pair. I didn’t have the heart to give those… I want money for those!!! Home, dump, gym. I’d cancelled my membership at the gym yesterday and wanted to confirm today but that stuck up receptionist Sunny is like you should have asked for this and that. And I’m like how am I supposed to know the procedures that YOUR STAFF ARE MEANT TO KNOW!??? Anyway gonna make sure it’s cancelled. So I have till end of July. Do my saturday hour of cardio watching Samurai Champloo… I’ve watched a few episodes and not too impressed so wont be continuing that. Get home to Adeel and Rihanna cleaning the kitchen big time. So I was like wicked things are getting sorted and the Bangla boys are not here so I’m gonna have a good night… yeah right.

Adeel and Tony (Bulgarian housemate) decide to have a drinking session. Woken up at 2am with pumping music and guys shouting. I mentioned elsewhere that I usually still stay in bed, open my door and request to keep it down. So there I am trying to tell them to keep it down. Adeel has stepped out of the house by now so when I shout YO, Tony thinks it’s Adeel and just shouts YO back. At one point he dances out of the living room and sees my head and freaks out. Trying to figure out why I’m kneeling at my door. I’m like turn it down a notch please. So he runs in the living room, Adeel walks in the house passing my door and sees my head too. He’s giving me a look like why is my head a quarter way up the floor and horizontal. I don’t know if I wanna laugh or cry or just funk it and join them.


Marbella Madness 20th – 25th April 2011

Marbella Madness 20th – 25th April 2011

Excellent pics from Nish’s Cam

Wednesday 20th – Try out a new Osho meditation. Clothes not totally dried so stick underwear around water heater. Something about black shirt and 2 bags… oh yeah the heat was crazy and I still had to go to work before the Marbella mission and I was not going back home and I was told the weather was gonna be cold and rainy. So in london I was boiling but I was also gonna have trouble in Marbella coz of the opposite weather. Finish all the food I could at home and took the rest to work. Send out the Easter Newsletter. Ludivine is also leaving us so Neha takes us for a work lunch to Nandos. Now a bunch of hotties walk in with the skimpiest clothes. Neha tells me they’re Gypsies and tells me about his wicked program called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Note: It was a wicked program, learnt something new, their culture was extra refreshing especially coz they’re kinda backwards in many things or extra forward in others. Get to Oakwood, link with Rocko, Sag and Poonam at the golf club. Go shopping to Asda. Man, usually I loveeee watching Sag and Poonam shop but this day I wanted to get online ASAP to see Alina before I leave. Bet Sag that we’ll see Nish at any moment… and we do just as we’re leaving. KFC bucket. Get to Sag’s, internet issues, chat without a vid. Eat and chill.

Thursday 21st – Boys come to Oakwood. Cab driver looks like Agent Smith from Matrix. Meet more of the boys. Check-in. Sag gets random security checked. I love being organised and Zia was so damn organised I was like, I’m so gonna implement all that. Now most of the boys booked together, I booked separate, so they were way back while I was in front with 2 free seats next to me. Knock out, land and wake up to the boys making noise. All you need is alcohol baby. Speaking of baby, there was one on the flight that was screaming its head off. Security here was extra lax. Never tried Jager so bought a bottle from duty free for my plan. Cool but mad driver takes us to our Royal Roman Empire! Man oh man… as always the pics will explain much better. Put names/rooms in a hat to see who gets what room. Sag pulled out the master bedroom. Yay! Drink, eat, drink, etc. I’d already bust out the Jager and started necking it. Shouting about I’m the Jagermaster. Yeah right… I’ve knocked out many times. In fact I’m a bit of an expert with that but blacking out!? First time thats happened. As in not remembering a thing after a certain point.

Friday 22nd – I just woke up in our balcony with a beautiful view. Was kinda cold so I thought I might as well make the most of the master bed! Thunder and stuff. Wake up and folks remind me that I was walking around drunk, chucked in the bidet, which caused a flood and broke some glass. Usually things slowly come back to me… in this case NOTHING! I just remember shouting Jagermaster near the pool and thats it. Making noise one minute… waking up the next. By this time Rocko wants to stay in bed like me so he knocked out on our balcony couch. Everytime someone came in… I aint seen him. Late breakfast but it was proper proper breakfast man! The works and then some. Cancel paintballing coz everyone had been partying the previous night (apart from myself ;o)) Sleep some more and try and recover as slowly as I could. The plan will unravel during the blog. Big up to Rocko though, he knew I was dying to chat with Alina so he got the MacBook just for me. I love this guy! BUT… Alina will be going to stay with her parents in the village for the weekend. Get ready. Get my ebook reader and chill. (…) Lol Sag’s like they’re not strippers dumbass! I still didn’t care, I wanted to enjoy the villa with my baby. It did feel kinda wearing being party animals in such a wicked place. Head to the Nikki Beach club to our VIP section. 2 waiters and all. I still wasn’t feeling it so left early with some of the boys. Folks coming and going and stuff and stuff. After a while it was mostly Nish, Neel, Sacho Patel and myself. Talking about things man. Philosophy, opening up, stuff and stuff and deeper stuff.

Saturday 23rd – By now it was morning and I was getting cold. Nish had mentioned the maids outfit so I went for that. And then we were going to sleep but as we walk back in the house, the maid is in the kitchen… looking at me wearing her stuff. Her expression was like I don’t know if I should shout at you or freak out at how weird this is!? She refused to look at me for the rest of the day. Something about coffee. Back to Nikki Beach (the beach and outdoor dining area). Chill, eat, drink, dancers, techno violin player, etc. Now when we walked in, I spotted the most beautiful waitress. She was like Madhuri. After a while find out her name is Alina too. All I can talk about is my Alina ;oP Fffffttsshhhh (if you didn’t get that, it’s the sound of a whip). Still wanna just be in the Villa. Mostly just to enjoy the villa and be meditative. I watched a whole load of Osho while I was there. Anyway so go back to the villa and share a cab with the Deviant. Usually I’d be him, as in pumping the music nonstop. Get back to the villa and what followed… well the 3 vids I have can only describe that. It was extra funny in the start and then left a weird feeling so go back to the master bedroom and catch up on Naruto, Osho, sleep, etc. Lol even when I was sleeping after every other song Deviant would come up and ask me what I wanted to listen to next. It was weird coz the rest of the boys decided to stay back coz it stopped raining. I was starving, no cigarettes, etc. Some folks decided to go back and coz it was quiet I chill on the balcony couch and take in the mountain and oceans and wow, ended up meditating. I’ve never felt so disconnected yet so ok with it. Rocko was like you’re just pretending to be sick aren’t you? Truth is I did have a bad stomach for a bit but I stretched it. I was telling Rocko that I just wanna be, or be with my woman.

