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Deep Inner Game DVD Set – David DeAngelo featuring Dr. Paul Dobransky and Richard aka Billy

​Around 2005-2007 I was getting out of a bad place. David Deangelo and Dr. Paul Dobransky taught me something deeper than this. One of the few videos I’ve still kept for personal development. Deep Inner Game DVD 6 to be specific ;o)

Dr. Paul Dobransky

Self esteem: You (and groups) have boundaries and doors. Depending on what you’d like to open doors to e.g. win-win situations. You decide!

This picture shows Colleagues, Women, Family and Community as the boundaries and the doors to them.

When it comes to groups like a company you want to join, the company has it’s own boundaries and so do the individuals in the company. Together they have a set of shared ideas (mission statement). If the individuals have poor boundaries like anger, it will come on to you.

Here an innovator (R&D) of the company is pushing the boundaries and if it sits well, that is how much the company’s boundary will grow too.

This shows what happens if the innovator goes too far and tries to pull in others. They end up forming a cult which wouldn’t last too long.

When you have been doing things that are ethically wrong and you use your observing ego to see that it’s not right. You decide to close the door on yourself after raising your conscience.

Intention needs a right balance of the 4. Education, Intuition, Conscience, Experience. Fun fact: The literal translation for Sin in Aramaic is to ‘miss the mark’ which is much more forgiving than what the shame the preacher man makes you feel.

Wussy concept – Has a lot of holes in his boundaries and would rather get a woman/mommy/daddy to get come in and take over the decision making. For decision making: Conscience vs. Intuition. Intellect: Education vs. Experience. Emotional energy: Well-being vs. Confidence. (Paras note: The well-being/nurturing and courage bit really helped me as those are mother and father traits respectively and I needed to be my own parent to fix a lot of things – Personal story here).

Individuation is where you start going out on your own to figure things out after your parents have taught you (if they’re present or parent figures) as best as they can. You start to explore different groups and figure out your boundaries. Until you’re totally independent of your parents. Connected to all these groups but still separate and distinct. I hope the text explains what the images can’t and vice versa.

Richard aka Billy

Made his mind up to lose weight no matter what it takes and in turn helped his game with women. A lot of it is inner game stuff. I’m not sure if I can share the videos of these as his big is really funny so will try to include it. Otherwise I’ll just summarise the inner game stuff.

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People have made phenomenal changes just by changing their belief systems. E.g. A man had a lip growth and was told it’s a curse and will die straight after so his whole appearance changed over night, lost weight, hair colour changed, etc. Until his follow up with the doctor who removed it and just said it was scar tissue after which he recovered.

You made up who you are so you can go in and see if that is still what you want to create. You are not who you think you are and you can start architecting yourself. Your bring is constantly telling you you will fail so rewrite it and instruct it the way you want.

His favourite affirmations are – Things just work out for me in life. My life just keeps getting better and better everyday. I am strong, powerful, committed and driven. I adapt and overcome at lightening speed. I’m comfortable with hot women being attracted to me (pre-supposition). I am the power. Build your own that speak to you.

Trust your unconscious.

Make a mental note of where you have come from and how strong you are.

Quote from the movie Heat (paraphrased): Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner..

On Emotional Control and Building Status

Stop seeking other peoples approval. If you’re not on your journey for you and your life then it’s all BS.

Self appointment. If you don’t live for you others will decide who you are and what you’re about. The self esteem you get from this does a lot. Martial arts reference about being committed to the path and not the destination. Masters have masters and they have masters. Practice and fail to get better as more knowledge is gained from the failures. The reason you’re not successful enough is because you’ve not failed enough, fail more and faster (Robert Kiyosaki). You train over and over until you do it unconsciously. (Paras note: This part took me back to when I really got into fixing myself and I have to admit all this information has become pretty basic to me but I am very grateful for it and we could always do with a refresher.)

Gaining Leverage: When you get angry ask if it’s worth getting angry about and learn from it or use it in better ways. Is it really worth it. Acceptance vs. resistance. Decision vs. indecision. Victim/injustice vs. life student.

Goes with the attitude of him going through things no one will ever face, know what others are too ignorant to comprehend and may look dumb for a while but in this path he’s get stronger and much further down the path than others will ever go. Taking pride in the failures.

