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Skywatching: Seeing and Understanding Cosmic Wonders with Professor Alex Filippenko – The Great Courses

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If you love science, the stars and sky like me… you have to do this course. Most of the vids are already on here and I’m sure if you’re resourceful you’ll find other ways to watch them. For me the lightning, zodiac, eclipses and celestial sights courses were tops.

Bonus Video – Stargazing: A Guide To The Heavens

Day and Night Skies across All Distances

The Blue Sky, Clouds, and Lightning

The Rainbow Family—Sunlight and Water

Solar Halos—Sunlight and Ice Crystals

The Colors of Sunrise and Sunset

Bright Stars, Constellations, and the Zodiac

Viewing the Planets and Their Motions

The Moon, Phases, and Lunar Eclipses

Satellites, Comets, and Meteors

Observing Solar Activity and Earth’s Auroras

Solar Eclipses—Marvelous Coincidences

Celestial Sights When the Night Is Darkest


The World According to Bush (Docmentary)


The World According to Bush (Docmentary):
France’s take on the Bush administration. Starts off about how stupid our ‘favorite dumbass’ is. People like him coz they think if he can be president… so can I!?!? Goes on to Christianity… before dude was an alcoholic, skirt chaser… something happened… Religion happened and he changed his ways. God talked to him. Then it went on to what Christians believe… that Israel is where God shall rescue the Christians. If destroyed they’ll all go to hell. Which is why there’s so much attention on the ’51st State’. Israel. One of the interviewees says Israel is treated by the US govt. as part of US. In fact treated better than the US. There is talk of one of the officials to pin 9/11 on Iraq. The people involved created the conclusion, then looked for supporting facts, when they didn’t find much they lied. Lied to America, UK, Congress… THE WORLD. You know the guy they executed in Dec? Not saying his name but they wanted him bad so desperately connected him to it all. A 2 step plan of getting rid of UN inspectors that didnt find WMDestruction and then find a way to prove there were WMDs. ‘What if we dont find them’ was replied with a ‘you better invent them’. Wow it was confirmed no uranium was acquired from Niger (Africa) but in the State of Union speech (the most important speech a prezzie can give) dude says the British govt. confirms seeing significant quantities of Uranium from Africa. Now Joe’s the one that went to Niger and his wife is in the CIA… to screw things for him for opening his mouth they exposed the story in papers… not to bad if you’re not in the CIA. The wife is in danger and 20 years of accomplishment jeopardised. So all the countries she visited, all the people she met up with… all nullified and in danger too.

The Bible prophesy comes true. Ashcroft and others seemed to be working on a secret law… for the ‘loss of freedom’ they could use any kind of surveylance to keep an eye on everyone especially America. Mobiles, emails, cameras, etc. If only you guys read Post Script or one of those ‘conspiracy, 666, America, ‘Satan” books. The Patriot Act II is claimed to be more of a ‘think piece’. All in the name of trying to get the terrorist. First introduce fear, then introduce safety. These guys can go to your video library to get your details… ANYWHERE! Tollfree numbers have been setup for people to call in reporting funny behaviour or subversive language of neighbours or such. Then you got the concept of mailmen and meterreaders keeping an eye out and giving in ‘simple reports’. It’s being compared to how Russia had spy neighbours all over the place.

Stuff about Haliburton stealing it all then selling what was worth 1 Euro for 3 Euros. President and Vice President both into the Oil biz. Stuff about Cheney’s wife being on the board and still being there after Cheney got the seat… unheard of in US history. When confronted about this, she reacted like she’s gonna do whatever she wants. Stuff about how all members of the board have some involvment with companies that produce/supply weapons or oil. Stats show most of those companies did so much more business, in 2 years the %age shot up… A very serious Los Angeles Times wrote: No Previous preseidency has done a tenth.. ..of what occured under G… (trying to use his name as little as possible).

