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My Favourite Billy Connolly Clips

​An Audience With Billy Connolly
Televangelists, Adverts & TV Funnies

Live 2002
Mortuary Story

Trim the herd – Jeffrey Dahmer was a Visionary

Gerry Rafferty Phone Pranks

Prostate Exam and Gynocologist

Billy Connolly New York
Old Woman on Bus Story

Drugs & Partying Story


Deep Inner Game DVD Set – David DeAngelo featuring Dr. Paul Dobransky and Richard aka Billy

​Around 2005-2007 I was getting out of a bad place. David Deangelo and Dr. Paul Dobransky taught me something deeper than this. One of the few videos I’ve still kept for personal development. Deep Inner Game DVD 6 to be specific ;o)

Dr. Paul Dobransky

Self esteem: You (and groups) have boundaries and doors. Depending on what you’d like to open doors to e.g. win-win situations. You decide!

This picture shows Colleagues, Women, Family and Community as the boundaries and the doors to them.

When it comes to groups like a company you want to join, the company has it’s own boundaries and so do the individuals in the company. Together they have a set of shared ideas (mission statement). If the individuals have poor boundaries like anger, it will come on to you.

Here an innovator (R&D) of the company is pushing the boundaries and if it sits well, that is how much the company’s boundary will grow too.

This shows what happens if the innovator goes too far and tries to pull in others. They end up forming a cult which wouldn’t last too long.

When you have been doing things that are ethically wrong and you use your observing ego to see that it’s not right. You decide to close the door on yourself after raising your conscience.

Intention needs a right balance of the 4. Education, Intuition, Conscience, Experience. Fun fact: The literal translation for Sin in Aramaic is to ‘miss the mark’ which is much more forgiving than what the shame the preacher man makes you feel.

Wussy concept – Has a lot of holes in his boundaries and would rather get a woman/mommy/daddy to get come in and take over the decision making. For decision making: Conscience vs. Intuition. Intellect: Education vs. Experience. Emotional energy: Well-being vs. Confidence. (Paras note: The well-being/nurturing and courage bit really helped me as those are mother and father traits respectively and I needed to be my own parent to fix a lot of things – Personal story here).

Individuation is where you start going out on your own to figure things out after your parents have taught you (if they’re present or parent figures) as best as they can. You start to explore different groups and figure out your boundaries. Until you’re totally independent of your parents. Connected to all these groups but still separate and distinct. I hope the text explains what the images can’t and vice versa.

Richard aka Billy

Made his mind up to lose weight no matter what it takes and in turn helped his game with women. A lot of it is inner game stuff. I’m not sure if I can share the videos of these as his big is really funny so will try to include it. Otherwise I’ll just summarise the inner game stuff.

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People have made phenomenal changes just by changing their belief systems. E.g. A man had a lip growth and was told it’s a curse and will die straight after so his whole appearance changed over night, lost weight, hair colour changed, etc. Until his follow up with the doctor who removed it and just said it was scar tissue after which he recovered.

You made up who you are so you can go in and see if that is still what you want to create. You are not who you think you are and you can start architecting yourself. Your bring is constantly telling you you will fail so rewrite it and instruct it the way you want.

His favourite affirmations are – Things just work out for me in life. My life just keeps getting better and better everyday. I am strong, powerful, committed and driven. I adapt and overcome at lightening speed. I’m comfortable with hot women being attracted to me (pre-supposition). I am the power. Build your own that speak to you.

Trust your unconscious.

Make a mental note of where you have come from and how strong you are.

Quote from the movie Heat (paraphrased): Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner..

On Emotional Control and Building Status

Stop seeking other peoples approval. If you’re not on your journey for you and your life then it’s all BS.