Mind being like a garden metaphor (I love this bit): Everyday you have to pull weeds. Maybe you go through a time where you’re pulling weeds everyday. Then you go through a time where you’re hoeing ;oP. And after you’re doing hoeing, it’s time to plan your seed. (Pull weeds, not pull YOUR weed ;op).

The greats reinvent themselves. You can too.

Develop a panic room in your mind. A safe spot where nothing can truly hurt you.

People do stupid things. It’s them not you. Don’t internalise it or take it personally.

Let yourself be human and forgive yourself. Nearly everyone has been through what you’re going through at some point in their lives. (Reads a nice part from the Emotional Resilience book).

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David DeAngelo – Deep Inner Game – DVD 6 – Chapters
Total film length : 01:52:20:03
Chapter 01 = 00:00:00:00 – Politics
Chapter 02 = 00:13:40:00 – Group Boundaries
Chapter 03 = 00:21:27:50 – Ethics
Chapter 04 = 00:33:19:00 – Forgiveness
Chapter 05 = 00:39:34:00 – Wussy
Chapter 06 = 00:47:38:50 – Individuation
Chapter 07 = 00:52:16:50 – Introduction
Chapter 08 = 00:55:13:00 – Richard
Chapter 09 = 01:01:53:50 – Who You’re Not
Chapter 10 = 01:09:35:50 – The Mind Virus
Chapter 11 = 01:18:03:00 – Emotional Control
Chapter 12 = 01:24:05:00 – Gaining Leverage
Chapter 13 = 01:31:57:00 – Depression
Chapter 14 = 01:42:39:00 – Let Yourself Be Human


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Viv gave me this book to try and figure it out. He was like he know’s what it says but it’s hard to make sense of it. Well that’s what it’s all about. Dude has so much knowledge in the book but he’s tried to redefine already used words to something else which is hard to reconfigure or his sentences are too complicated or he’s basically having a conversation with himself which would be better heard than read. Too much hassle for bits of great knowledge here and there although… the was some great symbolism too. And anyway all he’s saying at the end of the say is focus on Now! Now! Now! So why a full book on it!!!!??? And towards the end I come across the heading saying women are more enlightened than men… oh boy… that’s just inspired me to type something in my thoughts so look out for that. The contents should explain most of it. Oh and the whole book is in Q&A format and basically I’m not trying to plug AOL but everything is explained much better in parasuniversal.com’s Something Deeper section.

– Preface
– Foreword
– Acknowledgements

The Origin of This Book
The Truth That Is Within You

– Chapter one: You Are Not Your Mind
The Greatest Obstacle to Enlightenment
Freeing Yourself from Your Mind
Enlightenment: Rising above Thought
Emotion: The Body’s Reaction to Your Mind

– Chapter Two: Consciousness: The Way Out of Pain
Create No More Pain in the Present
Past Pain: Dissolving the Pain-Body
Ego Identification with the Pain-Body
The Origin of Fear
The Ego’s Search for Wholeness

– Chapter Three: Moving Deeply into the Now
Don’t Seek Your Self in the Mind
End the Delusion of Time
Nothing Exists Outside Now
The key to the Spiritual Dimension
Accessing the Power of the Now
Letting Go of Psychological Time
The Insanity of Psychological Time
Negativity and Suffering Have Their Roots in Time
Finding the Life Underneath Your Life Situation
All Problems Are Illusions of the Mind
A Quantum Leap in the Evolution of Consciousness
The Joy of Being

– Chapter Four: Mind Strategies for Avoiding the Now
Loss of Now: Core Delusion
Ordinary Unconsciousness and Deep Consciousness
What Are They Seeking?
Dissolving ordinary Unconsciousness
Freedom from Unhappiness
Wherever You Are, Be There Totally
The Inner Purpose of Your Life’s Journey
The Past Cannot Survive in Your Presence

– Chapter Five: The State of Presence
It’s Not What You Think It Is
The Esoteric Meaning of “Waiting”
Beauty Arises in the Stillness of Your Presence
Realizing Pure Consciousness
Christ: The Reality of Your Divine Presence

– Chapter Six: The Inner Body
Being is Your Deepest Self
Look Beyond the Words
Finding Your Invisible and Indestructible Reality
Connecting with the Inner Body
Transformation through the Body
Sermon on the Body
Have Deep Roots Within
Before You Enter the Body, Forgive
Your Link with the Unmanifested
Slowing Down the Ageing Process
Strengthening the Immune System
Let the Breath Take Your in the Body
Creative Use of Mind
The Art of Listening