Sunday 24th – Sag and I wake up. Nish and Neel are still awake so chill with them. Look for a place that will do online delivery and find something called The Curry Chart (click here to see). Some of the funniest ones… but that Poppadom Preach one is mine! Anyway so we’re chilling folks come and go. Few of the folks go face first into the glass sliding doors. Back to bed with Osho. Wake up with Osho. I think he’s the other reason why I’m feeling so antisocial. But it’s BBQ time and Noel and Debbie hook us up with some excellent food. Something about Debbie having her stomach removed, her hanging with football yobs, etc. She even talked like one of them, swearing away and all. Now see our villa has speakers outside too near the pool and BBQ area. And Deviant had been pumping music all week and loud too. But the neighbour decided to come and tell us off after so many days. I guess it was Sunday and all. Anyway so do something else that makes me run off to my room.

Monday 25th – Woken up early by Sags snoring. I think it was like 4 or something. I go down to get a drink and see Deviant just staring at the open fridge. Guess what he asks me… what music you wanna listen to lol. Jitters had the shakes and went somewhere with the cab. Try to sleep but Osho keeps me awake lol. Wake up. Take a vid of the whole villa. Brekkie. Pack. Chill while Rocko and Zia sort out breakage. Mad driver gets us to the airport… where some folks were lying on the grass sunbathing. While elsewhere there was some major accident. Check-in, food, one of the Womens Camp Hill Chargers Rugby Team had a bad fall in Burger King. Board. Have a couple of drunk old brit dudes behind me. I didn’t see them but what a sad duo.

So yeah… the place was out of this world. The boys were too cool. It was all good times. I just wasn’t feeling the drinking and clubbing mostly. Hence overdoing the Jager to put myself off for the rest of the week and crippling my clubbing abilities lol. It’s weird when I booked the flight I was planning what crazy things could be done. Between then and actually going I fall in love and end up with a totally different plan. I’m sure it was more than just that though… like all that Osho and after seeing the Villa, landscape, etc… the madness seemed to clash with it. The pick me ups helped big time though.


Bristol at the Thermomixers October 2010

Bristol at the Thermomixers October 2010

Pics on

Friday – Gym. Pack. Tube. Get to Sag’s and Poonam tells me about this Buddha boy… youtube it and … it’s crazy in a nice way I guess. Nish picks us. I sleep most of the time in the car and finish quite a bit of the chocolate fingers. OKAY all of the white ones! Get to Bristol and have dinner with Simi and Mathieu (spelling). Excellent stuff… like Simi said the soup tasted like clouds. And it’s all made in this Thermomixer machine… that not only mixes, it cooks, and does this and that and so much more. Talks about those scientists that killed themselves when the comet was passing and pyramids, etc.

Saturday – Man I’ve not farted like that in ages… and Sag and Poonam were sharing the room… hehehehe! Thought I’d post my daily song and realise the keyboard is now QWERTY and as a touch-typer that becomes a mission. Have waffles for brekkie before we go over to Bath. Check out the Roman Baths… it was great to see but got tired of having this machine next to my ear telling me history and press this to know this and … I don’t like phones and this was basically a phone that I couldn’t talk back at. Well I did anyway. Simi is into photography so she was going for it. Something about photography posters???? Can’t remember. Get a migraine so run to the pharmacy to get the meds and I usually get Migraleve that makes me feel kinda tipsy afterwards but I see there is a new one. So I tell the girl to hook me up. She’s like these are prescription only… I was like I’m dying here just give me anything then… she’s like hell with it. I buy a pack for about 7 quid… open the pack and … WTF! Only 2 capsules… and after that I felt even worse. I had to get some food in me! Hmmm… In my notes I’ve typed ‘make pizza dough’ like I helped at all. We were busy watching X-Factor. Another great meal… artichokes, asparagus, I was veg so didn’t really focus on the meat but wow and gaaad dayum! Play games, more X-Factor. I don’t know what you call it but I love this game where someone sticks a famous persons name on your forehead and have to guess who it is.

Sunday – I think my farts overheated the room? Takeshi’s Castle… love it! Help with the chopping and prep for BBQ. Place the forehead game. BBQ. Were sooooo damn stuffed! Piss Poonam off. Something about animal? Oh yeah the fence… Nish spotted animal faces from the tree fingerprints. Goodbye’s. Big up Nish for taking us, Big up Thermomixers for having us and being the best hosts ever!


AOL 2010-11 New Years Advance Course Germany

The slideshow does not seem to be showing all the pics so just click on it and it’ll open the album.