Wow… 3 generations of the Bush fam. Starts with Prescot (Grandfather) who was a banker for some company right. At the same time he was the secret banker of Adolf Hitler and the Thyssen family, so moved money for the Nazis… this was while the son was fighting in the Pacific. No so long ago the story was released in the national archives and not one single television network reported it. Then comes father. He had ‘relations’ with Hussein and other tyrannical regimes around the world. They created Hussein and Laden. The idea of the war was to drag it as long as possible to ensure mutual destruction. CIA helped Hussein in the war. Disagreement of anthrax strains being shipped to Iraq in 1986 but some may have found its way there. Conformation that biological strains were delivered 60 times though. So many big guys knew most of this… after turning a blind eye to the genocide, 10 years later they call em terrorists who did not hesitate using lethal gases. Some dude has records of 4 generations. Father linked since 70s to Laden bankers. Political careers financed by it.

Info about the Carlysle… 16 billion profits, connected to the Pentagon, White House, etc. One of its companies makes tanks used in Iraq and missiles for the U.S. Navy. Another historically unprecedented… They never had a former U.S. President helping a weapon supplier in war time when the former President’s son is the current President. Unheard of and utterly peculiar situation. On 9/11 top officials of the Bush admin and Laden fam/brother have a meeting in a nice hotel. Friends talkign about business. Embassador Bandar arranged for a chartered plane when no American citizens were allowed to fly, to pick up all the Laden fam members and take them home. So the only jet that was allowed to fly the day after 9/11 was the one to pick up all of Laden’s fam.

Oh JUICE! Saudi pays the most for things in Washington. They paid Colin Powell $200,000 and 1st class plane ticket to give a 15 min speech in Boston Uni. The next week he was appointed secretary of state thanx to Saudi money. One dude goes on to say they’ve been Saudi’s political whores for the last 40 years. Make me some change b****! Talk of how everything can be bought and how they saved our dumbasses ass so many times. Then goes on to say they’ve allowed Saudi’s to rape and cheat the American public in exchange of cheap oil. Some French dude was invited for some Pentagon presentation, it leaked, major scandal, but until then the Saudi question was taboo. French dude was very politicly incorrect and pointed all sorts of fingers at the Saudis. Lol he’s like the spoke to the Saudi princes who proliferate like rabbits in Aussie. Like 8,000 princes today. Others say it’s false and only his opinion. Dude was chucked coz of the Saudi lobby which Bush inherited and still play a major part.

30 pages of the 9/11 report vanish. One dude says coz its embarrasing to Saudi Arabia. Another says its all out there now. Instead of Iraq, Saudi Arabia should have been targetted for war against terrorism. Saddam was used as a diversion, PR do overtime to point at the wrong person. Colin Powell says it was right to hang Sadam. The dictator is gone. But where is the anthrax? Nuclear bunkers? This war was stupid. The Generals, Pentagon, soldiers… everyone hates it. So many dying but the media are not allowed to cover it. Talks of democracy. Leadership, rulers. Who does Colin hand down soverignty to? Iran is the neighbour, it will become an Islamic nation. America has no clue what’s going on but stuck a flag there.

Over to dumbasses ranch and town. Lol memorabilia shops with Bush stuff. A toy for your pet that looks like Sadam that says ‘you cant get even but your pet can’. Talk of his riches and blindness. $200 million for his campaign, competition only has $15 mill. Finally a clip of Bush saying they have no evidence of Sadam was involved in Sept 11. Paul O’Neill, Bush’s former secretary of Treasure released a book disclosing that the war was prepared way before Sept 11. Dude will be sued for giving press a doc entitled “Plan For Post-Saddam Iraq”. 8 months spent by CIA chriscrossing Iraq with 1,400 strong team to look for WMDs. They return empty handed. CIA are the people looking for it but they cant find it, its their job but others know better. Kay wanted to ask where they could be found. Bush falsly claimed that Kay confirmed weapons. He immediately resigned after hering that. The only weapons stockpiles were destroyed in th 1990s. Another CIA member admits overestimating Baghdad’s nuclear program. The End.


Celsius 41.11

Celsius 41.11

Celsius 41.11: [From – This film attempts to correct the record when it comes to the left’s attacks on President Bush, 9/11 and the war in Iraq and Kerry’s 20-year tenure in the Senate.] Starts off with our fav dumbass talking about fighting terrorism. And related clips. Then audio stating that ‘these words need to be said by someone on national TV “There is no terrorist threat”, there is no great terrorist threat’.