– Chapter Seven: Portals in the Unmanifest
Going Deeply in the Body
The Source of Chi
Dreamless Sleep
Other Portals
The True Nature of Space and Time
Conscious Death

– Chapter Eight: Enlightened Relationships
Enter the Now from Wherever You Are
Love/Hate Relationships
Addiction and the Search for Wholeness
From Addictive to Enlightened Relationships
Relationships as Spiritual Practice
Why Women Are Closer to Enlightenment
Dissolving the Collective Female Pain-Body
Give Up the Relationship with Yourself

– Chapter Nine: Beyond Happiness and Unhappiness There Is Peace
The Higher Good beyond Good and Bad
The End of Your Life Drama
Impermanence and the Cycles of Life
Using the Relinquishing Negativity
The Nature of Compassion
Toward a Different Order of Reality

– Chapter Ten: The Meaning of Surrender
Acceptance of the Now
From Mind Energy to Spiritual Energy
Surrender in Personal Relationships
Transforming Illness into Enlightenment
When Disaster Strikes
Transforming Suffering into Peace
The Way of the Cross
The Power to Choose

– Notes


Melatonin – The Most Powerful Drug from Within By Kevin W Chen from Someshwar and Shreeshail

A woman in her eighties was suffering from rectal cancer for years. Unfortunately, she was fighting what was believed to be a losing the battle. The cancer had reached an advanced stage and spread to her lungs and head. The doctors claimed that she did not have long to live. That was when the woman’s children interfered. They gave their mother tapes on meditation and relaxation, and the mother began to practice meditation while in the hospital. A couple of weeks later, x rays revealed that the cancer that spread to the lungs was no longer there and all that remained was a small lump of cancerous tissue within her rectum. Today her cancer is in remission.

For years researchers have been pent up in their labs sweating over test tubes and lab benches in search of the miracle drug that could produce the miraculous results experienced by that eighty-year- old woman. However, for thousands of years now Eastern cultures have had the answer that scientists today are losing so much sleep over. That answer is meditation. Meditation has been shown to slow the aging process, prevent heart disease, stroke, and cancer, as well as reverse cancer and heart disease in extreme cases. Despite these known facts, Western culture has not been able to fully accept meditation as an efficient treatment because the one factor that links the mental practice of meditation to the physiological effects that it produces remained a secret; until now that is. That factor is called melatonin.

Melatonin is a neuro-hormone produced by a small gland at the base of the brain called the pineal gland. The main function of melatonin is to regulate the circadian cycle, which keeps humans asleep at night and awake during the day. The production of melatonin is normally stimulated by darkness and inhibited by sunlight therefore causing melatonin to be at its highest levels very early in the morning when darkness begins to fade.

Melatonin is also known to be the link in the communication between the pineal gland and the immune system. Melatonin receptors have been located in lymphoid glands, which are responsible for the immune response, as well as on immune cells themselves. The presence of melatonin stimulates the development and function of the immune system thereby making melatonin indirectly responsible for warding off disease. Most importantly, melatonin has been discovered to be a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidants are a class of chemicals that work to counteract the effects of oxidation. Cellular respiration produces by-products that further react with tissues of the body in the process called oxidation. The by-products of oxidation, free radicals, can continue to react further with body tissues to produce harmful effects. Antioxidants, such as melatonin, work to stop the free radical chain reaction by neutralizing the free radicals. This in turn keeps the harmful effects of free radical damage at bay. Some of the effects of free radical damage are aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and heart disease. Since melatonin prevents free radical damage, many have considered it the miracle drug with alarming effects especially with cancer and aging prevention. Like any other hormone within our bodies, melatonin exists in a balance such that if that balance is disrupted disease may occur. Since research in melatonin is fairly new, concrete cause and effect relationships between melatonin and certain diseases have not been determined; however, strong correlations between melatonin and certain diseases have been established.

