OUTWITTING THE DEVIL: The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill
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Man this book is intense. Like Conversations with God but with the other one. Big up Simon Bowen for the recommendation. Some of the stuff is just basic science, psychology or doctrine.

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- The book only published after him and wife died. 70 years + Remember he wrote this ages back to this convo was far ahead of its time.
- He gets people through these 9 doors of habit – fear, superstition, avarice, greed, lust, revenge, anger, vanity, and plain laziness.
- Devil only loses to 2 people in every hundred. Fear entity and faith entity.
- Law of Compensation, Ralph Waldo Emerson – Do more, get more.
- Devil likes to be called your majesty.
- Smoking reduces resistance and persistence.
- Plans for world domination through mass fear.
- 2 secret principles he uses are habit and heredity.
- Drifters – Folks that don’t think for themselves aka sheeple let the devil think for them.
- Gets into flattery, propaganda, how he bribes and teases people with what they love.
- Gets deep into something called hypnotic rhythm that even nature and all have. In a bastardised nutshell I’ll call it life cycle.
- Techniques to break habits and hypnotic rhythm/impressions/grooves.
- 7 principles to spiritual, mental, physical freedom.
1. Definiteness of purpose.
2. Mastery over self.
3. Learning from adversity.
4. Controlling environmental influence (associations).
S. Time (giving permanency to positive, rather than negative thought-habits and developing wisdom).
6. Harmony (acting with definiteness of purpose to become the dominating influence in your own mental, spiritual, and physical environment).
7. Caution (thinking through your plan before you act).

- Children are taught to memorise in school and not learn important things. Cram their memories with facts but not learn about handling money, emotions, etc.
- Keep intestines clean. Enema and headaches.
- Adversity is good as long as you see failure as temporary failure.
- Like minds, company you keep, master mind group, finding the right partner how has the same life motives.
- 10 most common motives/desires.
1. The desire for sex expression and love.
2. The desire for physical food.
3. The desire for spiritual, mental, and physical self-expression.
4. The desire for perpetuation of life after death.
5. The desire for power over others.
6. The desire for material wealth.
7. The desire for knowledge.
8. The desire to imitate others.
9. The desire to excel others.
10. The seven basic fears.

- People are not born with wisdom. It comes with time. Usually after 40 and to those ready for it.
- Non drifters only making friends and associates if they are of some use or share the same goals

Note to Readers by Sharon Lechter
Foreword by Mark Victor Hansen

Chapter 1 My First Meeting with Andrew Carnegie
Chapter 2 A New World Is Revealed to Me
Chapter 3 A Strange Interview with the Devil
Chapter 4 Drifting with the Devil
Chapter 5 The Confession Continues
Chapter 6 Hypnotic Rhythm
Chapter 7 Seeds of Fear
Chapter 8 Definiteness of Purpose
Chapter 9 Education and Religion
Chapter 10 Self-Discipline
Chapter 11 Learning from Adversity
Chapter 12 Environment, Time, Harmony, and Caution

Afterword by Michael Bernard Beckwith
In Reflection by Sharon Lechter


The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

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Mostly Jeff talks about how to put all the things you read and learn into action. Most of the book he just talks about that in different ways. So if you really want to start getting things done I recommend Anthony Robbins Personal Power II Audio Download Edition. The importance of compound interest in all areas of life. Explains moon landing one small step which was really a lot and lot of steps before they could even get to the moon.

The most important lesson I learnt was that eighty percent of everything you do tends to get done in the last twenty percent of the time available. How true is that and how many of us do things last minute. So that’s another secret of goal setting.

The Slight Edge (Disc 1)
01 – Jeff Olson Introduction.mp3
02 – Slight Edge Introduction.mp3
03 – The Shoeshine Woman.mp3
04 – The Beach Bum.mp3
05 – The Water Hyacinth.mp3
06 – The Choice.mp3
07 – A Question.mp3
08 – Chapter 1 – The Slight Edge.mp3
09 – The Slight Edge Philisophy.mp3
10 – Chapter 2 – The Secret Of Easy Things.mp3

The Slight Edge (Disc 2)
01 – Power Of Compounding Interest.mp3
02 – Chapter 3 – The Secret Of Time.mp3
03 – Instant Life.mp3
04 – Here’s The Drama.mp3
05 – Power Of Compounding Effort.mp3
06 – Chapter 4 – The Secret Of The Penny.mp3
07 – A Penny For Your Thoughts.mp3
08 – Let’s Get Real.mp3
09 – Chapter 5 – Someday.mp3
10 – The Winning Edge.mp3
11 – Chapter 6 – Two Life Paths.mp3
12 – Learning And Responsibility.mp3
13 – Where Are You Headed.mp3
14 – Chapter 7 – Mastering Your Life.mp3
15 – Chapter 8 – Faces Of The Slight Edge.mp3
16 – Steady Wins The Race.mp3

The Slight Edge (Disc 3)
01 – Harness The Power Of Habit.mp3
02 – Harness The Power Of Reflection.mp3
03 – Chapter 9 – Mastering Yourself.mp3
04 – Continuous Learning.mp3
05 – Plan, Do, Review.mp3
06 – The Law Of Association.mp3
07 – Leadership.mp3
08 – Chapter 10 – Turning Your Dreams Into Reality.mp3
09 – Chapter 11 – Living The Slight Edge.mp3
10 – The Slight Edge And Your Health.mp3
11 – The Slight Edge And Your Personal Development.mp3
12 – The Slight Edge And Your Relationships.mp3
13 – The Slight Edge And Your Finances.mp3
14 – The Slight Edge And Your Life.mp3
15 – Chapter 12 – It’s A Wonderful Life.mp3
16 – The Lesson.mp3
17 – Where To Go From Here.mp3
18 – About The Author.mp3