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Why Osho Rajneesh Did Not Allow Non-Vegetarian Food in the Commune

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I don’t allow non-vegetarian food in the ashram has nothing to do with religion, it is just pure aesthetics. I am not one who thinks that if you take non-vegetarian food you will not become enlightened. Jesus became enlightened, Mohammed became enlightened, Ramakrishna became enlightened — there has been no problem about it. You can take non-vegetarian food and you can become enlightened, so there is no religious problem about it. (Paras note: I know people who don’t eat meat that have tried to make themselves out as being more spiritual than meat eaters. To me that already shows ignorance on the path and their ‘level of enlightened-ness’.) To me the problem is that of aesthetics. Because Jesus continued to eat meat, I have a feeling that he did not have a great aesthetic sense. Not that he is not religious — he is perfectly religious, as religious as Buddha, but something is missing in him. Ramakrishna continued to eat fish; just nonaesthetic, it looks a little ugly. Enlightenment is not at stake, but your poetry is at stake, your sense of beauty is at stake. Your humanity is at stake, not your super-humanity. That’s why it is not allowed in my ashram — and it will not be allowed. It is a question of beauty. If you understand this many things will be clear to you. Alcohol can be allowed in this ashram but not meat, because alcohol is vegetarian — fruit juice…. fermented, but it is fruit juice. And sometimes to be a little drunk gives rise to great poetry. That is possible, that has to be allowed. In the new commune we are going to have a bar — Omar Khayyam. Omar Khayyam is a Sufi saint, one of the enlightened Sufis. But meat cannot be allowed, that is just ugly. Just to think that you are killing an animal to eat, just the very idea, is unaesthetic. I am not against it because the animal is killed… because that which is essential in the animal will live, it cannot be killed, and that which is nonessential, whether you kill it or not, is going to die. So that is irrelevant, that is not a point for me to consider. The question is not that you have killed the animal and killing is not good, no. The question is that you have killed the animal — you. Just to eat? While beautiful vegetarian food is available? If vegetarian food is not available, that’s one thing. But the food IS available. Then why? Then why destroy a body? And if you can kill an animal, then why not be a cannibal? What is wrong with killing a man? The meat derived from a human body will be more in tune with you. Why not start eating human beings? That too is a question of aesthetics. And the animals are brothers and sisters, because man has come from them. They are our family. To kill a man is only to kill an evolved animal, or to kill an animal is just to kill somebody who is not yet evolved but is on the way. It is the same. Whether you kill the child when he is in the first grade or whether you kill the young man when he has come to his last grade in the university, it does not make much difference. The animals are moving towards human beings, and human beings had once been animals. It is only a question of aesthetics. Why not kill your wife and eat her? She is so beautiful and so sweet…. Why can’t you eat your mother? Why can’t you eat your husband or your child? — so delicious. The question is not religious, I would like to remind you again, it is a question of aesthetics. An aesthetic man will see that life remains beautiful it does not become ugly and nightmarish. (Paras note: In this Kardashian world where people are so focused on physical beauty and booty I found a lovely quote – If only your eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.) But the question has arisen in Chinmaya’s mind, that shows something. In India people who are vegetarian are not really vegetarian; it is just because they are born in a vegetarian family, so from the very beginning the vegetarianism has been imposed on them. And naturally they are curious, naturally they want to taste other things also, and naturally the idea arises, “The whole world is nonvegetarian; people must be enjoying.” The vegetarian feels that somehow he is missing much. That’s why the question has arisen. It has nothing to do with meditation. You can eat meat and you can meditate. You can eat meat and you can love. It has nothing to do with love either. But you will be showing one thing about yourself — that you are very crude, that you are very primitive, uncultured, uncivilized; that you don’t have any sense of how life should be. It was out of an aesthetic sense that vegetarianism was born. It became entangled in religion and got lost. It has been taken out from the religious context. People come to see me and they ask, a Jaina asked me, “How can you say that Jesus was enlightened? — because he was a meat-eater….” His question is relevant because he thinks that meat-eaters cannot become enlightened. Meat-eaters can become enlightened, just as people who are not poets can become enlightened. That is not a barrier. People who don’t have any sense of beauty, who will not see any beauty in a rose, can become enlightened… who will not see any beauty in the moon, can become enlightened… who will not have any taste for Beethoven’s music, can become enlightened. But Jesus shows something crude. Maybe it was not possible, maybe he lived amongst people who were all meat-eaters. It would have been difficult for him to be a vegetarian. It would have been almost impossible for him. But still, that trouble has to be taken. But remember that here my whole approach is an integrated approach. Meditation is needed, so is poetry, so is aesthetics, so is religion, so is music, so is art. Man should evolve in many dimensions in an integrated way. Then comes the ultimate flowering when all your petals have opened. And you will have greater joy and greater benediction in life. (Paras question: Why can’t we all just live in peace with each other. Why can’t we keep our noses out of each others plates and beliefs to ourselves? Do we need more reasons for separation? What school one goes to, what God one follows, what phone one has? Is it so hard to just let me eat my bacon and egg sandwich without the hysterics?)