Abnormally low melatonin levels have been speculated to lead to a number of different conditions. Depression, anxiety, night eating syndrome, and insomnia are some stipulations of low melatonin levels. Melatonin exhibits a strong effect on the reproductive system. Normally it fights to suppress the activity of the reproductive system; therefore, when melatonin occurs in low levels the reproductive system is hyperactive. This can lead to premenstrual syndrome, and breast and endometrial cancer in women. In men, this may lead to prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate. Abnormally high melatonin levels, on the other hand, do not have as many detrimental effects. As aforementioned, melatonin keeps the activity of the reproductive system in check. Too much melatonin, therefore suppresses reproductive activity. In males this lowers the sperm count. In females, this causes menstrual irregularities. Abnormally high levels of melatonin also seem to correlate with those who suffer from nocturnal asthma. A study was conducted on patients with nocturnal asthma. The melatonin levels of the asthma sufferers were significantly higher than normal patients.

Because the benefits of melatonin have been discovered there has suddenly been an increase in the use of melatonin supplements. Melatonin supplements have been theorized to produce those known advantageous effects of melatonin such as regulating the sleep cycle and cancer and aging prevention. In some cases this is true. Several studies have been conducted and proved that melatonin supplements are indeed useful for regulating sleep. Because of this some doctors suggest melatonin for syndromes such as jet-lag syndrome, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and insomnia in the blind, elderly, and night-shift workers. On the other hand, melatonin supplements have not been observed to produce the more serious effects of cancer and aging prevention. Some studies have even shown how exogenous melatonin, which is melatonin not produced from within i.e. supplements, may have some detrimental effects.

In one experiment, some men were given melatonin supplements for a two-month period while the other half of the male subjects was given a placebo. The men that were given the melatonin were discovered to have much lower sperm counts than those men that were given the placebo. Other studies have shown that melatonin supplements can also cause menstrual irregularities, reduced libido, and anorexia. Because of these negative effects, melatonin supplements are not the answer to reaping the benefits that melatonin is known to produce.

Despite the disparaging news that melatonin supplements are not the way to reap the benefits of melatonin, there is still hope since melatonin is known to produce its advantageous effects when its levels are raised endogenously, meaning being produced naturally from one’s own pineal gland. Numerous studies have shown that one of the ways to raise endogenous melatonin levels is through meditation.

Meditation raises endogenous melatonin to safe, beneficial levels. At the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dr. Massion and colleagues conducted a study in order to observe the relationship between meditation and melatonin levels. The objective of the study was to test the hypothesis that meditation on a regular basis correlates with an increase of melatonin levels within the body. The melatonin levels of eight women who practiced meditation on a regular basis were detected from 12-hour overnight samples of urine, while the melatonin levels of eight women who did not meditate were also detected from 12-hour overnight samples of urine.

The results of the study were that those women who meditated regularly had consistently higher melatonin levels than those women who did not meditate on a regular basis. This led to the conclusion that meditation significantly increased endogenous melatonin levels. Another well-known study of meditation and melatonin was conducted in Australia by Dr. Tooley and colleagues. The purpose of the study was to determine whether meditation could influence plasma melatonin levels. The melatonin levels of experienced meditators were measured at night after a period of meditation.

The melatonin levels of those same meditators at the same time in the night but without a period of meditation were measured. The results of this study were as follows: on the nights of meditation, melatonin levels were significantly higher than the nights without meditation. These two studies are just a few of those conducted that all conclude that meditation indeed raises melatonin levels. Dr. Singh reported the results of his study of relationship between meditation and melatonin. Among the cancer patients who meditated regularly, melatonin level has been increased significantly, and some of them reported complete cancer remission. He also cited the laboratory studies that verified the anti-cancer characteristics of melatonin in mice.

Many scientists have not really accepted meditation as a method of disease prevention and treatment because the exact mechanism of how meditation actually raises melatonin is unknown. What is known, however, is that meditation does in fact raise melatonin levels allowing for a multitude of beneficial results. Increased endogenous melatonin levels prevent disease by activating the immune system, prevent cancer and aging through its antioxidant properties, and regulate the sleep cycle. Melatonin is that miracle drug that scientists are continuing to search for in their labs. So what are you waiting for? Meditate and release melatonin, the most powerful drug from within.

I would like to throw one more light in correspondence to the melatonin research. When humans started elevating to higher level in the meditation then the melatonin secretion increases which also checks the reproductive system as mentioned in the below research. This means if we can establish a society where spiritual practise can be done easily without any worry of the requirement of basic necessities then population problem of the world will automatically resolved. So this is how the spiritual practise plays a very important role in the definition of socio economic philosophy. No probs scientists, economists and researcher will learn their own lessons in the due course of time and mine or anyone else’s words are not going to make much difference.

