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Parasinking – A Goodbye Poem to 2016

I see the light though I’m running out of prana
Running Out of Prana/Chakra but I See The Light
Animated process
I see the light though I’m running out of prana. I just hope the light isn’t another screen. Stay plugged in to remedy the disconnect from what matters, one more smile for the like button.
So many obstacles on the path.
The ones I’d like to show and tell cannot see me. Must show the world life is awesome while rotting inside. Keeping up with the … with all that glitters … who needs love, peace and soul with all these zeros.
The obstacles have led me away from the path.
It’s quiet here, the way I like it. I’m stuck here, the way I hate it.  I just need to ride this current to go back to ‘Everyday, hit every wave like I’m Hawaiian’. 
Remember, the obstacle IS the path. And vice versa.
I can’t wait to get back to my relations, routines, rituals and regimens… if I can Houdini myself out of this one. Feels like 2016 has been the same for many … maybe I’ll see you when you see me. 
I am the obstacle … and the path.
Or I’ll see you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads. 
Vine: When people ask me how has 2016 been so far

How 2016 has been for me!


How to Handle Criticism and Negativity

Just some personal notes I collected to deal with haters.

Questions and solutions you can provide:
– Are they aware that they come across as negative?
– What if we each write down some possible solutions and then share them?
– What does fault finding mean to you or do for you?

– To give light you must endure the burning.
– Your critic is your biggest fan.
– Don’t think about your critics, that is their job.
– People are entitled to their opinion, don’t try to control their words and stop being a critic of how they say things.
– Every moment you spend of critics is a moment taken away from you and the people who are counting on you.
– Critics only criticise the tall poppies they wont go for smaller fish. It’s a complement.
– Reframe it as an opportunity to judo it better. Leverage it.
– Nature of leadership includes getting criticism.
– Don’t get defensive. Get the point. Keep it productive and improve yourself!
– Look for it. What do I need to work on? You must be getting defensive because there is truth to it.
– Believe in yourself and do your best.
– Your inner critic is your worst critic.
– Expect to be attacked and don’t see it as attack, it’s feedback. The greater you get the greater the attack/feedback. Diamonds go through extreme heat and pressure. It’s your rite of passage. THE BIGGER GAME YOU PLAY THE BIGGER CRITICISM YOU RECEIVE. You don’t get criticism if you don’t do anything.
– Hurtful criticism mostly comes from those that have issues with themselves or trying to put you down because of jealousy or no self-worth.
– Are they justified, do they have a point or is it them? If it’s them it’s a mental disorder to attack. Could be their personality… remember to believe in yourself.
– Are they qualified example in graphics to know how it all works. Also have empathy on their not understanding it.
– Write it and don’t send it.

Theodore Roosevelt — It is not the critic who counts

1. Use the toddler technique – don’t give attention as they will cry. If you ignore they wont take it further usually.
2. Purposely misinterpret passive aggressive questions literally – Are you going to open a detective agency now? No I can’t afford it.
3. Answer their questions with vulnerability – Be genuine in your answer if it’s a legit thing.
4. Use the 1 sentence rebuttal – I guess if I were you I’d do that too.
5. Don’t recruit; live it – Don’t shove your ideas in others faces. Just be the example.
6. Find one other person – Someone is on the same path or journey.


Debates/Arguments to Avoid

How many reasons are we going to find to separate us?


– Your religion vs. their religion.
– Veg/Vegan vs. Meat.
No-god vs. God.
– Apple/Mac vs. PC/Blackberry/Samsung/Andriod/Every other brand.
– Democrats vs. republicans.
– 2Pac vs. Biggie.
Spanking vs. Not spanking kids.
– Vaccine (vaxxer) vs. Anti-vaccine (anti-vaxxer)

There have been a few times I’ve been dragged down to their level and beaten by their experience so this is a good reminder.

Please let me know if there are any other ones in the comments and I’ll update the list.



(Old) I’m The Man! Rant

(Old) I’m The Man! Rant

What a load of crock. Lets break it down… ever heard these so called ‘Men’ saying something like ‘because I’m a man’, ‘real men don’t do that’, ‘talk like a man’, etc. What are they really saying? Very subtle way they’ve made women look like a bad thing. No one ever says talk like a woman right. The so called fairer sex. Let me tell you something! First of all a real man should not have a limit! Oh thats not a mans profession… but the men that do that profession excel and are recognized for their work. I don’t do that coz I’m a man… what a weak excuse to limit your capabilities… ever see it that way? The men that use these lines are so weak they hide behind these lines. Talk like a man to them means throw in some cuss words, talk all big but do nothing. And one thing I’ve noticed is the same guys that use the ‘talk like a man’ line are the bitchy hormonal ones. What a juicy contradiction. These verbal vampires not only make it ‘look’ like he’s a man, they also put the same man one up on the women. But I know your game, see I just lay in the cut watching this play and though I give props for the illusion … you’re no man.

You wanna know a real man?! Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid. He’s the one that practices one of my favorite quotes. True power is knowing that you can, but you don’t. See he’s all quiet and calm no matter how many fools challenge him coz he knows if he has to, he can shut them up. Thats a man! Not these fools roaming around getting all emotional just coz someone said a lil something. I remember when I used to skive school and hustle at pool tables these punjabi uncles always had that going on. What are you trying to prove and to whom? Be solid in your self man. 50 year olds still looking for challenges from teens? Talking about I can drink you under the table. Thats another thing… being able to drink me under the table aint a good thing. Getting high asap is! Not only is that good on your organs but you make a cheap date ;o)

Anyway since we’re talking about subtle hints. Just like this man stuff. We do this everyday with our religions, countries, etc. Lets take this silly named group on facebook for example. There was a group called something like Born in Kenya – Sorry if you’re not. Are you kidding me? I got pride for being born in my country but I don’t feel sorry for others coz I’m sure they love theirs just as much. All these kinda statements which say you’re proud or represent something has to be stated with some thought or you’re indirectly putting the others down and they wont know it but they’ll feel it. It’s like when you’re at a restaurant and want to get someone pissed at you without them knowing why. Do this… keep putting your items in his space of the table. You don’t have to do it that close but your items should be inside his ‘borders’. And trust me we all make out the posts for the borders even if it’s not with items you can figure it out pretty quick.