More albums:
– Some great pics by Zoran
– Pics by Areti
– Excellent pics by Atman

28th Tuesday 2010
Been falling asleep at 4am so waking up was a mission. Watched some great Google Tech Talks on meditation while packing. Crazy dump. Now I wait for the bus at the stop and was wondering why nobody was standing under the shade so I went there to put my backpack on the bench but it was wet and muddy. I just thought it was some kids standing on them. A minute later a car passes and splashes me totally. It all makes sense now!!!! But at the cost of my fresh combats! Ok can’t worry about this I gotta get to Victoria Station. Get weird looks on the bus but I’m too busy listening to the J. Cole Mixtape Viv had been going on about. Get to Victoria extra early so kill time with a meal, reading and good ol people watching while I wait for Sarojben to give me some parcels for the Ashramites. Get the stuff just in time to board the train… sleep till Three Bridges. Link with Suresh and wait for Katie to pick us up. Get a bad migraine. Gordon had prepared the fire so we keep warm and discuss AOL UK politics. After we had enough of that we get into a great meditation before an even greater meal. I went nuts on the cheeses and that lovely schtalin cake (spelling). I was going nuts with the ghee too on the breads, cakes… whatever I could put it on. Chill and chat before knocking out.

29th Wednesday 2010
Kriya. Katie drops us to Gatwick. Man Suresh had it all planned out… first time I set in the front seat right next to the door. Sleep till landing in Basil. Get busses and trains to Oppenau. Meet with Arian (French/Persian) or something like that halfway through. Shuttle to the ashram and sort out room, do some seva, hang and check out whats new. The internet room has become the fireplace and tea room, very nice and cozy. Lotttssss of people with laptops which I still can’t get used to but I’m glad to see most of those lappys were Apple Macs! Represent! Dinner, satsang… the Latin Americans went on strike with Guruji… they’re like no seva, no food, heaven is closed picketing style… having a tantrum asking Guruji to come to Argentina and places. Sleepy knowledge? (can’t remember). Chill with Justina… we normally chat on FB so first time I hear her voice and she sounds soooo cute man. Sleep. Man my roommate was very docile but a entertaining terror at snoring. I’ve never heard such random snoring… one minute he’s a bubbling brook, then from one animal sound to another… the funny ones kept me awake with laughter, the bad ones kept me awake with dread… like was he turning into a beast or something… what was going on!?

30th Thursday 2010
6am Yoga, brekkie, Kriya, meditation, lunch. Now I was on lunch serving seva so we get to go ahead of the queue to be in places but this A-hole doesn’t let me through… I was like I’m serving man! Then I realized it wasn’t even lunch break lol. But anyway he was an A-hole and over the week folks would be avoiding him like a plague. Even when serving lunch some things we could only give one big spoon till they requeued for seconds so he asked for more and I’m like not till you finish the serving I gave you. So he just stands there in the queue and eats it all then he’s like hmmm that was nice can I have some more. Anyway take a nap. We get back to our techniques and I buddy up with Simon… what a pleasant surprise. We thought the same things, had the same interests like writing and guns and sniping and indifference to football and not being a Gurupie (guru groupie) etc. Then we had the other 10 minute life story and I did that with an Italian German actress and my roommates wife. Man that couple look like twins and they’re both so docile and … special lol. I thought I’d try something different with the life story and try talk about some serious emotion, was hard to admit it but I talked about the love side of things. Dinner. Make friends with this French teen on crutches. I totally forgot to ask about his condition or get his contact. Satsang, knowledge, video, sleepiness. And we start silence! But then I had to break it coz I saw Nikita so catch up real quick… her sis Shivani is still the cutest ever man. Roommate asked if his snoring was bothering me and I was like hell yeah… I forgot my earplugs but will get some tomorrow. He was nice enough to give me his.

31st Friday 2010
Yoga… during the break it bugged me out that all these guys on silence were still using the breaks to go online on their laptops. I myself can’t get enough of the net but it was not hard at all to avoid the computer room. I mean like Enigma – Silence Must Be Heard! Anyway Kriya, book my Ayurvedic consultation. Meditations. Break… during the breaks it was usually the same… get some tea and try to get the best couch spot near the fireplace. So I’m chilling and this lady in a denim jumpsuit kinda outfit catches my eye… we go from glances, to stares, to smile… something interesting unfolds after that but I might censor that bit in the blog. Meditations. New Years eve dinner was a FEAST and sooo much cake and cookies and desserts and all sorts. Wow! And the queue went from dining hall, past the reception, past the tea room, past the corridor, down the stairs to the entrance of the Spring Hall (our meditation, yoga, etc hall). Satsang and skype it with India, party, fireworks (guruji said thats the last time he’s allowing fireworks, the neighbours can still do it but the ashram’s taking more responsibility).

1st Saturday 2011
Usual yoga, kriya routine. Brekkie. Jumpsuit lady gets me a tea ;o) I can’t stop smiling and kinda conflicted so wrote a note to the teach… something along the lines of the good news is I can’t stop smiling but it’s affecting my mental silence. See in one world I’m taught to escallate from look to touch, to hold, embrace… etc. While in AOL it’s to just be so after getting my thoughts together it was … go with the flow. Lots of hollow and empty meditations. With all that lovely food it was hard to feel hollow and empty ;oP Get in the queue for lunch then I realize I’m meant to be serving so get in my place. Seva, more meditations. Guruji sees some of the group and I knew his question would be ‘are you happy’ and then gives you a sweet/chocolate. It’s not like I’m unhappy or anything but I wasn’t gonna let him get away with it this time so I’m like ‘can I have the sweet first because my answer is not yes’. Then I handed him my note. It was a Mumukshatva thing. He’s like I’ll talk to you later but when he did get to talk to me the other group was already sitting in front of him… but anyway I’m gonna try what he said and see what happens. Folks discuss UK course prices being too high. HELLS YEAH! So I’d stopped smiling for a while after that bit and I get a note that brings it back :o) Oh then that A-hole was doing seva cleaning the toilet and he tried to make it look like he was swearing in his language kinda thing. More cakes and chocolates for the new year and some yucky tangy jam… don’t know what that was for. Dinner and washing seva… that made me realize how much folks were just eating and eating and what a huge scale operation running the ashram was… just the trough for the food making machine was crazy. Start satsang with Jumpsuit lady… from here on known as Alina but then I couldn’t sit on the ground too long and I wanted to drum away so move back. The love in this course man! It would anyway be too hard to even explain the love, joy, bliss etc… silence would explain that best ;o))))