There are so much of solutions for the society hidden in the philosophy but to understand that people will have to expand their knowledgebase and start doing the research rather than confining themselves just to a monotonous process.

Just to get the glimpse you can refer a very small book of FAQ “Few Problems Solved” by Shri P R Sarkar. So if someone has the appetite to learn the science beyond everything then they’ll have to put effort to do study and research. I can just give recommendation and it’s the choice of others whether they feel any value in the same.




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(1996 Santa Monica, California)

One of the aspects that make human life very distinct from other species is relations. Animals have no problems with relationship. (Laughter) They don’t go for any counseling. Not that tribal society has any problem with relationship. The more advance we are the more we are facing the challenge of relationship. There is a deep urge in every human to get connected. This urge sets one to look for a relationship. It sets us up to go in circles. Once you have a relationship, you want that to last forever. When you hear some saying ‘I love you very much’ you ask them will you love me forever. We want that love to be forever, all the time. This moment someone is in love with you or in you’re in love with someone… that is not sufficient, you want this to continue forever. Will you love me forever? Or you say I love you forever. Lifetime, till my last breath! I don’t know what the words you use. (Laughter) But we want the love to be forever. We’re not satisfied for that to be right now, here, that is enough. No. Also we would like that to be connected to the past, in the previous birth maybe you were my soul mate. I’m sure we had such a deep connection from the past. We want that connection to be deep and we aspire for that to last for eternity. This very tendency in our relationship indicates something deeper. It shows the urge is coming not from a mental level, but from some unknown corner, which we have not fathomed. So what if someone was related to you in the past, what is the need that they should be in the future too? So what if you were together in the past? Must have to make up for some mistakes? (Laughter)

But when things are nice and fine you think things have ever been that way. Or always you have been in love. When things go wrong we think we are never together. Even after 20 years you feel or find suddenly that we were never together but why did you stay for 20 years together? Just look at this. If our relationship is based on the need, personal need, it is not going to last very long. Once the need is fulfilled on a physical level, emotional level, the mind will look for something else, somewhere else. If the relationship is from the level of sharing, then it can last longer. Say if you know how to row a boat, you can row any boat. If you don’t know how to row a boat, by changing the boat… (Laughter) Changing the relationship does not solve the issue of relationship. Sooner or later you will be in the same situation in any relationship. We have to look somewhere else, deep within us from where we start relating. What is our relationship to us, first of all, lets us (???) on that. Who are you to yourself? You know often you think, oh I’m single I’m so bored being by myself so I need a companion, I need a relationship. You are so bored by your own company. How much boring you must be for someone else? (Mad laughs) And two people bored with themselves, getting together, they bore each other.

You know love and boredom has something in common? What is it? Come on, what is it? (Laughs) Repetition! Go on repeating something again and again you get bored, when you’re in love you go on repeating the same thing. Lovers say 1000 times I love you so much, you’re so beautiful. Say once, that’s enough! (Laughter) Lovers seem to have lost it. When you are in love what you speak does not mean much at all. Many do not even know what they are speaking. You know, have you ever seen this, you go in to the college/hostels, someone is in love with someone, and they write their name all over… graffiti. All over the place, books, everywhere, SHOES! (Paras note: hehehe reminiscing when the teachers blasted me in form 3). And their rooms and homes is not sufficient enough, they go write in the trains, metro, bus stops. Repetition. And spiritual practice is also a repetition. You know having a rosary, chanting the name of God, doing something.

First it creates such boredom. It brings the boredom in you. When you sustain that boredom, not just drop it and run away, the spring of love gets opened. When you realize you are source of love, you the giving end not the receiving end. Only and only then can your relationship blossom. Nature of relationship always changes. Here I’m using the word relationship in a broader sense, in its true sense. In the relatedness.