Bonus – Osho on Intelligence (Veg food and Circumcision)


What You Know as Yoga is Really Called Asanas / Poses, which is 1/8th of Yoga (Spread The Word)

I beseech all yoga lovers, yoga teachers and truth spreaders to spread this message. You know it means a lot when you see ‘beseech’ in a sentence.

A sad video on a new yoga gimmick called Beer Yoga was the last straw for me. Every now and then a new craze would pop up with the word yoga in it and I knew I would end up writing this posts sooner or later.

What you know as yoga is really called asana/pose/posture and only an eighth of what true yoga really embodies.

Below is a summary of the 8 limbs of yoga followed by pictures to make it clearer:
1 – Yama (abstinence)
Non-voilence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and non-greed.
2 – Niyama (observance)
Purity, contentment, accepting but not causing pain, study of spiritual books and worship of God (self-surrender).
3 – Asana (posture)
4 – Pranayama (breath control)
5 – Pratyahara (sense withdrawal)
6 – Dharana (concentration)
7 – Dhyana (meditation)
8 – Samadhi (contemplation, absorption or superconscious state)

To read more click here – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Satchidananda

Bonus – Yoga in America Often Exploits My Culture—but You May Not Even Realize It … thanks Varsha


Anthony Robbins’ – Six Human Needs & Healing/Rebuilding Broken Relationships

Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs vs. Maslow’s Hierarchy
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1. Certainty
All human beings crave a certain level of safety, assurance and predictability in our lives, for this is the foundation of our most basic behaviour: survival. When things are VERY uncertain, we tend to be freaked out! Which causes us to reach for different vehicles of comfort such as friends/family, television, or alcohol. And once we’re at a level where we feel certain there are no more dangers, we can relax and actually focus on the other needs. So this is one spectrum where the need for certainty is entirely UNMET, hence causing nerve-wrecking stress and pain. Everyone requires different levels of certainty in their lives. Paras note: I know I need my routines and rituals like work, gym, meditation, service.

2. Variety
Another word for uncertainty is variety. We all need a change of scenery every now and then, watch a new movie, travel to a new country. For this is what makes life exciting because we DON’T know what to expect, but the uncertainty level is still tolerable enough that we know in the end the variety will bring us pleasure. Too much uncertainty will bring us fear, while not enough will cause boredom. So really the first two needs are pieces of the same pie, if my need for uncertainty is at 70%, then my need for certainty will only be at 30%. Paras note: I’m certain to cycling to and from work everyday but I can add variety by trying different routes, listening to different music or trying different speeds/gears/cadence. I’m certain my gym workout will have variety everyday.

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3. Significance
Deep down, we all need to feel that we are important, unique, and special, and this can be manifested in many ways. One vehicle for people is by becoming high achiever, because having those distinctions makes people feel important. But along the need for importance, a poor vehicle some people use is by putting down other, for that makes them feel like they are better than another. Another popular vehicle is acting/dressing in a eccentric way, many people take pride in being different and unique for that’s what fulfills their need for significance. BUT if we strive for TOO much significance and uniqueness, we end up totally different than everyone else which violates our very next need.

4. Connection
We all strive for a level of connection with our peers, whether that be in terms of a friendship or intimate relationship. The core of all human connections are based on similarities or sameness with one another, but if we are too busy being significant we rarely feel connected or similar to someone else. Hence again, the need for significance and connection are sharing the same piece of the pie. If our need for connection is NOT being met, we feel alone and disjointed from people. But if it’s met entirely, we no longer feel different or unique from other, hence losing our own identity and violating our need for significance.

