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Mein Kampf – My Struggle by Adolf Hitler

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Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”) is a political manifesto written by Adolf Hitler. It was his only complete book and became the bible of National Socialism in the German Third Reich. It was published in two volumes, which dated 1925 and 1927. 

Defies fathers vision for his future and goes his own way.

Preferred knowing about history instead of just memorising names and dates. Loved reading and reflecting on what he read from books and pamphlets but also didn’t care much for bookish knowledge.

Supports intimidation as a means to get what you want and was grateful for physical intimidation especially on the lower classes.

He does give props to those who raised themselves from lower classes as they knew what it was like in the lower classes.

He calls mass media a school for adults to get political enlightenment and was amazed at how fast ideas could be spread for mass instruction. Diverting people from focusing on things that really need attention. Hmmmm.

I have to say he’s very surgical in his analysis but he’s also all over the place so it’s more like genial ramblings with some entertaining descriptions like – get Englands chestnuts out of the fire.

My ears perked up when it mentioned posters and graphic techniques to perfect propganda. That part of the book should be called Art of Propaganda.

His judgements on certain peoples and what they would do, say with dominating media, seems prophetic now.

Views on marriage, dealing with people infected with STDs/STIs, on artists and litrature, etc. On how Jews only care to spread their people and not care about anyone else on the land. On how religion is used to other reasons like politics and money. All problem’s root cause is not considering race.

Numbered and specified systems on how to run a movement.

My favourite quote
In proportion to the extent that commerce assumed definite control of the State, money became more and more of a God whom all had to serve and bow down to. Heavenly Gods became more and more old-fashioned and were laid away in the corners to make room for the worship of mammon.

Volume One: A Reckoning
– In The House Of My Parents
– Years Of Study And Suffering In Vienna
– General Political Considerations Based On My Vienna Period
– Munich
– The World War
– War Propaganda
– The Revolution
– The Beginning Of My Political Activity
– The “German Workers’ Party”
– Causes Of The Collapse
– Nation And Race
– The First Period Of Development Of The National Socialist German Workers’ Party

Volume Two: The National Socialist Movement
– Philosophy And Party
– The State
– Subjects And Citizens
– Personality And The Conception Of The Citizen State
– Philosophy And Organization
– The Struggle Of The Early Period
– The Significance Of The Spoken Word
– The Struggle With The Red Front
– The Strong Man Is Mightiest Alone
– Basic Ideas Regarding The Meaning And Organization Of The Storm Troops
– Federalism As A Mask
– Propaganda And Organisation
– The Trade-Union Question
– German Alliance Policy After The War
– Germany’s Policy on Eastern Europe
– The Right Of Emergency Defense


Bristol at the Thermomixers October 2010

Bristol at the Thermomixers October 2010

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Friday – Gym. Pack. Tube. Get to Sag’s and Poonam tells me about this Buddha boy… youtube it and … it’s crazy in a nice way I guess. Nish picks us. I sleep most of the time in the car and finish quite a bit of the chocolate fingers. OKAY all of the white ones! Get to Bristol and have dinner with Simi and Mathieu (spelling). Excellent stuff… like Simi said the soup tasted like clouds. And it’s all made in this Thermomixer machine… that not only mixes, it cooks, and does this and that and so much more. Talks about those scientists that killed themselves when the comet was passing and pyramids, etc.

Saturday – Man I’ve not farted like that in ages… and Sag and Poonam were sharing the room… hehehehe! Thought I’d post my daily song and realise the keyboard is now QWERTY and as a touch-typer that becomes a mission. Have waffles for brekkie before we go over to Bath. Check out the Roman Baths… it was great to see but got tired of having this machine next to my ear telling me history and press this to know this and … I don’t like phones and this was basically a phone that I couldn’t talk back at. Well I did anyway. Simi is into photography so she was going for it. Something about photography posters???? Can’t remember. Get a migraine so run to the pharmacy to get the meds and I usually get Migraleve that makes me feel kinda tipsy afterwards but I see there is a new one. So I tell the girl to hook me up. She’s like these are prescription only… I was like I’m dying here just give me anything then… she’s like hell with it. I buy a pack for about 7 quid… open the pack and … WTF! Only 2 capsules… and after that I felt even worse. I had to get some food in me! Hmmm… In my notes I’ve typed ‘make pizza dough’ like I helped at all. We were busy watching X-Factor. Another great meal… artichokes, asparagus, I was veg so didn’t really focus on the meat but wow and gaaad dayum! Play games, more X-Factor. I don’t know what you call it but I love this game where someone sticks a famous persons name on your forehead and have to guess who it is.

Sunday – I think my farts overheated the room? Takeshi’s Castle… love it! Help with the chopping and prep for BBQ. Place the forehead game. BBQ. Were sooooo damn stuffed! Piss Poonam off. Something about animal? Oh yeah the fence… Nish spotted animal faces from the tree fingerprints. Goodbye’s. Big up Nish for taking us, Big up Thermomixers for having us and being the best hosts ever!