2nd Sunday 2011
So many meditations before lunch. Alina requests eye gazing process I was gonna ask her for the same. Indian lady gave me a chocolate at lunch coz while we serve all the good stuff gets taken and I was eyes all the sweeties in the corner… very sweet of her. By now I’d moved my position in the hall and I was right under the drop down projector screen so all I had to do was lie down and see the knowledge cinema style (but in a weird perspective). This time though I slept through the knowledge… I think 1 hours worth. Usually the meditations and knowledge are so deep it happens and quite a few people were concerned that they couldn’t last through the the first 10 minutes of the meditation… but thats the process… meditation is meeting your sleep consciously. Dinner time and I was 2nd in queue so was so excited but then the main seva crew picked the first 3 and we had to help get all the food to the right serving tables etc. When I was in the kitchen I felt an intention to come back for a few weeks or months seva to see this operation and learn and all that. The head chef made this amazing olive bread man like bread with full olives in them and all sorts… genius! Finish up and have an eye gazing date with Alina. While doing it this dude took pictures of us and must have thought we were a couple coz he kept making us pose in different places and near the christmas tree. Alina and I were like we should take a picture while sitting on guruji’s couch. But it would be ‘frowned upon’ lol. Beat that djembe all satsang long… my hands were red! Oh and I did it in a ‘I NEED A BEAT’ T-shirt Viv gave me. Back to the weird snoring… I was in cloud 9 so I was laughing mostly.

3rd Monday 2011
This time we had to do yoga in pairs… it was so awkward especially coz I got a dude that didn’t wanna co-operate and then I see the 2 huge guys next to me in the same predicament. The funniest thing I’ve ever seen but at the same time realized how much the male ego can interfere. In my case I was forcing the guy to do it properly and he was like I’ll do it my way so then I was like fine I’ll just do whatever you do and entertain myself with the intertwining beasts next to me. Go for my Ayurvedic consultation… dude feels my pulse and tells me to stick my tongue out… just for a millisecond and then he’s like my constitution is so and so and just gave me a bunch of material to read and recommended some other treatments and things to buy. 40 euros for a 5 minute thing were I’m told mostly what to read and buy! It’s like some things are so hyped. Back to the processes… do the male, female model… Kevin and Keya or something like that. Go for a walk with Alina up the snowy black forest. This fluffy cat just comes and is sooo friendly… she was purring like Tasha and licking and biting my fingers. Awww moment ;o) Sit on the bench and just take the whole scene in including this angel next to me. Walk further up the hills and see some beautiful houses and trees and like Suresh, I wanna get a house there. Alina has this cute thing she does 3 sniffs in the cold. We get back to the bench to take some pics together and ask this lady to do it but she doesn’t know how to work the camera but turns out she ended up taking tons of pics. We saw some natural snowballs and the track they left forming. Names in the snow and someone didn’t exactly make a snow angel and looked like they had a big butt lol.

More meditations, we get to break the silence temporarily to say one word. Since it would be the first word it should have been significant but some folks said pizza or icecream. Hey thats what they want… I remember a time during Kriya I’d obsess about all the junk food I could eat… and womens. Yo… totally forgot one of the days we did the meditation in motion where we observe the pain and this time round I managed quite far till I cracked up. From where I was sitting I could see everyone and at one point it looked like the YMCA dance was on pose. You’re allowed to scream, cry, laugh, whatever… and boy did we crack. Dinner and some gorgeous dessert! Sit next to Alina with the djembe, the satsang was suprisingly mellow. And one lady was doing the dance class thing. Some amazing Havenu Shalom Alechem Jewish satsong! Photographer again. Now some might know there was a 2.5 million gathering for the 25 year celebrations… well now we have another one in Berlin for the 30 year celebration called World Cultural Festival (check it out Watch those vids and all.
We were told not to totally break silence yet and speak only when needed… I had to speak to Alina and found out she’s not staying at the Ashram but 2km away and that she’s gonna walk alone… I offered to join but she might have taken it the wrong way and said she’s tired. But I’m like wait for a ride man… I want to chill with her and feel those extra soft hands and when she spoke… oh my lawd! Her voice, her Polish, I don’t know and don’t care what she said I just wanna hear it again and again. Chill, chit chat as little as we could and take pics and all.

4th Tuesday 2011 – Long Kriya. Breakfast. Bye Alina. Pack, bed sheets, etc. We were told to write about our experiences so I wrote 4 points. 1 – The best participants ever, 2 – Best food especially that olive bread, 3 – Pain meditation YMCA stuff, 4 – That funny pairing yoga that I never wanna see again lol. And 5 just a note to all that I’ll make a FB group for peeps to add pics and vids and link since we didn’t have enough time out of silence to catch up and chat and all. Then came the time folks are meant to come up in front and share their experiences… the dude with the funny haircut was soooo jokes. Talking about his first time and how he felt he was breathing in a cocktail of toxins that others were exhaling and the torture of being in a gas chamber. Note: I swore to my last silence buddy (Anjana) that I’d go in front but I couldn’t so my excuse is that everyone didn’t get to go coz we were out of time. Do the eye gazing process and dance and stuff. I belong to yous and chit chat. Do some filming for World Cultural Festival… we just had to say a few lines in different tones. It was weird… one director was like are you comfortable and that made me uncomfortable then the other one was like yeah just like that but more this or that. Some more of that gorgeous dessert before we split. Now the drive between the station and ashram has lots of twists and turns through hills and the drivers just zooming around shuttling us… the scary bit was they drive on the right so you’re even more freaked but it was all good. Have a satsang on the train and most folks were already chatting away… I was taking in the scenery and just took in more silence. Another train and Dorota was telling us how their satsangs are not AOL only which is the way fwd but to have that there has to be less course marketing. Get on the other train and these police with guns and all come asking for our passports and I had a mini deportation flashback but not worried at all. Bus to the airport.