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5. Growth
Everything is either growing or dying, there’s no in between. And human beings are no exception, we must feel like we are constantly growing in our lives. Many people’s goal is to reach a certain financial target, or style of life, but when they get there, they become stagnant. While others might envy what these people have or achieve, they themselves are unhappy because they’re not growing anymore. They’ve reached the plateau, and there are no more mountains to climb. But we all NEED something to strive for, something that’ll challenge us to grow and take our lives to the next level.

6. Contribution
Aside from ourselves, we all desire to make a difference and contribute to the greater good. In essence, Philanthropy is a universal need for everyone, it DOESN’T depend on the person, for everything must serve a purpose in the big ecosystem. So we as human beings all have a deep desire to contribute outside of ourselves, whether that’s manifested in the friendship circle, community, society, or country as a whole.

Other notes:

  • Sometimes we do thinks like smoking to fulfil these needs so stopping smoking will be replaced with something else.
  • People will do more for someone they care about than they do for themselves.
  • Be a team player.
  • Find ways to do this is connect with the person you connect least with. (Talks about a few exercises to do)
  • Create magic moments with your team.
  • Take 1 hour a week for yourself.

Tony Robbins How to Rebuild a Broken Relationship

Key notes:
He loves her but doesn’t feel physically attracted to her. He wants to be free of pain of leaving or staying so doesn’t know what to do. It’s not just her physical appearance. He doesn’t feel like a man in the relationship as she’s got balls. He feels 5th, 6th, 7th after family and kids. So he buries himself in work. If they can’t succeed in making his woman happy, HE WILL LEAVE! He can’t live knowing that he’s not the most important person to her. He feels alone as she has her family as back up which she constantly uses to go to for her needs. He couldn’t be the man while the dad was alive and now that dad is not alive he has a chance but he’s not getting it.

She loves and over does. Has a sense of humour. She goes to family under pressure. She tries to find connection through kids, other family members and food. She gets help from her family and he’s emasculated. She uses her sense of humour to put him down. She dominates the conversation and holds on to it to get to him later or tries to control the conversation any way possible. Her father was a strong man and she played the perfect role as a strong man too. She is looked about to be the man, lift things etc. She shit tests him and when he failed she went masculine/defensive and pulled away and he pulled away.

6 Question to Understanding Relationship Needs
1. Who is taking certainty and significance? (She gets it from family and children, he gets it from threatening to leave)
2. How to lay down the weapons? (She uses humour and dominating conversation)
3. What (above 6) needs are not being met? When Certainty is above all else it makes the others hard to fulfil like Connection/Love, Growth, Contribution. If she switched her priority to be Connection/Love it would be much easier to fulfil the other needs. Change any digit in a phone number and you know what happens.
4. How are these needs being met elsewhere? When both partners are getting their needs met elsewhere, what are they to each other.
5. How can they give to each other? What can you give the other. Do they like words, gifts, touch? Do you know what to give? How often do you give it?
6. How can they commit to each other? Renewal of vows. Whats is the one thing I can commit to my partner, what do they want more than anything else?

– Find out your top 2 needs.
– How do you meet those needs? Work, home, friends, relatives, by yourself?
– What has to happen to feel they’re being met?
– How often does it have to happen and with whom?
– Are you more responsive to words, touch, visual cues, gifts, gestures?
– What could your partner do to meet your needs more regularly? Have you told them?
– At what level are you meeting your partners needs on a scale from 1 to 10.
– If you are not sure ask them ‘what has to happen for you to feel this need has been met?’.
– Which of these needs are being met by outside members? Who are they?
– Are you getting more significance, love or variety from others and is your partner jealous or displaced by this?
– Are you getting them met by someone critical or judgemental of your partner? If it is you need to correct it. Call that person and tell them you love them, happy with them and need each other. Observe their reaction.

3 Levels of Relationship
1 – Only their own needs met.
2 – Partners barter for needs.
3 – Partners put the others need first.