Enter Title (Celsius 41.11 The temperature at which the brain… begings to die.) Most clips of anti Bush, anti war protests. Lost of reasons, stories, fact and figures why everyone says ‘anybody but Bush’. Issues on polls. The news media funked up! Blacks turned away from voting? Talk of Al Gore trying to steal the election especially by throwing away absentee votes. Dude says in any case Bush would have still won after recount. Damn it! Michael Moore quote – “[Americans] are possibly the dumbest people on the planet… Our stupidity is embarassing.” Bush gives a deep speech. Clinton blamed for not being on the right track to prevent 9 11. Lol dont know if its really the political leaders or lookalikes but they’re in the 3 ‘no evil’ monkey poses.

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CIA complains about ridiculous protocol about getting permission. Clinton Administration blamed. Say’s Clinton did not like CIA or read their daily briefings. Patriot Act comes up. Why use it with the mob but not with terrorists. Michael Moore quote – “USA Patriot Act is really a gross misnomer. This law is anything but patriotic. The “Patriot” act is as un American as Mein Kamph.” Debates about everyone admitting they did know about WMDs. Tony Blair does his thing in parliament and this sheep on the benches bleat away.

Everyones assessments say the same. Were all these countries wrong? Sadam certainly was a threat. “9/11 has taught us that terrorism against American interests ‘over there’ should be regarded just as we regard terrorism against America ‘over here’. In this same sense, the American homeland is the planet.” – 9/11 Commission Report, pg. 362. “The statements on Iraqi attempts to buy uranium from Africa… were well founded.” (WHY THE THREE DOTS!!!!???) “Iraq continues to be a safehaven… for groups and individuals who direct violence against the United States.” Sadam was very blind to what was happening around him and the country or the people. Talks about Americans being killed by Middle Eastern terrorists ever since 1979 (Iranian Revolution). Oh my god! The number of dates and places all over the world! All aimed at American diplomats and civilians. So USA’s been really passive and turning the other cheek till now ay.

Michael Moore quote – “Hey, here’s a way to stop suicide bombings – give the Palestinians a bunch of missile-firing Apache helicopters and let them and the Israelis go at each other head to head . . . they can just blow each other up and leave the rest of us the hell alone.” Debates on different leaders approaches to terrorism. Pre-empt or not? Bush made to look like the right man for the job, Kerry made to look inept. “Once the danger fully materialized, evident to all, mobilizing action is easier – but then may be too late.” – 9/11 Commission Report, pg. 350. Over to John Kerry and how bad he wants to be president. Exploiting his service in Vietnam. John Kerry quote – “I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia. I have that memory which is seared – seared in me.” Others claim his statement to be a lie. Kerry would have been arrested. Lol the grandmother of all flip-flops. One minute he wants to be a hero another he’s a protester. Boy do they tear him up.

Back to vindicating Bush. They ridiculed Lincoln, Regan, etc but like Bush they were optimists. Okay? Bunch of cute kids pics and happy couples and families.


Biggie and 2Pac

Biggie and 2Pac:

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The director goes off to investigate all this fuss between and around the murders of 2Pac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G/Biggie Smalls. The book I’d read couple of years back said 2Pac was shot and lost one of his plums so used to be teased as 1Pac… well apparently he’d whipped his bollocks out for his biological father just to prove he’s still all man. Peeps in the interview always talk about Big like he was a loveable kinda sweetheart hehehe. And even though Big didn’t really live a ghetto life he was always fascinated by it.

So basically his gangsta rhymes were kinda fake but which gangsta rapper aint these days. Apparently the real war was between Suge Knight (Deathrow) and Puff Daddy (Bad Boy). After Pac’s incident the FBI apparently fed him bull about Big being the one behind the shootings. Also Pac claimed he had better money and better offers so wanted to leave Deathrow for another label after he got paid (he was due $10 million) so Suge was behind his murder coz Pac was his main man (cash cow). Hell the DA even feared Suge, then again dudes temper is famous e.g. dangling Vanilla Ice… I’d also read that Suge did the same to Kurupt and Das and something about setting the dogs on them or along those lines. But when Pac was alive him and Suge used to love watching The Untouchables and feel even more gangsta.