Kill time for a delayed flight and we come to the interesting bit. Our cabin crew captain was gay and VERY feminine with the lisps and actions and THE WORKS. Suresh and I were sitting in front again so when the crew are strapped in they sit right opposite us. This guy sat in that cross legged position that I don’t approve of men sitting in… mostly coz I can’t do it as it ‘suffocates’ me. But the way he was sitting, his foot kept kicking me. That was one bit. The flight had 3 seats on either side of the isle. So it was Suresh, myself, french muslim mama, isle, her son or whatever, little girl and little boy. The kids were soooooo damn noisy and the mom kept blasting the dude to keep them quiet. I can’t help make faces at kids so I was making faces at the girl and that made her smile and keep quite for a while… then it did the opposite and she started crying so I just looked away when the guy turned his head to see the source of the tears lol. Back to the gay dude… I wish I recorded his voice or even him himself. So entertaining… reminds me of that gay flight attendant joke. ( So while landing I couldn’t help overhear his convo about gay clubbing… apparently there is a word for a girl that attracts all the gays like light to bugs and how she got in a fight with a gay dude both hitting their handbags at each other and then she turns around to him asking him ‘am I winning’? Funny stuff. Land, trains…

5th Wednesday 2011 … busses home. Was soooo tempted to get a Sam’s 2 for 2 but I might as well stay in this space. Couldn’t sleep so watch Osho knowledge and stuff. And now I’m still sooo spaced I am going to have to get some rajasic and tamasic food to come down from this state.

– Second time I’m on an AOL adventure with Suresh and we’re such a good team… like there is no judgement, conflict, politics anything. Do our thing or do stuff together it’s such an amazing space. Seeing him do the seva in the Ashram reminded me of my first 2 times… this time round I just did how much I was supposed to and a bit. Otherwise you become like seva machines… no matter how tired you are you can’t help yourself… like your body feels like it’s tired and should get rest but… just a bit more.
– Apart from that A-hole there was a hoyden in the house too and she was a teacher I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Bullying people for fireplace couches and jumping or stepping over people and all. All the Stephen Clarke French books explain French women just like her… I was like can’t be! Very funny to watch.
– I think I’m gonna make silence an yearly thing now… once every 2 years does not seem enough. Though I’ll mix it with the proper hardcore silence of Vipassana where there is no eye contact, evening satsangs or using notes to communicate.
– It’s hit me that over the years I meet soooo many people that I feel an old connection with… I didn’t realize that till Dorota sorted my registration. She’s never been to London and I don’t think we met anywhere else but I remember her unique talking style and smile. Then that Jack Johnson dude… it’s become so frequent… even this thing were I’ll think of someone out of the blue and I know I’ll either bump into them or hear from them somehow. Serious man I’m not just saying it coz I’ve been on this course… I think a lot of people are feeling that way more.
– What else… ah I better get out of this spaced-ness got bills to pay :oP

Alina Notes:
Me – You are distracting me.
Me – You look very hot! I try not to look at you otherwise I will break my silence.
Alina – When everybody were singing and dancing I wanted to dance with you!
Me – We can dance after silence. It’s going to be hard for me … we can have a dance after cake. But we have to be serious about silence after wards.
Alina – From which country you come from?
Alina – Could I have a process looking into eyes? With you? I would like you’ll see yourself in my eyes … :)
Me – I was going to ask you the same ;oP When do you want to do it? After dinner in Satsang room.
Alina – You have beautiful smile! You should smile more!
Me – Thank you.
Me (at some point) – If they have satsang now can I have a dance? If not then when we finish the course?


ART Excel Malvern 19th – 25th August 2010

Pictures are on Facebook –

Thursday 19/08/2010 – Pack, busses to link with Viv. Get some junk in our tummies. Watch Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Busses to Ameet’s listening to Vive la Fete remixes album. It’s just too good man! Ameet has guests so listen to a dentist convo. Read a pre-published version of a book.

Friday 20/08/2010 – Drive to Letchworth. Such a beautiful area man, Ameet was at work so Khushbu and I check out the area. I check into a library to send you guys the weekly blog. Langar for lunch at the local Gurudwara. Drop by a frame shop where Ameet was sorting out his and Khushbu’s wedding picture and one with Guruji in it. Read. Drive to Malvern. Hellos and all. My boy Soham has moved up from the ART Excel course to Yes! and my boy Alex moved up from Yes! to Yes! Plus. Hunt for my room… the Malvern St. James school is crazy… like the building I was staying in was a proper maze. Some of the rooms you get to through washing areas or another entrance. Glad to see some of last years ART Excel kids. Ryan hooks me up with Ferrero Rocher. Lol him and Timin remembered how much I loved chocolate. Timin’s dad had told me earlier that he’s gonna hook me up. Debrief with other teachers and assistants. Now I had also paid to do the Eternity Process so link with Katie to discuss when she can fit me in. Head ART Excel teach Su said I can’t take time off while the ART Excel course is on so Katie was like it’s better I do it during dinner and satsang as I’ll need time after that to recover. It didn’t happen but will get to it in the next few days. Hunt for food and drink. Unpack. Read.