Self appointment. If you don’t live for you others will decide who you are and what you’re about. The self esteem you get from this does a lot. Martial arts reference about being committed to the path and not the destination. Masters have masters and they have masters. Practice and fail to get better as more knowledge is gained from the failures. The reason you’re not successful enough is because you’ve not failed enough, fail more and faster (Robert Kiyosaki). You train over and over until you do it unconsciously. (Paras note: This part took me back to when I really got into fixing myself and I have to admit all this information has become pretty basic to me but I am very grateful for it and we could always do with a refresher.)

Gaining Leverage: When you get angry ask if it’s worth getting angry about and learn from it or use it in better ways. Is it really worth it. Acceptance vs. resistance. Decision vs. indecision. Victim/injustice vs. life student.

Goes with the attitude of him going through things no one will ever face, know what others are too ignorant to comprehend and may look dumb for a while but in this path he’s get stronger and much further down the path than others will ever go. Taking pride in the failures.

Mind being like a garden metaphor (I love this bit): Everyday you have to pull weeds. Maybe you go through a time where you’re pulling weeds everyday. Then you go through a time where you’re hoeing ;oP. And after you’re doing hoeing, it’s time to plan your seed. (Pull weeds, not pull YOUR weed ;op).

The greats reinvent themselves. You can too.

Develop a panic room in your mind. A safe spot where nothing can truly hurt you.

People do stupid things. It’s them not you. Don’t internalise it or take it personally.

Let yourself be human and forgive yourself. Nearly everyone has been through what you’re going through at some point in their lives. (Reads a nice part from the Emotional Resilience book).

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David DeAngelo – Deep Inner Game – DVD 6 – Chapters
Total film length : 01:52:20:03
Chapter 01 = 00:00:00:00 – Politics
Chapter 02 = 00:13:40:00 – Group Boundaries
Chapter 03 = 00:21:27:50 – Ethics
Chapter 04 = 00:33:19:00 – Forgiveness
Chapter 05 = 00:39:34:00 – Wussy
Chapter 06 = 00:47:38:50 – Individuation
Chapter 07 = 00:52:16:50 – Introduction
Chapter 08 = 00:55:13:00 – Richard
Chapter 09 = 01:01:53:50 – Who You’re Not
Chapter 10 = 01:09:35:50 – The Mind Virus
Chapter 11 = 01:18:03:00 – Emotional Control
Chapter 12 = 01:24:05:00 – Gaining Leverage
Chapter 13 = 01:31:57:00 – Depression
Chapter 14 = 01:42:39:00 – Let Yourself Be Human


My Favourite Wisdom Teeth Aftermath Vids

My Favourite Wisdom Teeth Aftermath Vids
Some much needed inappropriate funnies.
Funny Drugged People Compilation !! LOL TILL THE END
Just like the first 2

Choking on a BIG BLACK FAT…

Girl things her tongue fell out and she’s turning into an electric blanket

Lance Stewart – itsLance210 and he loves to Dance!

She looks like a wanking minion

Bonus: This guys life is perfect, Slipknot fan and doesn’t forget BATMAN


Things People With Anxiety Want Others to Know and Bonus Articles

36 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Friends to Know

1. “It may seem irrational to you, but what I’m anxious about is very real for me.” — Paige Johnson

anxiety1 copy

2. “I never know when it’s going to hit me. And when it does, I just need you to support me.” — Dani Hazlewood

3. “I’m not just blowing you off. It’s hard to make plans and just as hard to talk on the phone sometimes. It doesn’t mean I don’t desperately want to spend time and talk. I just can’t.” — Marie Abbott Belcher

4. “Don’t give up on me when I isolate myself.” — Jen Jolly

anxiety2 copy

5. “Just having someone you love and trust reminding you to breathe sometimes really helps.” — Tania Lynne Sidiqi

6. “Be patient with me; it doesn’t always look like a full-blown panic attack. It sometimes comes out in the form of anger or what looks like major frustration.” — Tabitha Rainey

7. “Even when things are wonderful, I’m always waiting for something horrible to happen.” — Lindsay Ballard

