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Levitation – Amazing Dance & Video Mapping Performance by Sila Sveta & Anna Abalikhina … thanks Fubiz

Levitation – Amazing Dance & Video Mapping Performance by Sila Sveta & Anna Abalikhina … thanks Fubiz


‘Levitation’ is a collaborative performance by Sila Sveta and Anna Abalikhina shown on the TV show ‘Big Ballet’. All visuals were rendered in real time without any post production. Kultura Channel broadcast the second season of the show in winter 2016 in partnership with Sila Sveta. In addition to the technical and creative supervision, we staged 2 out of 7 single performances.


Create A Food Rescue Program in Your Community by BFR (Boulder Food Rescue)

One of the most uplifting things I’ve read in a while. These guys set up a food rescue program where the community works together. The systems they use are beautiful. Volunteers cycle around (even in winter) to rescue the food and have included a blueprint of how to set one up in your community. Just that much needs to be digested … bike means active transport and health, food rescue means less heat generated in the rubbish tips and they get honoured for what they were made for … AND the sense of community and doing good. I mean! I mean!!!! WOWOW! They have a special web-application for scheduling, routing, and tracking just-in-time food rescue called The Robot which other organisations use now. I wish I could remember who shared this … most probably Terra Perma or someone in Stirlling/Joondalup Transition Towns. THANK YOU! I will include some videos below the pdf if possible.

Food Rescue and Hunger in Boulder, Colorado

Daily Camera Video

Boulder Food Rescue

Boulder Food Rescue


Plastic Bottle Solutions

Plastic Bottles to Rope … thanks Mehul

House Construction with Plastic Bottle Bricks … thanks Karolina Kowalski

Coke Bottle Lights Up Filipino’s Lives

Styrofoam-Eating Mealworms Could Happily Dispose of Plastic Waste … thanks Food is Free Project

Precious Plastic – Promo … thanks Sam de Kock

We developed DIY machines that enable everyone to build a little plastic workshop. Now share it into every corner of the world and let the recycling begin!


Good Teachers are Good Students First & Summarised Parable of the Fern and Bamboo


If you don’t get this you probably shouldn’t be a teacher/mentor/guru. I’ve seen so many self-proclaimed mentors blaming their so called students.

Summarised Parable of the Fern and Bamboo
A fern and a bamboo were planted at the same time.
Year 1 – The fern quickly grew from the earth and its brilliant green covered the floor. Bamboo nothing.
Year 2 – The fern grew more vibrant and plentiful. And again,nothing came from the bamboo seed.
Year 3 – Same.
Year 4 – Same.
Year 5 – a tiny sprout emerged from the earth. 6 months later the bamboo rose to over 100 feet tall.

It had spent the five years growing roots. Those roots made it strong and gave it what it needed to survive. The Bamboo had a different purpose than the fern but they grow together and in harmony but in their own special way.

And remember not to let a fern try to convince you to be like them.


10 Things You Can Recycle … thanks Eco Faeries

Source: Starts at Sixty 

1. Soft plastic packaging

If you don’t already know about this, it could well blow your mind. If you do nothing else on this list, recycling your soft plastic packaging will dramatically reduce the volume of rubbish you send to landfill each week.

Any “scrunchable” plastic, including clingwrap, can be recycled via the RedCycle program. That means chip packets, frozen pea bags, pasta packets, the secret plastic bag in your cereal box. Even that silvery foil-like plastic used for biscuits can be deposited in the green bins and most Coles and selected Woolworths supermarkets across Australia.

2. Printer cartridges
The ink cartridges in your printer can either be refilled and reused at CartridgeWorld or the materials recycled and made into plastic wood that is used for all kinds of things like outdoor furnishing and marine products. Find out the closest drop-off point here.

3. Coffee pods
Do you own a Nespresso coffee machine? Those pesky plastic pods can be recycled into other plastic products thanks to a fantastic company called TerraCycle. Sign up for the Nespresso brigade, collect your pods and then post them in for free; they will be turned into plastic products like plant pots. More information here.

4. Mobile phones
The materials in mobile phones are almost 100 per cent recyclable, so make sure you send them in to MobileMuster. Find out where you can drop them off or pick up a postage-paid envelope to send it your old phone here.

5. Batteries
Every single Aldi store now has a battery-recycling bin, so collect your old batteries in a box and drop them off next time you go to the store.

6. Cigarette butts
For anyone who still smokes, TerraCycle will take all your butts, plus tobacco pouches and the plastic lining on the outside of cigarette packets. All you have to do is dump the entire contents of your ashtray into the bag provided, then post it away when it’s full. Details here.

7. Bras
If you have bras that don’t fit or you find uncomfortable, don’t throw them in the bin. There are women in developing nations who would give their right breast for a quality brassiere. The Uplift Project will deliver your unwanted bras to women in the Pacific, all you have to do is send them in. Find out more here.

8. Toothpaste tubes & toothbrushes
TerraCycle also collects toothpaste tubes and turns them into useful products. You can either collect them yourself and post them to TerraCycle using a postage-paid envelope, or find your nearest drop off location here.

9. Triggers and pumps on beauty and cleaning products
Many products like moisturisers, body wash and cleaning solutions come in containers that can be recycled through your kerbside collection. But what about the pumps, triggers and lids? TerraCycle has a recycling program for them too: collect every hand wash pump, body wash pump, beauty product pump, cleaning product trigger, laundry liquid tap, dish tabs plastic bag, beauty product tube and face wipes packaging, then send them in to be recycled! Details here.

10. Old blankets, towels
Holey towels and blankies that aren’t any use to humans will be welcomed by animal-rescue shelters who can use them to clean or to make a cosy corner for lost cats and dogs. Phone first, then drop them off!