Saturday 21/08/2010 – Had a dreamy long Kriya. Something about brekkie fruit. And something about hair mess… I think the pics will explain better. (Shit just deleted the notes about todays processes but it was the usual… meet kids, make them fill forms and make their ART Excel books). Oh yeah we played footie and Benjamin tried to score but my foot saved it but the kick was so hard it twisted my ankle right. Now I’m limping around and start hunt for pain killers, ankle support or deep heat at lunch time. Finally find Fatima… ask her to hook me up and she shows me 2 doctors. I tell the doctors my problem and here’s what they tell me… we didn’t bring anything with us so go to boots. !?!?!?! Jai hippocratic oath. I didn’t wanna bother Fatima more as her and Deepak organised the whole thing this time and they had bigger fish to fry. Everyday kids do a day chart for what we did in the morning and afternoon. Kids were hyper man… usually we don’t allow junk or chocolate but the cafeteria had hot chocolate and the kids were bouncing off the walls after lunch. Usually making them play footie or something after lunch does the trick but this time it didn’t work. Now when I saw the registrations for our course I noticed 3 brothers in the course and was like oh boy hope it doesn’t get crazy… man it was more than crazy. One bro Harrison was deaf so he needed a hearing aid and we gotta face him when speaking so he can lip read. Harrison was VERY violent and disruptive. Then there was Benjamin who has autism but what a wicked dude always high fiving everyone. Ben was like a BFG (a term I learnt there which means Big Friendly Giant). And there was Gregory who was normal and cool and stood up for Ben whenever Harrison bugged him. Harrison called Ben a retard and Ben walked off. That was not the first time… Ben, Harisson and Greg would be walking off a lot. Harrison asks me about smoking and what I smoke and stuff like that which I didn’t take too seriously till the next few days. We decide to hike up the Malverns (hills). Ria and Peter hit it off so well talking about geeky things and they were like in their on nerd world which was sooooo romantic lol. I tried to get a vid of it but the audio is not all that.

Ben runs off again and we send Ryan to get him back. One of the rules was stick with the group… as long as you can see each other you’re fine. It was so funny coz brothers Timin and Shaan wanted to go with Ryan too but Su said no and you could see them inching faster and faster till they disappeared too. So 4 kids lost… we were kinda freaked and decided to take a bit of a shortcut to see from higher ground. My ankle was killing but I managed. Oh then there was Aarjav who asked really dumbass questions just for attention and Su flipped and had a lil moment with him. Kids behaved after that. Some dude tells us that 4 kids were shouting for Su and finally we see the lost crew. They join us, have a lil discussion about responsibility etc. Ben apologised but he wanted to show he was best as he loves hiking. We all go to the top. Pics and amazing views and etc. Slip and crew up my ankle even more.

Get to class and change. Timin hooks me up with chocolates. He’s become crafty but it’s nice to see he’s entrepreneurial. Our bed had After Eight chocolates and he decided to collect them for me and says I owe him some so we negotiate. I think he’s been getting pocket money too as every time he’d be like lets go buy this and that or whatever we needed for the games and processes he’d be like we can buy it here and there. Dinner. Debrief. Note: I hardly see the other teachers or assistants sitting with the kids and for me thats when you can do some real work coz it’s smaller groups and more personal. My usual questions are what time they sleep, what they eat and what they watch and take it from there. Since it was a mega meet of courses from adults Part 1 and 2 and yoga and meditation and both the Yes! courses we all gather in the Part 2 course hall for satsang. It was such an awkward satsang. Khushbu and I kept laughing at folks fighting for the microphone just to sing a satsong nobody else was interested in singing along or that was really bad singing. Join with the kids in The Hex, which is where we do the ART Excel course and one of the rooms has a foosball, table-tennis and pool table. This time round I told the folks I’ll take care of the kids till 10 and then send them to their rooms. So did that and the kids ended up in Peter’s room making a racket with their own versions of X Factor and the like. Read. For some reason I thought I fell asleep at 12 but it was just 10.30 or something.

Sunday 22/08/2010 – Priyanka’s mom brings her dog Tonka over so kids play while my group (the Ninjas) do Saturday afternoon chart. Decide a play and sort out auditions. Ben walked out to write a whole list of plays to do which were basically movies and our criteria was 1 – a part for everyone, 2 – fitting the story in 10 minutes, 3 – realistic or something something. Play dog and the bone. Harrison walks off. Ryan tries to get him back but didn’t work and to our amazement Ryan sat down and did the Victory breath (for anger, sadness, fear). I followed Harrison and found him 3 times so those are my 3 strikes coz he walked off again. Debbie found him in a bush and I was like wow dude does not want to be found. Kids learn their Kriya (Happy breath). Now the food was not all that satvic and after a while we noticed it gave us gas big time. The good part was it was sooooo much gas that it was not vibrating bootie noisy gas it was more like blowing cigarette smoke gas. But some of the kids were leaving some very smelly ghosts. An amazing teacher from New Zealand (Parul) visits us. See I was sharing a room with Suresh and we saw Parul’s name on our room too and we’re like thats the first time they’ve mixed accommodation but thats coz someone thought Parul was a guy. She was so natural with the kids and wow the way she handled them and answered dodgy questions etc. Anyway swimming time now and I forgot my trunks so Suresh was like we’ll do it in our boxers but then Ryan hooked me up with his dads spare ones.

Do a trust walk where we blindfold one kid and another kid is entrusted to take them around kinda thing. Quick dinner so we can get back to The Hex and sort out our costumes and props for the play. Oh yeah we decided on The giraffe, pelly (Pelican) and me. Satslang? I’m sure I put slang for a reason but can’t remember but yeah once again another awkward satsang and this time quite a few of us refused to carry on we just closed our eyes and meditated while whoever was interested carried on clapping or singing. Lol we stayed silent till the song changed and then when Josh got on the mic we blew up… and just then the dude that was playing Djembe played a garba beat so I went to give him props and he handed me the chair and djembe. See some singers and DJs need to realise when theres audience participation you have to do familiar easy to follow stuff not what your favourite. Alex comes to me like ‘I’ve finally met someone that high fives more than me’ talking about Benjamin. Birthday celebrations and cake… chocolate again. I can’t believe this man we need some rules and discipline… I mean I love breaking the rules but not if it’s going to interfere with the amazing bliss you’re gonna feel. Debrief. Read.