8. “When I’m being quiet, I’m not sad, bored, tired or whatever else they want to fill in the blank with. There’s just so much going on in my mind, sometimes I can’t keep up with what’s going on around me.” — Amanda Jade Briskar

anxiety3 copy

9. “I can’t just turn it off.” — Katie Keepman

10. “Sometimes when I’m feeling the anxiety, I have no idea why I’m anxious.” — Laura Hernandez

11. “Everything can change in less than 30 seconds. Too many people in one area, no known exits in a certain situation — the list goes on.” — Ashleigh Young

12. “For real — it’s not you, it’s me. Generalized anxiety feels like drowning all the time. Most times life in general intensifies that feeling. If I have a hard time making plans, don’t take it personally.” — Cory Lee Tyler

anxiety4 copy

13. “When you ask, ‘Are you OK?’ you might think I don’t trust you when I say, “Yes, I’m good!” But in my mind, I think you’ll stop seeing me as a kind, funny and calm person if you knew the truth.” — Arianne Gaudet

14. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for every invite I’ve declined, every time I’ve seemed irrational or nasty because I was overwhelmed or scared. I’m sorry for every time I’ve said I’d do something but then backed out. I’m sorry my anxiety hurts you, too.” — Melissa Kapuszcak

15. “Anxiety doesn’t have a ‘look.’ I don’t have to be trembling or hyperventilating to be anxious.” — Vicki Blank

16. “I need you to reach out to me, even when I’m so anxious I’ve stopped leaving the house. I need to know someone still cares and wants to see me.” — Hayley Lyvers

anxiety5 copy

17. “Don’t shut me out. My anxiety may stop me from doing certain things, but just being asked to join in can sometimes make my day.” — Vikki Rose Donaghy

18. “I analyze things constantly because of anxiety. I cannot turn my brain off and it can be exhausting.” — Cailea Hiller

19. “Anxiety is not an attitude.” — Clare Goodwin

20. “It’s not your job to fix me. Please just love me the way I am.” — Carole Detweiler Oranzi

anxiety6 copy

21. “I want to first apologize for the hundreds of times I’ve bailed on you. The hundreds of times I had to leave early and you had no clue. The hundreds of times I had to tell you no.” — Mary Kate Donahue

22. “Most of the time you won’t know I’m having anxiety unless I tell you,” — Kylie Wagner-Grobman

23. “If I’m not comfortable doing something, just let it go. Don’t try to convince me — it makes it worse.” — Jennifer DiTaranto

24. “I’m not a flake. Sometimes anxiety stops me from doing social things. I might cancel at the last minute, but it’s never out of unfriendliness or being lazy. Know that if you need me, I’ll be there for you in any way I can.” — Bridget Hamilton

25. “I don’t know what’s happening in my head a lot of the time either. I understand you don’t get it, but your efforts mean the world to me.” — Avery Roe

anxiety10 copy

26. “Please don’t tell me to just get over it or that I’m being silly.” — Carla Estevez

27. “When I cancel plans with you it’s because I’m afraid to admit I’m a heaping mess. It has nothing to do with you… and everything to do with my panic attack.” — Dorie Cabasag-Smith

28. “Keep inviting me to group things even though I usually decline. Some days I feel stronger than others, so my answer might surprise you. Be patient.” — Kara Edkins

29. “Don’t take it personally when I don’t want to go out. My comfort zone is my home. It’s my safe place.” — Elizabeth Vasquez

anxiety7 copy

30. “When I say I can’t take on even one more thing, I really need you to understand I really just can’t.” — Christine L Hauck

31. “When I can’t do something, no one is more disappointed than me. Please try to understand that.” — Lindsey Hemphill

32. “Sometimes I just need to be alone. It’s not personal. I’m not mad. I don’t have some problem. I don’t just need to shake it off and do something fun. I just need to be alone so I can reset myself and breathe a little.” — Stacey Weber


33. “Every time I talk to you, I go over every word of the conversation many times in my head. If I said something I feel I like I shouldn’t have said, even if it’s as simple as incorrect grammar, I will obsess about it for years.” — Chelsea Noelani Gober