Tony Robbins – Heal your relationship no matter what

Key notes:
– While she remembers all the details he doesn’t.
– Everyone withholds in relationships but it has a detrimental effect. How much do you withhold, how often?
– All men want to make their woman happy but she’s constantly breaking him down using the past. No matter what he does it’s never good enough.
– If she doesn’t make him feel like a man, he will go and get it somewhere else. It’s not always sexual but he will find a way to get the energy he needs to survive as a man.
– He’s deadened because she’s sad all the time, no matter what he does it’s no use. In that case it’s better he stays at work or the bar or elsewhere.
– 67% of marriages end in US after 1993.
– She didn’t say anything about his needs, it was all about her.
– Stabbing a man will not make him want to work harder to be close to you?
– She wants attention ALL THE TIME! Men don’t have that much attention, she wants to talk about her problem but men think that means she wants to solve them. In that case it’s better he stays at work or the bar or elsewhere.
– (Time 52.50) Men and women have different attention styles. Men are hunters, they want to solve a problem, get it done and hopefully get some love and appreciation instead of nagging when they get back home. Things have changed now but not genetics. Men just want to know 2 things – WHATS THE POINT and HOW CAN I FIX IT. Women are gatherers who need to remember more detail, this berry was here and which one to pick etc. If it wasn’t for detail pick the wrong berry and you’ll die. Also process is very important to women. If you don’t cook this and that right then again it’ll be too acidic or you’ll die. That’s women’s conversation style – ‘The Meadow Report’. Every detail times 10. His wife does a perfect example. It’s fine when women do it to each other but not when they think their man are a hairy women who need the same Meadow Report because if a woman replied short and sweet like a man they don’t trust that woman. The Meadow Report doesn’t have any point while men are looking for the point so if you do have a point make sure you get it in the first few minutes.
– Women remember because they use both sides of the brain and connect emotions to everything.
– Anchor/reward him when he does things you like or want him to do. The more you do it the more he’ll want to please you. GET THIS THROUGH – HE ALWAYS WANTS TO PLEASE YOU! Even after watching a movie or something he picks he’ll looking for your approval so when you say you didn’t like something he wants to change the movie. THATS HOW MUCH HE WANTS TO PLEASE YOU!
– Women have a fear for their life every month while hardly any men do. Difference between hunter and gatherer. Women are looking for a man they can feel safe with. And men will take care of you no matter what if they don’t feel judged and criticised.
– Once she starts making him feel bad he’s going to beat himself up too and that gets destructive. That need to want to help and rescue will turn into suspicion and broken trust if she uses her pain/trouble to manipulate him.
– Cool thought: If a bone is broken and it fixes it will be stronger than before, if a client is upset and you fix it they will be an even better client. Same for relationships.

Steps to take:
1 – Both couples are accountable meaning not 50-50 but each side is 100% accountable. Take ownership, be honest about your mistakes, focus on what’s working and what you can do better.
2 – The 6 human needs. See above. How are you fulfilling all 6 in each other on a scale of 1 to 10.
3 – Create rituals of giving and receiving. You can take or request attention or you can give it. The problem is when you get addicted to getting attention through guilt and pain. It’s a low quality attention.
4 – Inspire trust in each other. When you feel the other has your best interest at heart. Learn each others communicate style and don’t make them feel bad. Hunters should bring home a small gift every now and then and the gatherer should show appreciation for the effort. Even if it’s something you don’t like appreciate that the hunter went and got something for them.
5 – Heal wounds and create passion. Everyone has flaws they avoid. They only heal with consistent love and acceptance.


Vegan Strongman, Dr. Nun S. Amen Ra, Eats ONE Meal a Day!

Vegan Strongman, Dr. Nun S. Amen Ra, Eats ONE Meal a Day!

Dr. Nun S. Amen Ra is a living testament to the power of intermittent fasting. He eats only one meal a day, eats no meat, yet has a warrior physique and is a world weight lifting champion. This inspirational video is so full of eye opening information about the vegan diet, maximum life extension, fasting, meditation, yoga, the dangers of glycation and how sugar ages the body. Eating less lengthens lifespan, where eating a lot shortens it. HGH human growth hormone is increased in the body when fasting. This is great inspiration for fat loss, healthy vegetarian diet, muscle building and how powerful the results can be when determination, focus, willpower and steadfastness can be attained. Amen-Ra eats beans, rice, grains, peanut butter and plant-based supplements and teas. For those interested in all natural drug-free bodybuilding, enjoy this super informative video!


Yugas: The Tide of Time by Sadhguru … thanks Mukund

Yugas: The Tide of Time by Sadhguru … thanks Mukund
1 hour 1 minute. If one version doesn’t work I’ve embedded another below it.

