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My Favourite Billy Connolly Clips

​An Audience With Billy Connolly
Televangelists, Adverts & TV Funnies

Live 2002
Mortuary Story

Trim the herd – Jeffrey Dahmer was a Visionary

Gerry Rafferty Phone Pranks

Prostate Exam and Gynocologist

Billy Connolly New York
Old Woman on Bus Story

Drugs & Partying Story


This is The Age of Spin – Dave Chappelle on Technology and Apathy

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We all need to break just from that technology, just for a minute. My point is, for a guy your age wouldn’t even know the pain, because in your generation, it’s like the space shuttle blows up every fucking day (refereing to the time his teacher put on the TV so the class could watch the space shuttle launch which then blew up). How can you care about anything when you know every goddamn thing?

I’m getting over one cop shooting, and then another one happens, and then another one happens, and another one happens. I’m crying about Paris, and then Brussels happens. I can’t keep track of all this shit. So you just give the fuck up. That’s the hallmark of your generation, and that’s fucked up, because your generation lives in the most difficult time in human history.

This is the age of spin.

The age where nobody knows what the fuck they’re even looking at. What does it all really mean? It’s easier not to care for you.


Sinbad Schooling on Men and Women

Schooling Girls on Men

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– Why men go to strip clubs.
– Romance.
– Finding a good man.
– Getting men to do stuff.
– Smile sometimes!
– Reply to ‘ALL men being no good’.
– Notebook movie.
– The simpleness of men.
– Conversations.
– Men find their things they can’t find womens or what they move.
– Being messy.
– The toilet seat.


Overpopulation & Population Control – Billy Connolly & Bill Burr

Overpopulation & Population Control – Billy Connolly & Bill Burr
Billy Connolly – Trim the herd – Jeffrey Dahmer Was a Visionary (Live 2002)

Bill Burr – Mediocre People / Overpopulation (Why Do I Do This) 2:19

Bill Burr – Population Control (I’m Sorry You Feel That Way) 1:06

Bill Burr – We need a plague (Let It Go) 3:02

Bill Burr – Cruise Ship Population Control (Walk Your Way Out) 3:34

Bonus: David Attenborough on How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth

BBC Horizon – How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? (Italian and Spanish Subtitles) from ScienceDocumentaries on Vimeo.