See when you were a child how much love you had for your parents and friends, toys. And as you grow older and see how the love from the toys and candy shifted on to friends and from friends it shifted. And when you become parents see how much your love is there for your children as compared to the love for your parents. Parents care several times more for their kids than their own parents. Coz their attention, their love is shifted from elders to the young one. The same happens in relationship, the moment there is a child in the family, there is a shift in the relationship between husband and wife too. When you’re looking for security, love, comfort from your partner, you become weak. You are in the receiving end and when you are weak, then all the negative emotions come in you. The demand comes in you. Demand destroys love. (Anjuli) If we just know this one thing, we would save our love from getting rotten. And the word is very good ‘fall in love’. (Guruji laughs) I say don’t fall in love rise in love.

Its that limited awareness of ourselves, limited experience of love. Capsules you in a tiny, tight compartment where you start suffocating. And you want freedom in life. Love could be suffocating if there is no depth. And that’s what we see today, so many people fall in love and then they fall apart. Isn’t it? We cant even handle what we are asking for, what we desire, what we want, coz we have never probed into the depth of our own psyche, our own mind, our own consciousness. In love you want to merge in the other, you cannot bear the separated-ness. That’s why often lovers want to know everything about the one whom they love. They cant tolerate any secrets coz secrets means distance. Isn’t it? Are you all here? Love cannot tolerate the distance.

There are 3 aspects in relationship. 1 – attraction on the physical level, 2 – love on the mental level, 3 – and connection or devotion on the spiritual level. See our feelings and emotions change all the time.

Doesn’t it? You feel good about something and then a little later you feel bad about the same thing. What’s the big deal about our feelings. People often say follow your feelings, I tell you never follow your feelings. (Laughter) You’ll be ruined if you follow your feelings. Feelings change all the time, you feel good and bad about the same thing. Follow your commitment, your wisdom, you’ll be much better off. See what I’m saying? Any student who goes to a medical college. The first year or second years, they really feel so frustrated, they want to just quit medicine and go to something else maybe arts music or something else. Often you feel like that, don’t you? You take a long career or studies. But if they simply follow their feelings they would not get into any profession. Coz nothing can maintain the charm for a long time. If you’re very sharp, nothing is charming. Person who is dumb can get on with anything, but if you are very alert everything seems to be moving away from charm very fast. That’s one of the signs of intelligence. And you’ve deep roots and broad vision of life, then I tell you, every moment is full of charm. Everything is beautiful in the world. That’s when you never get bored of yourself. This is the ultimate relationship, when you could relate to yourself 100%. Then any face you look, there is love, there is charm, there is beauty. Then you come from the space of contributing, what I can do for you? How I can make your life better. And if each partner comes from this space of ‘what I can do for you’. That is the ultimate relationship. We don’t have to sit and wait for some soul mate to come for us. You know people often ask me, when will I meet my soul mate. You can dial and ask psychics and they’ll say oh your soul mate is coming. Soul mate. I tell you, you can never meet your soul mate unless you meet your soul. You haven’t met your own soul how can you meet your soul mate? (Laughter) When we see who we are, you know?

We are not our emotions, we are not our feelings, we are not our thoughts, we are not our concepts. The ‘who are we?’ This very inquiry, is very awakening within us, takes us away from all the shackles of condition. In such an atmosphere, such a presence of yours the other person will change however they are. There’s a great expectation in every relationship that the other person should change. We never think about we should change, isn’t that?… Better change! (Laughter) You’re not the same person! I don’t know what has happened to you. Often goes like that. I think these days you’re a little stressed. I think better you do something. What is the matter? See the urge in us is not just love but also respect. The greatest fear in any relationship is losing respect. Respect demands some distance, love cannot tolerate distance. This is the basic conflict in all the relationships. And when you are not centered, and when you have no depth within you, when you are shallow, how can you gain respect. There is fear of losing respect. (Anjuli) The more someone comes close to you, they come to know about your fear, and your anxiety, and your small mindedness, then you are afraid oh I may lose my respect. And you definitely lose your respect. Once respect is lost, even love is not tasty.

Have you taken some time for yourself? To cleanse this system of all this negativity, negative emotions. Have you taken some time off to find the source from where we have come up and where we will be going back? Don’t think you’ll be here forever. When someone dies you say oh poor man died, oh poor person, oh God has been so merciless. But we never get the idea we are also going to go one day. In another 50-60 years none of us will be here, where will you go? Where did you come from? What is your relation with this cosmos, what is your relationship with people around us? Pondering on this, understanding the emotions, your thoughts, your own body, your breath, you mind, your needs, your capabilities. Your own beauty! You’ll come out of fear and once the fear is out from life, respect will stay forever. The more closer your partner comes or anyone who comes near to you, the more they respect you. And it’s not just an idealistic thing, ‘ok oh its nice to hear about this but it’s not practical’. Its not so. It’s very practical. You can see this happening in your own life. Just take one week off every year to recharge your batteries. And from time to time keep a little distance from whosoever, so very close to you. Take a little time for your own space and go deep into yourself, dig deep. You are an ocean, so much wealth deep inside you. So much beauty.

