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Revolution by Russell Brand

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The audiobook is like his videos where he is exactly as verbose but you can’t see him. In summary he says lots of things mostly making fun of or going against the system, the sheeple, the biegeists, the squares… while using lots of big words. Hope I remember the new ones. I like how the cover of the book shows LOVE reversed in the title. Short version: A collection of thoughts and ideas to do things differently from quotes to history.

– If you want to understand what’s most important to a society, don’t examine its art or literature, simply look at its biggest buildings. Joseph Campbell
– Explains yoga, meditation, talks about his past addictions and basically lots of content we have already seen in his virals.
– He talks a lot about Joseph Campbell’s philosophy and quotes.
– Entertaining explanation of meditating TM style.
– So I’ve just made it halfway through the audiobook and oh my god… I think Russell’s ramblings should stick to a maximum of 40 minutes!
– I agree with his points on how voting is redundant. His explanation of Liquid Democracy makes more sense.
– Interesting experience with the marines.
– I have to be honest I’m really struggling to pay attentions. He doesn’t sound as fun or animated as in the interviews and quite monotonous.
– He breaks down what Co-op really means and how it works.
– We must organise and disobey because they own both the teams that are fighting and running us around in circles.
– He tells us a number of steps to follow for a well planned revolution.
– If we can vote for reality shows… why not these ‘new’ systems which are way better and have been working where implemented. Structures and resources exist, it’s just the people who benefit from a failing system have scared people into thinking only one way. Habits and all.

You Say You Want A Revolution
1 Heroes’ Journey
2 Serenity Now
3 One Hand Clapping
4 Top Right Corner
5 Is Everybody In?
6 Tiny Problems In Infinite Space
7 A Few Rotten Apples
8 I Am An Anarchist-a
9 It’s Big But It’s Not Easy
10 Ich Bin Ein Monarch
11 A Pair of Dames And A Double Slit
12 Within You, And Without You
13 Spider-Man On Line One
14 Get Money Out Of Politics
15 Spectacular
16 On Earth, As It Is In Heaven
17 War! What Is It Good For? Capitalism. Obviously.
18 U’KIP, If You Want, We’re Awake
19 Piketty, Licketty, Rollitty, Flicketty
20 Submarine
21 Checky The Phone
22 “Corporacide”
23 Co-Operate
24 Plug Me In
25 Give My Regards To The Basket
26 Conversion?
27 Es Mejor Morir de Pie
28 Stick Your Blue Flag
29 Granma, We Love You
30 Manifest Destiny
31 Be the Change
32 Help Me, Help You
33 Worth Voting For?
For The Benefit Of The Tape