You know what takes skill… it’s representing or being proud of the country, religion, gender, etc that you were not born into… representing what you were born into is too easy and everyone does it. Anyway I might be repeating stuff so yeah. Folks using these statements… we know your game now. How about instead of being a man or woman or Kenyan or whatever… just be yourself. Or better yet… JUST BE!



Memoirs of a Nature Voyeur

Memoirs of a Nature Voyeur
I’ve watched the earth and weather fornicate right in front of us and we don’t even realise it. As Al Gore pointed out… an year to the planet is like one full breath, inhalation and exhalation. Well to me one year is like a day and night of courting for the planet. Picture earth as the lady and the weather as the not so gentleman.

Winter is over so it’s time to flirt. They’re recovering from the previous night. She gradually decorates her trees with light clothing… lots of leaves and a blossom put on like glitter, they only stand out when he focuses his light on them. He does not seem that interested after last night. It’s to early anyway so they both want to get their bearings back.

Just like an animal on heat… it’s on! Not only has she dressed up fully, she’s also accessorised ostentatiously with nests and birds and sometimes with carrier bags stuck on her limbs. Those are not her choice just like a lumpy mascara. Seems like he can’t keep his glare off her, so much so it’s making her heat up. She sends her flocks of birds at him, like teasing him with her perfume. He’s still a gentleman for now, only the glare of his heat is aggressive. She can’t resist it. Grass and flowers reach up to him like goosebumps.

Feels like evening and as much as they don’t want to part… they have to get changed for their rendezvous. She comes back with a fiery number, yellows like butter that make him melt. Oranges like the blushing they both try to ignore. Reds like a dessert with a cherry on top that he can’t wait to eat. He changes his aggressive hot sun for a cooler, mysterious moon. He glitters like a superstar. They take a minute to look each other over and later nature take it’s course. Before you know it… he is intensely flirting with her, his wind takes her and spins her around, grabs her securely and flings her away sometimes like in Swing Dance, sometimes like Tango. His wind passes through her leaves like a fingers through hair… but as it gets stronger it’s more like he’s undressing her. Her leaves settle on the ground… she does not care if she seems un-ladylike any more. She bares all.

It’s about that time. Even though they’re naked and cold, the play fighting goes on. Everything on her feels like a celebration with kissing under mistletoes and unwrapping his gift, everything on him feels like he has no control. How can they be so stiff and supple? While we walk on by trying to get away from the misery and layer up… these two are inseparable. The time has come… we look forward for his point of no return because to us, it’s the perfect christmas. He covers her with his uncontrolled snow. We watch through our windows, some complain, others marvel but the two it matters most to… they are in rapture… and paralysed.

It’s spring again and they’re recovering from the pervious night…

(My thoughts are not meant to be too poetic or censored but I thought using ‘bukkake’ or ‘money-shot’ would not go too well so I thought I’d mention them here ;o))


Life is Buttons, Switches, Knobs and Screens

Life is Buttons, Switches, Knobs and Screens

Wake up to my mobile alarm, the screen says 4:30… I press the snooze button. 3 More times and it’s nearly 5. Switch on the light and see a screen with my reflection. Not a pretty sight at 5am. Get my things and get in the shower, close the screen door and turn some knobs. (Was gonna mention something funny about knob hygiene but just the mention should be enough). I notice something new in the bathroom, housemate got herself a toothbrush with… guess what… A BUTTON! Look at my computer screen and press some buttons to add some new music and charge my mp3 player. Back to he screen with my reflection… fix up the mess I saw early… the eyes will work out themselves as I wake up slowly. Get in the bus, tap my card, screen says 3 days to expiry. Look through large screens till I near my stop and press a button to let the driver know. Get to the work entrance and press a combination of buttons to get in. Repeat the process on a second door. Switch on the lights and my computer. The whole day now I’ll be seated in front of a screen hitting buttons. Look through the window screen to the other room and there are my coworkers doing the same.

Lunch time. Get to the shops and get my lunch. The lady passes my lunch across a screen and asks me to pay. I insert my card and follow instructions on the screen. Hmmm 4 buttons to press, I better get this right. YES! But wait forgot to ask for cash back… repeat process at an ATM. By now lunch is over and after lunch I gots to have a chocolate! Spot a vending machine and behind the screen there’s all sorts of goodies… I’ve been craving the dark chocolate Bounty so press the respective buttons for the machine to drop my candy. Screen says I got change but it’s not coming out… oh I gotta press a button for that too.

Work… same old. Finish work and since I left my bike at work I’ll cycle to the gym. Turn a few knobs on the combination lock and off we go. Get to the gym… soooo many more buttons and screens and displays of all sorts. Treadmill, exercycle, crosstrainer, rowing machine… looks like my fingers are getting a workout too. I’m done and feeling like I wanna relax to a movie and some company. The cinema next door is perfect so text my date so we can both relax by sitting still and silent to an extra large screen and to see better I have this frame on my face that has a couple of little see through screens to make my vision better.

C’est La Vie