Bone Broth and Health: A Look at the Science — Kaayla Daniel, Ph.D.

Bone Broth and Health: A Look at the Science — Kaayla Daniel, Ph.D.
A South American proverb claims “Good broth will resurrect the dead.” While that’s clearly an exaggeration, chicken soup has enjoyed a reputation as “Jewish penicillin” and bone broths are served to convalescents all over the world. In this presentation, Dr. Daniel will review the science that supports consuming bone broth for healthy bones, joints, skin, digestion, immunity and emotional stability. She will discuss 19th and early 20th century studies on gelatin, as well as recent investigations into the “conditionally essential” amino acids proline, glycine and glutamine and “the essential sugars” N-Acetylglucosamine and N-Acetylgalactosamine. Finally, she will report on Dr. John F. Prudden’s clinical trials healing osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s, and even cancer with cartilage. In short, much science supports the ancestral wisdom of consuming bone broth.

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Free Humanity with Jeffrey Slayter – Perth 18/19 July 2015 #freehumanity

– You may be broke but you’re not broken.
– Man disconnects from nature and because of that he hurts it, in-turn hurting himself.
– The ‘system’ has demonized tobacco (mapacho) by adding their own chemicals and crap. The real stuff is sacred and is still used as protection by the shamans.
– Puking – Get it out, give it to mother earth.
– The right song can fix anything.
– As influencers you need to be heard.
– Nature rewards courage.
– Smell bypasses intellect and goes to the heart. Good way to meditate and no wonder they were constantly spraying stuff in the seminar.
– Leads > Sales > Fulfilment = Business
– I think my friend Malindi started the Chocolate Yogi thing but wow had most of their flavours and they’re sooo good!
– I gazing exercise and hugging.
– Talks about plant medicine and shamanic work.
– Free resources at!videos/c1246
– We have been working with drums, fire, plants, real food, music longer than we have been without.
– Marketing his products of course and doing some drumming around a guy working with animals. That whole I sense something in you stuff.
– American Apparel don’t use touching up or photoshop their models… look it up.
– Just when I was thinking that he didn’t talk about he started with the 30 day challenge not to eat meat. And advice for Vegans was to stop being such higher than thou pricks.
– 5 minutes of telling each other our stories. Talks about every exercise where people where given talking sticks and they talked about what matters to them and their values, never once is money mentioned.
– Own the computer, don’t let it own you.
– Body lotions, shampoo etc. If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your body.
– Getting fondled at the airport (cracked me up).
– 3 papers NLP exercise. Present State, Present +1 State and Desired State. Something Hypnotica really backs and been meaning to do it so glad was finally taken through it.
– I want to clear up this notion that the curries you eat in restaurants or what ‘tourists’ taste in India is not real Indian food so for Jeffrey to make it sound like that is what everyone in India eats is just ignorant.

– Ask for the sale – This is it do you want it? Then tell them how to buy it. Don’t chat, sell properly and listen well.
– Best thing we can do for ourselves is what we do for our clients.
1. Who is  your perfect customer.
2. Evaluate 10 customers you have (are they close to the perfect customer?).
3. Does your marketing attract such customers? Do sales training if you need it.
4. Package and position well. Use customer language vs. your language. Also keep actual results vs. precieved results in mind (what they see on google and SEO and FB likes etc). Where is the imbalance there?

Nature Is Speaking – Julia Roberts

A Higher Conscious Conversation – From the film My Dinner With Andre

Questions before 1st Shamanic Journey
A – What could really challenge you?
B – What terrifies me?
C – What are you not willing to let go of?
D – What is your biggest gift to the world?
Draw a stick figure and specify where you feel fear.

Questions before 2nd Shamanic Journey
A – What are you willing to let go of?
B – What fears are you willing to let go of?
C – How might I experience my own medicine?
D – What greatness lies within me that I am afraid to see and feel?
E – What fear do I have about my sexuality and creativity?
F – What is my intention for this journey?

– Amazing shamanic journey. The drums, flutes, dongs, aromatic spray and burning smells of mapacho/tobacco etc reminded me of gong puja and yagnas etc. Felt like I was lucid dreaming until the screams lol. Then the music was driving me nuts I wanted the remix of the yeha noha sacred spirit song and rattles and drumming by Ono Teave. Very tribal.

Business Steps
– Love your client 1st.
– Before having the coffees – qualify. Know if you’re chatting or selling and if you’d both suit each other.
– Be curious about the person, what they want and why.
– Ask if they are a decision maker in a subtle way.
– What do they want, their values and frustrations.
– 80% questions, 20% statements (10% of which should be metaphors).
– Sell an experience and come out from behind the brand, be the face.
– Take the value/vibe down by asking what is not working.
– Then take it back up by asking what would happen if things go the way they want it to go. That is where real value/trust/authenticity is created.
– Now it’s time to act! Get that yes! Or the NLP 3 yes’s.
– Details: Time to sell the product with the positives.
– Money talk. Their profit and your price. If there is a hesitance, address it.
– If you’re international you need a .com site.

Terence McKenna – On Culture and Language (Video)
(Still looking for link ;oP)

Jeffrey’s Routine
– Wake up no snooze and to sunlight. No electronics near the bed or on air-plane mode.
– Lot of water.
– Jumping for 20 seconds (wow this felt so good).
– Cold press/coconut oil pulling.
– Meditate.
– Morning smoothie with all sorts especially reishi mushroom extract. Get it from He likes avocado in there too but said ayurveda don’t so look that up. Get wild and organic stuff.
– Feet in the dirt (Jeffrey has video on grounding).
– Weed is getting legal because it’s purity has been hijacked.

Self Issues
– What is your glass ceiling, keep questioning deeper, be your own CCTV.
– Do you embody your mission, vision and value?
– Make a list specific to what you want.

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

Public Speaking
– Know what you’re selling when you get on stage.
– Usually 90 minute sections for each goal when talking. e.g. Stuart Zadel and his crew.
– Plant in the centre, look around the room. Connect with someone for 3 seconds.
– Walk around. Guys should touch only guys first and not women and they are watching!
– Vulnerable speakers hit home more.
– Ask for permission before telling a story.
– How many of you… question with your hand up strong and sure will get better results.
– Presentation slides should be pictures which get emotions.

– Xavier Rudd – Spirit Bird

– Ono Teave – Shamanic Journet Drumming and Rattling (1 hour or 30 minutes of beats)

– Shamanic – Claire Ludwig

– The Earth is our Mother – Diego Palma

– Angels of Healing – Diego Palma

– Jon Henrik Fjällgren – My Home Is My Heart

– Grateful – Carioca