You have so much love that you can offer and your mind is so much more powerful. Can create the situation that you would like to be around you. That is the ultimate relationship. And its beyond time because you are timeless. Time and mind are synonymous, time is nothing but the distance between 2 events. 2 happenings. Love is not happening, love is being. Love is not an act, it is existence. Love is not emotion, it’s your very nature. Feelings change, thoughts change, ideas change, bodies undergoing changes all the time. But the thirst deep within us is for something that is not changing, that is eternal, that is always, that is the same. That’s why these phrases or expressions we use when we are in love. I want to be like this forever. Coz love takes you beyond time. When you are in love you don’t notice time. You feel its only 5 minutes you might have spent 5 hours. And meditation is not just sitting and having a boring thing to do or sitting and daydreaming or dozing off. Meditation is that process of dwelling deep into that area of yourself that is love. Just one thing if we can start doing right from today. That coming from a space of contributing, giving. Your relationship will start flourishing. Giving what, is it giving money, or giving time or giving this or that. Say, it’s keeping the patience and creating the awareness. Then you can row any boat. Of course if the boat has a hole you need to change the boat. (Laughter) You have any questions?

People normally ask questions after the knowledge sessions and Guruji answers aptly.

Tell us about the relationship with God.
– See God is referred in 3 persons. He, You and I. The first, second and third person. Most people are happy addressing God in 3rd person coz its very safe. There is no relationship at all… HIM. Somewhere in the clouds. He, She, somewhere else no? Third person. It’s a way you can escape from being in touch with the reality. Seeing God in the person next to you, seeing you as God as good. Seeing everyone around you as God. Addressing ‘you’, that is more difficult. How can you say you are God? Then you may punish me or I’ll have to listen to whatever you say. (Laughter) How you could be God? Not safe. And saying I am God, forget about it, impossible. Coz the moment I look at myself, so much imperfection. With all this imperfection how I could be God? Not possible. Better keep God in the 3rd person and live the life the way we live. Safer. This is the attitude. We are not connecting with the reality. There is no relationship with the divine. Relationship is what? Feeling no separation, I am you; you are me. You are part of me I am part of you. If someone who is part of you is insulted you feel as though you are insulted. Don’t you? If someone who is part of you is praised, you feel happy as thought you are praised. In 3rd person how can this happen? Him. That’s why Jesus said, if you have to go to my father, you have to go through me, there is no other way, coz I’m right in front of you. You cannot love me, you think you will love the 3rd person? And this is what Buddha said and all the enlightened masters said. If you have to go to God you have to go through Master. Coz master is the second person, he is the link between the 3rd person and the 1st person. And coming to the master he’ll make you realize that divine is within you. You are within God and God is within you. And this can happen when the stresses, tension, worries, anxieties are all lifted off from the mind. Mind is that cover that is holding the divinity within us. Once that wrapping paper is unwrapped you will find oh this beautiful gift is here within us. You know its like everyone has been giving a Christmas package, beautiful package and they leave with the beautiful gift without even opening it. Do you know what I’m saying? Suppose a set of gifts are bought and given to everyone and they’re all like ‘beautiful gift’ and they’re holding the wrapping papers. They’re happy just looking at the wrapping papers. Pass the wrapping paper. All the charm and joy in the world is just a wrapping paper. Colorful and beautiful, glittery designs. You know they have very beautiful wrapping paper these days. (Laughter). So relationship with god is moving form the 3rd person to the 1st person.

What would you recommend for a woman. To be more specific without definition would you talk about love and giving from a woman’s side?
– You know a woman can give a lot of wisdom. And if you can make someone wise there is nothing like that. When I say giving I don’t just mean serving in the material sense, you also contribute in someone’s growth, mental, emotional growth. You know something? You are made up of both your father and mother. So within you have both the characteristics of mother and father, male and female. There are many men how have motherly qualities in them, feminine qualities in them. And there are many women who have more male qualities in them. Love is beyond the qualities. Love is beyond male and female. It is not just related to body or emotions. It is something that transcends all these identifications.

