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The Coconut (Oil) Cure – All parts

The Coconut (Oil) Cure – All parts
Update: I’ve recently seen some articles and videos that contradict some info so please find your own truth.

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Coconut oil got a fair share of bad press in the 1980s on the claim that saturated fats are unhealthy. But did its detractors and the media miss something important? As with the coconut itself, it takes some work to get to the heart of the matter — so we invited naturopathic doctor and coconut oil guru Dr. Bruce Fife to help us crack open the shell of the mysterious island fruit. Dr. Fife, the author of Coconut Cures, Coconut Water for Health and Healing, and The Coconut Oil Miracle, makes a compelling case for the healing properties inherent to coconut, which has long been used in traditional Asian and Pacific medicine. Some Pacific populations consider it a miracle cure; its broad applicability in medicine makes it difficult to argue. Coconut has been shown to be strongly antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal, and notably improves the functioning of many glands and organs; it supports dental, respiratory, and digestive health; the list goes on and on. Maybe the real question is, “What can’t coconut do?” Don’t miss this interview as Dr. Bruce Fife sheds new light on one of nature’s most misunderstood gifts.









Total Training for Microsoft Excel 2007 Essentials and Advanced

One of the best courses I’ve done. How many of us use excel day in and out? I use it for my SMART/SWOT analysis, goal setting, workout progress, clocking my hours when I had to… all sorts. And now I feel like Super Excel Man! I’ve saved a couple of videos below which were just wow moments for me. Great teacher and Total Training as usual delivers another great course.

I couldn’t find the Essentials DVD Table of Contents but it’s pretty much the basics (which is not really basic if you’re starting in excel but very easy to learn and catch up on).

Bonus from Hema – Excel Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know

Advanced DVD
Lesson 1: SUMMARIZING DATA (58 min)
Advanced Subtotals
Formatting the Subtotal Rows
Adding and Copying with Subtotals
Consolidating Data
Introducing the SUMIF Command
Working with the SUMIF Command
Using Array Formulas
Looking at AutoSum Tricks
Utilizing Fill Handle Tricks

Creating a Pivot Table
Rearranging Fields in a Pivot Table
Explaining the Report Layout Options
Using the Report Filters Feature
Using Top 10 & Date Filters
Handling Blank Cells
Drilling Down in the Pivot Table
Sorting a Pivot Table
Formatting a Pivot Table
Creating Custom Formats
Explaining the Grouping Options
Adding Formulas to a Pivot Table
Changing a Calculation in a Pivot Table
Replicating a Pivot Table
Counting with a Pivot Table
Using Pivot Charts

Lesson 3: CHARTING IN EXCEL (75 min)
Charts Refresher
Moving, Sizing & Copying Charts
Formatting Charts
Formatting a Series
Exploring the Home & Format Ribbons
Deciding What Chart Format to Use
Show a Time Series with Column or Line Charts
Using Combination Charts
Using Line Chart Accessories
Using Bar Charts to Show Comparisons
Using Component Charts
Using Correlation Charts
Exploring Other Charts
Chart Lies Revealed & Advanced Chart Types
Creating a Custom Layout

Lesson 4: GETTING VISUAL (28 min)
Using Conditional Formatting
Using Advanced Conditional Formatting
Highlighting, Sorting & Filtering Columns
Using SmartArt Functions
Using Different SmartArt Graphics
Embedding a Formula into a Shape

Using Goal Seek to Find an Answer
Auditing Formulas
Shrinking the Formula Bar
Understanding Errors
Joining Text Columns
Using Custom Formatting Codes
Pasting Values
Using Paste Special
Breaking Apart Text
Converting Text to Numbers
Using Date Functions
Using Bizarre Date Functions
Using Exponents
Using the VLOOKUP Function
Using Index Match
Using the Offset Function
Using the Convert Function
Looking at Interesting but Obscure Functions
Using the Rand Function
Working with Regression
Ranking & Sorting Formulas

Lesson 6: RECORDING MACROS (18 min)
Displaying the Developer Tab
Recording a Simple Macro
Simplifying the Macro
Recording Using Relative References

Lesson 7: TIPS & TRICKS (28 min)
Showing Off New Tips in Excel 2007
Tips for Handling Worksheets
Using Excel as a Word Processor
Miscellaneous Tips
Validating Data
Changing Text Entry Direction
Using Speak Cells
Final Comments & Credits



Don’t Pursue Your Passion. Chase Opportunity – Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

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Don’t Pursue Your Passion. Chase Opportunity – Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs

Paras note: So Mike Rowe says don’t follow your passion but bring it with you. A popular quote by the ‘herd’ is do what you love. I say love what you do because you’re going to do what you love anyway. Like when you’re unhappy in a job … you love being unhappy in the job that is why you do it! Lol. I love pushing who I ‘think’ I am and being in others shoes to experience as much as I can.
Mike Rowe: Learning from dirty jobs

Mike Rowe: Don’t Pursue Your Passion. Chase Opportunity.

Bonus – Mike Rowe From ‘Dirty Jobs’: Don’t Follow Your Passion, Live It
This one might just sound like the ones above so just called it bonus.

Here is another reason why I don’t go with the herd that says do what you love or follow your passion.