Yugas: The Tide of Time | Isha Foundation… by TimesWellness

“Time is not just a concept that we invented; it is deep-rooted in the system, in the very way we are made.” – Sadhguru
Time – the invisible current behind every story. And Mahabharat is no exception. In this DVD, Sadhguru gives us an eye-opening insight through the
ancient concept of yugas (eras or ages of time). We find that yugas are not merely measures of time but actually live and tick within the human
microcosm, a reflection of the universal macrocosm. Sadhguru sets forth powerful meditations to ignite the vital fires in the human system, to make
it receptive and synchronize it with this cosmic clockwork. And most surprisingly, he demolishes the long-held idea that we presently live in the
decadent age of Kali Yuga.
Yugas is part of the series Mahabharat, a glimpse into the eight-day program with Sadhguru, an inimitable exploration of the unparalleled saga.


Melatonin – The Most Powerful Drug from Within By Kevin W Chen from Someshwar and Shreeshail

A woman in her eighties was suffering from rectal cancer for years. Unfortunately, she was fighting what was believed to be a losing the battle. The cancer had reached an advanced stage and spread to her lungs and head. The doctors claimed that she did not have long to live. That was when the woman’s children interfered. They gave their mother tapes on meditation and relaxation, and the mother began to practice meditation while in the hospital. A couple of weeks later, x rays revealed that the cancer that spread to the lungs was no longer there and all that remained was a small lump of cancerous tissue within her rectum. Today her cancer is in remission.

For years researchers have been pent up in their labs sweating over test tubes and lab benches in search of the miracle drug that could produce the miraculous results experienced by that eighty-year- old woman. However, for thousands of years now Eastern cultures have had the answer that scientists today are losing so much sleep over. That answer is meditation. Meditation has been shown to slow the aging process, prevent heart disease, stroke, and cancer, as well as reverse cancer and heart disease in extreme cases. Despite these known facts, Western culture has not been able to fully accept meditation as an efficient treatment because the one factor that links the mental practice of meditation to the physiological effects that it produces remained a secret; until now that is. That factor is called melatonin.

Melatonin is a neuro-hormone produced by a small gland at the base of the brain called the pineal gland. The main function of melatonin is to regulate the circadian cycle, which keeps humans asleep at night and awake during the day. The production of melatonin is normally stimulated by darkness and inhibited by sunlight therefore causing melatonin to be at its highest levels very early in the morning when darkness begins to fade.

Melatonin is also known to be the link in the communication between the pineal gland and the immune system. Melatonin receptors have been located in lymphoid glands, which are responsible for the immune response, as well as on immune cells themselves. The presence of melatonin stimulates the development and function of the immune system thereby making melatonin indirectly responsible for warding off disease. Most importantly, melatonin has been discovered to be a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidants are a class of chemicals that work to counteract the effects of oxidation. Cellular respiration produces by-products that further react with tissues of the body in the process called oxidation. The by-products of oxidation, free radicals, can continue to react further with body tissues to produce harmful effects. Antioxidants, such as melatonin, work to stop the free radical chain reaction by neutralizing the free radicals. This in turn keeps the harmful effects of free radical damage at bay. Some of the effects of free radical damage are aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and heart disease. Since melatonin prevents free radical damage, many have considered it the miracle drug with alarming effects especially with cancer and aging prevention. Like any other hormone within our bodies, melatonin exists in a balance such that if that balance is disrupted disease may occur. Since research in melatonin is fairly new, concrete cause and effect relationships between melatonin and certain diseases have not been determined; however, strong correlations between melatonin and certain diseases have been established.

Abnormally low melatonin levels have been speculated to lead to a number of different conditions. Depression, anxiety, night eating syndrome, and insomnia are some stipulations of low melatonin levels. Melatonin exhibits a strong effect on the reproductive system. Normally it fights to suppress the activity of the reproductive system; therefore, when melatonin occurs in low levels the reproductive system is hyperactive. This can lead to premenstrual syndrome, and breast and endometrial cancer in women. In men, this may lead to prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate. Abnormally high melatonin levels, on the other hand, do not have as many detrimental effects. As aforementioned, melatonin keeps the activity of the reproductive system in check. Too much melatonin, therefore suppresses reproductive activity. In males this lowers the sperm count. In females, this causes menstrual irregularities. Abnormally high levels of melatonin also seem to correlate with those who suffer from nocturnal asthma. A study was conducted on patients with nocturnal asthma. The melatonin levels of the asthma sufferers were significantly higher than normal patients.