34. “I’m still me. I’m not my anxiety.” — Abi Wylie

35. “I know it can seem ridiculous at time, but please, please, please just love me through it.” — Melissa Renee Wilkerson

36. “Give me some space, but don’t forget me.” — Vickie Boyette


*Some responses have been edited and shortened for brevity

Bonus thanks to CISRO – Psychologists explain your phone anxiety (and how to get over it)

Bonus – I named my anxiety Clive and it changed my life

Bonus: 11 Things High Functioning Anxiety People Do Without Realising


Dr. John Demartini – The Art of Communication, Balance to Life and Purpose to Work Notes

These are just some notes for my reference. There was a lot more of such quality content.

The Art of Communication
– What does your person conversation end up to? Example of how one person kept going to surfing while another talked about money or business.
– When talking you’ll see people reacting with smiles and frowns. Those are their values.
– Anything that agrees with these values they call good and anything that challenges or goes against the values are bad. Example of family going shopping. Kids values would be toys, Moms values would be something else, Dads something else. CHAOS!
– When your internal words and your actions or external words and actions contradict each other they create conflict. And they think others need fixing.
– If you don’t know your values you’ll add the values of people you look up to. Then you start the ought to, should-ing and etc. Internal conflict starts.
– On the flip side you will push your values onto other people and create and external conflict of they ought to, should-ing and etc.
– Either one of the two above is where you feel there is something wrong with you. The higher you go up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs the more order you have in your life while the lower you go the more chaos.
– There is no such thing as a lazy person. It’s just different peoples values. IMPORTANT ESPECIALLY FOR TEACHERS/LEADERS – Everyone wants to learn if you communicate with their values in mind. Every relationship will be receptive if you learn this. When you don’t know how to communicate you will label people. All you do is this, always forget, etc. Communicate what is true for you in terms of what is true for others.
– What is lower on your value list is called disowned parts. And you attract lovers, family, customers, workmates with those disowned parts. (Article about illusion of happiness in a relationship).
– Talks about how in the relationship it goes. Don’t leave me, leave me alone. Push away, get close. Just like lovemaking ;o) Sex drive goes up with somebody supports their value system.
– When someone goes against your values you keep it as baggage and you carry it and project it on to next relationships.
– The voids in your life determine your values. What is missing is what goes up. If you think you don’t have money you seek it (even when you have more than enough). Funny thing is the bank will ask you if you have money to give you money. When you realise that you have what you are looking for the Universe provides it. (Paras note: I’m sure the Bible has this) You’ll be searching for all this until you find it in yourself.

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Balance to Life and Purpose to Work
– Make a list of everything you do and put a star next to the ones you love to do. Try to delegate the others. That way you do less out of desperation and do more of inspiration.
5 columns. 1 – Job description and everything you do. 2 – Dreams, inspirations, bucket list. 3 – Corporate strategies of the company and write 20 ways you’ll get fulfilment out of it.
– Connect the things you’re not inspired by with things you’re inspired with. E.g. – Taking trash out is not inspiring but inspired by Tai Chi. So mixing Tai Chi movements with taking trash, make it Zen. See how the things you think are mundane would help you in your dreams. Everything you’re looking for is surrounding you, it just may not be in the form you are looking for. So if you can’t delegate it find meaning in it or connect it with inspiring values.
– People leave their jobs because they don’t get their values met. Fire them up don’t fire them.
– Jokes about how relationships go from puppy love to doggy (style) stage lol. And then Old Yeller.
– Take each others values and question how is you fulfilling the top values help you get your values.


Never Let That Weirdo Go (I’ll always encourage the Weirdo in you) … thanks Miten

Are you dating someone utterly out of his or her mind? Do you find yourself thinking about how crazy and “all over the place” your significant other is?

Do you find yourself describing your girlfriend as weird or your boyfriend as absolutely insane?

Well, you don’t even know how lucky you are.