One of the bodyguards got death threats from dirty cops after Deathrow got news of the media so he told a lie to avoid problems and bla bla. Investigator got similar threats. Now another dirty cop that was meant to be on the beat took the day off before Pac’s shooting. These same dirty cops used to hang at Deathrow off duty where so much happened, one even had a Pac shrine in his house. They even used to attend parties in ‘Bloods’ colours, plus they used to get the ‘hos’ to have orgies and stuff like that. The bookkeeper confesses about Suge giving the cops a quarter million bribe. Lot of folks said 2Pac was very inspiring and cool but after hanging with Suge, became more and more of a PRIACK! Now over to Big. Something about his ashes… think his moms had to fight for the urn or something.

Charlie Baltimore reminisces of how we used to come downstairs in boxers alone and ack a fool. His moms reminisces how she’s be mad on the phone with him and he’s be like ‘say I love you’ but she’d hang up and hours later when she picks up the phone he’d still be waiting till she said it. Aw now aint that Notorious! Now Big’s buds have so much respect for the moms that they refused to talk to the director till the moms was like ‘its aiii’. Ok so the FBI were always following Pac and Big but on the day of Big’s shooting they vanished. The bodyguard puts the blame on dirty cops. Snoop puts the blame on Suge. Snoop used to be with Deathrow but now he’s scared of Suge. The Deathrow website even had a death threat to Snoop Dogg. Don’t know whats gonna happen coz Suge is either out of prison or nearly.

Suge was interviewed too and even though he has a good message to people he didn’t answer what was asked… for someone known to be an illiterate dumbass he sure has some deep talk. Apart from the crap he feeds about having a bullet in his head from Pac’s incident… its just glass. So anyway Bigs mom is gonna dig deeper while Suge and Pac’s mom are gonna continue making money from Pac’s records. Oh and Big’s mom set up some foundation for something to help some people just cant remember the ‘some’ bit.


Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11:

Gets into details about how Bush suddenly won the election, what he’s been up to, how Osama was a buddy, how Iraq was a scapegoat, how people involved make profits especially from war and how they dupe the unemployed and similar to enrol for a war that promises them things that they/their families will basically not get. Best bit: When Bush was at a school chilling with the kids and someone came and whispered in his ear about the Twin Towers being attacked… DUDE JUST SAT THERE AND CONTINUED WHAT HE WAS DOING. Director shows what the soldiers are thinking when they are at the war zones. At first they’re either trigger happy or really boosted by their patriotism (really conned into believing it), then later their regrets and how they thought they’d be able to handle it all until faced with the situation (deaths and all). Lets not forget the obvious… the entertaining yet scary clips of our Ultimate Dumbass and his comments or inappropriate wisecracks. Some bits are leading but most of the footage is transparent. I just wanna know if Bush won the election as a ‘mistake’ why aint nobody come correct and fix it before it broke more and more? Special big up to Michael Moore for the film and showing the people things they needed to see. Especially trying to put their own people into the fear mode when there aint no real threats.


Gods Must Be Crazy 1 & 2 + Specials

Gods Must Be Crazy 1

Gods Must Be Crazy 2

Gods Must Be Crazy 1 & 2: DVD has a specials section Journey to Nyae Nyae where they go check out the hero after all these years and how they’ve advanced with solar power and computers and Bush folks that can speak English now, etc. Plus what N!xau thinks about what a movie is coz he’s totally Bushman so these guys don’t have a clue. Now imagine him on tour being loved by all these people and seeing all this new stuff. One thing I do wanna say… those extra clicks in the movie sound more dubbed than what they really talk like. Another section where Buster Reynolds remembers Jamie Uys. Uys is the dude that created, wrote and directed the movie. Now you wanna wonder why its so funny, classic… one of the best movies…
1 coz of the lovely Bush folk and their culture/way of life.
2 you got animals, trees and of course bushes.
3 – You got slapstick humour, clumsy-around-women humour, terrorist humour, all kinda flavours.
4 – Back in the day their editing ways were way different and Jamie dude cut his own reels and tapes.
Then he’d figure you need a special shot between certain parts so went out filming again and insert these extra shots… now normally that would be irritating if it wont so gripping. Then again most folks wouldn’t even notice it unless it was pointed out. There’s also a web link to the Kalahari People’s Fund.