Because the benefits of melatonin have been discovered there has suddenly been an increase in the use of melatonin supplements. Melatonin supplements have been theorized to produce those known advantageous effects of melatonin such as regulating the sleep cycle and cancer and aging prevention. In some cases this is true. Several studies have been conducted and proved that melatonin supplements are indeed useful for regulating sleep. Because of this some doctors suggest melatonin for syndromes such as jet-lag syndrome, delayed sleep phase syndrome, and insomnia in the blind, elderly, and night-shift workers. On the other hand, melatonin supplements have not been observed to produce the more serious effects of cancer and aging prevention. Some studies have even shown how exogenous melatonin, which is melatonin not produced from within i.e. supplements, may have some detrimental effects.

In one experiment, some men were given melatonin supplements for a two-month period while the other half of the male subjects was given a placebo. The men that were given the melatonin were discovered to have much lower sperm counts than those men that were given the placebo. Other studies have shown that melatonin supplements can also cause menstrual irregularities, reduced libido, and anorexia. Because of these negative effects, melatonin supplements are not the answer to reaping the benefits that melatonin is known to produce.

Despite the disparaging news that melatonin supplements are not the way to reap the benefits of melatonin, there is still hope since melatonin is known to produce its advantageous effects when its levels are raised endogenously, meaning being produced naturally from one’s own pineal gland. Numerous studies have shown that one of the ways to raise endogenous melatonin levels is through meditation.

Meditation raises endogenous melatonin to safe, beneficial levels. At the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dr. Massion and colleagues conducted a study in order to observe the relationship between meditation and melatonin levels. The objective of the study was to test the hypothesis that meditation on a regular basis correlates with an increase of melatonin levels within the body. The melatonin levels of eight women who practiced meditation on a regular basis were detected from 12-hour overnight samples of urine, while the melatonin levels of eight women who did not meditate were also detected from 12-hour overnight samples of urine.

The results of the study were that those women who meditated regularly had consistently higher melatonin levels than those women who did not meditate on a regular basis. This led to the conclusion that meditation significantly increased endogenous melatonin levels. Another well-known study of meditation and melatonin was conducted in Australia by Dr. Tooley and colleagues. The purpose of the study was to determine whether meditation could influence plasma melatonin levels. The melatonin levels of experienced meditators were measured at night after a period of meditation.

The melatonin levels of those same meditators at the same time in the night but without a period of meditation were measured. The results of this study were as follows: on the nights of meditation, melatonin levels were significantly higher than the nights without meditation. These two studies are just a few of those conducted that all conclude that meditation indeed raises melatonin levels. Dr. Singh reported the results of his study of relationship between meditation and melatonin. Among the cancer patients who meditated regularly, melatonin level has been increased significantly, and some of them reported complete cancer remission. He also cited the laboratory studies that verified the anti-cancer characteristics of melatonin in mice.

Many scientists have not really accepted meditation as a method of disease prevention and treatment because the exact mechanism of how meditation actually raises melatonin is unknown. What is known, however, is that meditation does in fact raise melatonin levels allowing for a multitude of beneficial results. Increased endogenous melatonin levels prevent disease by activating the immune system, prevent cancer and aging through its antioxidant properties, and regulate the sleep cycle. Melatonin is that miracle drug that scientists are continuing to search for in their labs. So what are you waiting for? Meditate and release melatonin, the most powerful drug from within.

I would like to throw one more light in correspondence to the melatonin research. When humans started elevating to higher level in the meditation then the melatonin secretion increases which also checks the reproductive system as mentioned in the below research. This means if we can establish a society where spiritual practise can be done easily without any worry of the requirement of basic necessities then population problem of the world will automatically resolved. So this is how the spiritual practise plays a very important role in the definition of socio economic philosophy. No probs scientists, economists and researcher will learn their own lessons in the due course of time and mine or anyone else’s words are not going to make much difference.

There are so much of solutions for the society hidden in the philosophy but to understand that people will have to expand their knowledgebase and start doing the research rather than confining themselves just to a monotonous process.

Just to get the glimpse you can refer a very small book of FAQ “Few Problems Solved” by Shri P R Sarkar. So if someone has the appetite to learn the science beyond everything then they’ll have to put effort to do study and research. I can just give recommendation and it’s the choice of others whether they feel any value in the same.