If you’ve found someone brave enough to be him or herself in this world of standardized proportions and fixed ideals, adore that person.

If you’ve found someone strong enough to hold on to his or her childlike sense of wonder, to be completely and utterly free and uninhibited, cherish that person.

If you’ve found someone liberated enough to be a complete and utter weirdo, never let that person go.

You’ll know when you’ve found a weirdo.

He or she will be like no one you’ve ever been with before, a breath of fresh air mixed with an electric pulse that shocks you into another dimension.

Weirdos are magnetic, attracting and pulling you into them while at the same time, pulling you backwards, throwing things at you you’re not always ready for.

They’ll piss you off while at the same time showing you something you can’t live without — their world.

Their world of wonder and awe, the way they see things you didn’t notice before, look at things you never understood and question everything you thought you knew.

They’ll change your whole life without thinking twice about it.

If you’re lucky enough to be with someone crazy enough to let you into his or her weird world, cherish him or her and make sure never to let that person go.

Because relationships with weirdos are always better than with anyone who’s trying to be “normal.”

The weirdo will never let the fight be the same one.

Weirdos have feelings and opinions that will clash with yours like any significant other.  With them, however, it’s never about the same sh*t. Because your relationship isn’t the same sh*t. It’s new things, new tastes and definitely new points of view.

The weirdo will never expect the relationship to be a certain way.

They don’t have expectations of you or the relationship. Weirdos let the relationship coast the same way they coast through life — hoping for the best and going with the flow. They don’t go into things with preconceived notions because for them, a relationship is as random and unknown as life.

The weirdo will introduce you to the freak inside you.

You think you know yourself, and then you meet someone who challenges every part of your being. Weirdos make you rethink your life, your passions and what the hell you’ve been doing this whole time. You go from who you were to who you could be.

The weirdo will never be replaced.

You know you can’t let them go because everyone after them will never live up to the force your weirdo entered your life with. No one will ever show you as much, teach you as much and challenge you as much. Everyone will just make you wish you were with your weirdo again.

The weirdo will never question when you need to take time for your own adventure.

Not only do weirdos support your personal endeavors, they push them. They don’t just want to be there for you; they want to show you the way. They believe in everyone as much as they believe in themselves, and that support will change your life.

The weirdo will make you forget about the outside world.

Until you’ve met a weirdo, you’ve never understood the only world you need to judge yourself by is the world you create for yourself. You also never experienced what it’s like to live in your own world, to never have to enter society again. Weirdos bring the only world worth caring about into yours.

The weirdo will catalyze every single creative interest you have.

Any weird, obscure or crazy notion you pondered then let go of is now thrown back into your face. It’s molded and nurtured and praised. Those tiny thoughts you never gave any light to are suddenly magnified and urged to be chased and expanded. Those tiny dreams you never let yourself think about are all a weirdo wants to talk about.

The weirdo will never make you feel weird about your own weird self.

They want you to be weird. They long for you to open up that side you refuse to show the world. They’re ready to explore your inner workings and most obscure neuroses. They’ll thrive on your quirks and your idiosyncrasies… just make sure you don’t hide anything.

The weirdo is always worth the drama.

Yea, weirdos are not always the easiest people to deal with, but they’re always worth it. They’re going to bring with them drama and intensity, but that’s what’s going to make your life worthwhile again. Those days when you were just going to work, the gym and going to bed will seem like a fate worse than death after finding someone who won’t let you be bored ever again.

The weirdo will teach you to laugh everything off.

They’ll show you what it’s like to not take anything seriously, including yourself. Life is too short and too weird to judge anything, and if you can’t get serious about it, you may as well laugh about it. Embrace those who know how to embrace the moments that shouldn’t be anything but funny.

The weirdo is going to be the best sex you’ve ever had.

Weirdos are uninhibited, and their sex follows suit. They aren’t nervous or scared; they’re down to try anything. They want their lives between the sheets to be as spontaneous and crazy as the one outside. They’re not scared to show their true, naked selves.