Monday 23/08/2010 – Wake late. Oh man totally forgot to add the other mornings when my ankle was twisted the swelling was like a golf ball. Then the other bit was Suresh was amazing not only would he wait for me to go for yoga and short Kriya every morning but he was amazing with the kids and strict when needed to be. I was not please with the other two as just like the kids making their own groups these two did the same and they were more into each other than helping with the kids. It seriously felt like they didn’t exist. Sorry but thats the facts! I guess coz they were older ladies or … I don’t know just need to give myself a good excuse for why they were so passive! And today is the day I needed them most. Anyway back to the day. Miss yoga and just do Kriya and usual and I kept going into amazing trances… coz of my ankle I was sitting on a chair and would just about catch myself every time I was about to flop. Now at brekkie another thing I’d do with the kids and steal food of their plate if they were not alert or make them get me stuff or even not take too much on my plate and finish whoever couldn’t finish theirs. This time I think I wanted cocopops and was making Thomas (the cutest kid on the course) do it for me. He got up from the chair and he’s like I’m not gonna be here to do this for you all the time, you have to grow up some time! Man he was too cool… he’s from France too so we’d talk French and he’s pretty gangsta man. His mom told me the girls couldn’t make it this year but they say hi and I was like oh please talk to me some more, her accent was mesmerising. Prep for the play. And I’m even giving the lady assistants eyes to help me but they’re just AHHHHHHHH…. See I was producer of the play and getting these guys to focus for even a minute was good enough but I needed help to maintain the ones that calmed down so we could carry on. The YES! crew invite us to join them but before that we do my groups chart. Yes! crew have their own building and they don’t even join the rest for satsang… they do their own thing man. We learnt something like rocks, paper and scissors from them which was giants, wizards and elves. Play splat with them. Yes! go back while we play the 3 legged race. The cutest couple were Thomas and Priyanka coz they were the smallest and I was teaching them the trick and they’re the only ones that got it asap. Lunch. Rehearse play. Go to old peoples home to do the play, Sun salutations and sing… OH YEAH… sing! Trisha taught the kids an Italian number while I got to teach them Kalinka, a Russian number and the russian leg kicking dance. I was so jazzed about that. Get back to class and do the cut the past and shut the future process. In a way the future is more a sneaky way to tell their parents to behave themselves and sometimes parents will shout at kids and say ‘you always leave a mess’ when they should not turn it into an always thing if you know what I mean. Art Excel game which is more like British bulldog. Ben won… at one point we were trying to get Harrison and I didn’t even realise the way I’d caught him I was actually choking him. Sorry :oS. Rehearse but it’s getting crazy man and Harrison was doing his usual getting violent with folks… and with him and Ryan it was more of an alpha male thing as Ryan knew the stuff and was good at it coz of last year. This time round Ryan wasn’t having it and had to show Harrison who the boss was… I was pulling Harrison off and Su had Ryan but Ryan’s feet were closer to us and he roundhoused Harrison soooooo hard… we thought Harrison’s head would do an Exorcist on us… total silence! The only time I’ve seen a kick like that is with Yoshimitsu on Tekken. After that the other 2 brothers stuck around with Ryan and Ben was even like you’re the coolest Ryan. While Aarjav and his bro Avik stuck with Harrison and kinda entertained Harrison’s behaviour. I wasn’t surprised about Aarjav that way and it was so hard to tell the parents he was a good boy when I wanted to tell them the truth but in the end Su is the head teach and I didn’t want my say to clash with hers. I just feel for Harrison’s mom coz she was on silence and had to break it. Harrison had this attention grabbing down so well he had 6 adults giving him all the attention he wanted for a few hours and when he was fed up he was like ‘you may go now’. Anyway after a while Ryan and Harrison are buds playing sport again. Rehearse. Dinner.

Take props and costumes in the Sri Sri Yoga room and face paint kids. Chill and mess around. Oh and while we were deciding what else to present to the rest of the people there Thomas does these amazing stunts on the diabolo… check out the vid… only way to explain it. I want a kid like that! While Ryan did the caterpillar… he’s pretty good at breakdance. It’s show time so we join the rest for satsang and can’t remember the order … it was something like do a song, Thomas does his diabolo thing, do the play. Now I was backstage trying to keep things in order and all the boys were trippin over Priyanka… thing is she liked the attention. See she plays the Dukes wife and Ryan the duke and they had romantic innuendo going on too. At one point Priyanka was like she has feelings for me and I was like hey I have feelings for me too! Anyway so while these guys were going nuts back stage I had to keep them away from her and at the same time keep the cast ready for their time on stage. Then we do the Italian song and my Russian Kalinka song… I got to make the adults dance too and it gets faster and harder as the dance carries on but the adults were such good sports lol. More chocolate cake.

Debrief in Debbie’s… man she had a room and a half… since it was a girls school we got the girls rooms which were pretty big and had like 3 spare beds and what not but Debbie’s looked like a teacher room with micro, oven, tv, kettle… basically a house in the building! Talk and we were told Carolina donated her money so that some of the kids could do the course for free. Props! And Debbie describes her as a blond Angelina Jolie too! Guruji has agreed for the course fees to be reduced for ART Excel. Just hope UK Board hook it up. Pack and chat with Suresh… he shows me a vid of Guruji’s visit with someone in MTV and Guruji is shooting at someone with something like giant paintballs and then goes for a ride in a Smart car version of a Formula 1. And in the end the driver is stuck with his seatbelt so Guruji’s like here let me release you and frees the guy. Might put it up on here.