When you learn unconditional love. How do you know when you find out one person. How do you know you love that one person as special?
– (Smugly) I don’t know (laughter). To me everyone looks special.

What is your feeling on a human being having total total love for more than one human being in a total physical manner and spiritual manner. Expressing it both ways?
– See when an attraction becomes a little difficult to attain. Then love begins to happen more. And when it becomes a little difficult to capture love, possess love then devotion starts happening. Just reflect on this, it will say a lot. Think about it. You know the sign of enlightenment is no complains and no explanations. (Laughter)

There are times I have an incredible relationship with my ‘self’ and I feel and everything I do is full of love and joy. And there are times I’ve fallen off the track or the road. And as much as I pray to get back on track, I cant. So my question is when you find yourself having a hard time getting back on track, what are some of the way that you would suggest to keep focused?
– On the path to higher self you may experience many experiences. You may come across many nice, flashy, beautiful experiences. But when you have really come in touch with this higher self you can never lose it. It’s never lost from you. Its like once you have learnt the alphabet you don’t forget it. In the same sense, one glimpse of your true nature, you can’t lose it. But I understand on the path several times you feel that way, for that alone you need to say, again and again, at least once a year. Once in 6 months. You need to go into deeper meditation and cleansing. When I say cleansing, both attending to body, breath, mind, intellect and reflecting on that. See I have been giving these talks for many years, almost 20-25 years. I say, ok talk people enjoy, they listen, oh it was very nice. But go back and go back and be with the same emotions, same feeling, same world. Then thought I could put up some very important techniques together so that people can learn and use it whenever they need it. Like if you were upset, you don’t have to wait for several days for that negative emotion to leave you. That’s what we normally do. Isn’t it? We’re upset over a phonecall or somebody said something to us. Then we carry that negativity with us for several days. Even months and weeks. Then gradually it diminishes. Instead of that if you attend to your breath it takes you right back to yourself. That’s why the Kriya has helped thousands and thousands around the world. It lifts that negative emotion, fleeting emotions. And again reconnects you back to yourself. So its invaluable I tell you. And once in a year or once in 6 months taking 4-5 days off, aligning ourselves with the nature. Coz the more close you are with the nature the more innocence in you comes forth. You know watch the stars, with the birds, with the sea, doing your excerses/yoga/meditaion. Recharging of your batteries happen. On seven levels. This advance courses are meant to tap you into these 7 layers of your own existence. Body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego and the self. So the 7 layers of our existence, if we just polish them a little bit takes us a long way. And it makes life a celebration. So much laughter, so much joy.

Panditji, we hear talk about people developing both sides of their feminine and masculine but I don’t see a lot of evidence of that. Is that a problem in today’s relationship? Both people are steadfast in their gender and not adopting the strengths and abilities of the co-gender?
– At different times they manifest. Now need not be at the same time. When you are saying this, see if you have also considered the time factor. Have you taken time into consideration? When you say that the male and female aspect is not enriched enough, have you taken the time factor also. Or you are viewing the situation with a limited framework of time.

Are we getting to that balance?
– This can happen when we transcend our identity as just being a male or female. We’re not just a lump of flesh. We are a glow of light. When we realize this then both aspects in us develop simultaneously.

What is the relationship with breathing techniques and meditation?
– See breath is the link between body and mind. Sometimes in meditation you sit and simply thoughts are coming, they’re flooding into you mind, you think you’re meditating but you are daydreaming. But breath is in the present moment, mind goes to the past of future. Breath can never go to the past or future. Body is in the present moment, breath is in the present moment. And the mind aligns itself with the body and breath it comes to the moment, then meditation becomes deeper and more fulfilling.

Some question about heaven and earth and getting spaced out instead of meditation mumbo jumbo that I couldn’t hear.
– Engaging yourself in service projects will do the job. See meditation is finding God within yourself and love is seeing God in the person next to you. So they compliment each other. Not feeling that you’re too special because you’re meditating, but you’re part of everyone in the planet. You see what I’m saying. See the knot/everyone as part of you, as belonging to you. Then you well be grounded and then you can be spaced in and not spaced out. (Applause)