Tuesday 24/08/2010 – Man there was this white pigeon or dove thing just chillin with eyes closed so I thought I’d go chill with it and it didn’t even wake up or anything so I started petting it and it didn’t realise till after a while, woke up and just tried to walk away a few steps to avoid my hand so I moved closer and it just wont run away or fly away… ended up hiding inside a bush. That was yesterday… today tried to wake it up and poor thing just stayed still. RIP white pigeon dove thing. Anyway so Soham and Vatsal hook me up with a mocha latte. Simona came over to our class to play the violin for the kids… can’t believe some of the kids remembered from last year that the string thing was made from horse hair. And this other dude did some acting thing… wasn’t paying attention and didn’t even get to take vids or pics coz I was helping with the charts that were still left to do. Parents come over to see what we’ve been teaching the kids and show that youtube of when the kid silenced the world. Parents leave, do the painting meditation and this time we got to do our own drawings or paintings too. Around this time I tell Ria what I do and she was so interested and kept asking me or telling me what she does and how she takes pictures of her sis and edits them etc… I was like wow you sound like you really enjoy it so keep doing it. If you were in London I’d have talked to your folks about giving you Photoshop lessons. Snacks and drinks. Now everyday the school staff would bring like 2 crates of fruit with cereal bars and 4 packs of juice. But no one was having it apart from me… I know it was for the students but they weren’t having it and one of my rules is ‘be shameless when it comes to food’. So my pockets always had cereal bars and well I was drinking enough water but whenever I got bored … there was the juice! ;o) Play heroes and compliments but some of the kids weren’t having it… by the end of it I realised one of the boys that had stayed in the background was really the best one in the class, so big up Peter. I mean Ryan was my inside man this year since Soham moved to Yes! and Thomas my stepson :oP Lunch. Goodbyes. Get props from Ben, Greg and Harrison’s mom, Thomas’ mom, Timin and Shaan’s pops and Priyanka’s mom. It was so weird coz when we start the course we have to sign this crap about not being alone with kids without parents around or something and no holding them so I guess the others were being cautious but I didn’t care man… kids need as much affection, love and nurturing as they can get. Like those few moments when the shy ones get out of their shell… it’s so amazing to see them blossom and you need to be off your guard for that to happen because thats the best time to remind them how much they can shine. I remember Moksha (already an amazing name) was shy and even though she made friends easily she was different. Her accent and pronunciations and in a way buggin with repeating the same stuff or questions but when she let her guard down one lunch time I told her to be aware of how great she’s feeling at that moment and not to let the kids bug her out. Kids can be brutally honest and sometimes it gets much right but use that same freedom they’re using to be you kinda thing. Ok I’ll stop ranting.

Help Katie pack… I’ll be going back to hers for the Eternity Process since we didn’t get to do it there. Beata and Miho will be following us and they get some water from the source. Drop by organic food shop and Katie is hungry as hell. I was just plain tired. Along the way back some weird stuff happened and I’m sure Katie was doing it. See when I sleep sometimes I jerk but just lil ones here and there. Then I did the Sahaj Samadhi meditation with Su and during the meditation I got big jerks and Su explained that impressions were being released. So I got used to that… but in the car this time round I was getting JERKS! Like such gangsta spasms my hands nearly hit the roof of the car. More than twice this happened so I kinda freaked out and stayed awake. I don’t even know why I freaked out coz releasing impressions is a good thing. Aaaaanywho… Get to Katie’s and what a magical place. Again part of me freaked out coz add this up… a lovely charming sweatheart of a lady living in the country side in a very old but well maintain house, amazingly big garden that joins onto a field with sheep etc. You know those magical Narnia kinda stories where you’re so charmed by everything it feels like too good to be true and imagine you’re gonna be locked up any second so that you can be fed to be plumped up just so you can be the meal (for those that don’t get it … Hansel and Gretle). So yeah that flashed my mind for a second but then again I was charmed by the plums and berries and apples and artichokes growing in her garden. Swing bench. Forget all that… I didn’t even know how gorgeous an artichoke flower looks. You know me and trees so the trees def did it for me… and there was this one tree that had spikes but the spikes on the end of each stem changes colour (pics will tell a better story). Su comes over to leave her bike and stuff while she’s in Italy. We have dinner and stories etc. Su leaves and Gordon starts playing guitar. We start having a satsang and Katie gives us pots, pans, spoons etc to play percussion. Have so much fun and laughs. Crazy dreams. Note: I have a feeling some folks have been doing long Kriya more than once a week, the symptoms are there! Lol.

Wednesday 25/08/2010 – Wake up and Katie and Beata gang up on me about the walls I’ve put up and … well the rest is for my private notes ;oP but wow Beata read my energy so well she even said stuff I’ve thought about and discussed only with Twinx, Taz and Nikita. We decide I was not ready for the Eternity Process till after I get regular with my short Kriya and instead Beata works on me with some other stuff and wow she pinched the hell out of the flesh on my lower back… I don’t know what she did but she’s like after I’ve finished stay lying down for a while and get up when you’re ready… I was not ready for a longgg time man… and after that as I type I’m still in a bit of a daze. Then again the stuff she told me kinda blew my mind too. And she kept wishing me happy birthday so I guess it was like a rebirth or something? Hell to celebrate that change I was planning on chopping my hair off but I still have plans for that. Oh and speaking of change, you know how you see signs… check this out… my main man Naruto changes the world in the episode that will be out tomorrow. Was listening to Eminem’s new album and he’s flipped the script on us too which was really nice … hell he’s even got a song called Going Through Changes or something like that. This book I’ve been reading has been an answer to the questions I’ve had and about crazy changes or like the knowledge in there was just so timely it was like…. wow. Anyway so since I’ve been good for these days I’ve decided to carry on with practices and see how much longer I can stop meat this year. I just hate telling folks I’ve stopped coz thats right about the time when I start again kinda thing and … I better finish this blog coz it’s getting late.

So … next …. Katie had been telling me about Biodynamics which is a step higher than organic food and stuff… I’ll try post that next to this post so you can check it out. Took info on other stuff like why Ghee is so good etc. Her area has a few places that do that, her area has a lot of Scientolog-ists too. So get back to hers after shopping at one of these places. I see a deer in the back and try to get a pic of it but I have a face and they recognise that as a threat I guess. Ayurvedic cooking. Katie does my numerology and again another sign. Not only that but the repeating numbers. 17.17, 8.8. Over heard Gordon on the phone talking about Prison SMART and that’s something I wanted to get into and since Viv started work in prisons I was just discussing that with him the week before! Catch the train to London, back in the crowd and city life and noise at home. Still so dazed it didn’t matter. Hell all I did tomorrow was float with a weird headache spending time with my lappy. Note: I’m starting to like the tense of the last sentence as I’m writing about tomorrow which would in this current moment be the past. Gotta explore that ;o) Jai Gurudev.